Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A time to remember

In remembrance of the best friend I lost 4 years ago.  I'll always love you and miss you. I'll see you again someday.

                             (In memory of my horse "Bud")

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Moment of Tension

Your tone lacks the confidence.
Your eyes mask the fear.
As you stand before me in wait.
As to the final verdict you will be met.

I sense an inner restraint.
Notice the intensity in which you pose.
You can't hide behind your wits.
The inner struggle slowly leaks through.

A fidgeting of the finger.
The flicker of a glance away.
Who are the eyes you seek?
To gather your waning strength.

You deeply inhale security.
Exhale, yet none comes.
Why can't the nerves be stayed?
You close your eyes in wait.

How long can a minute last?
The clicking of the clock.
You inhale yet again.
Leaving out a sigh.

I finally make a decision.
Looking you in the eye.
You glance back warily.
A smile is molded on my face.

The spark of relief is seen reflected.
You sigh as you release the tension.
I can't help chuckling.
At how tense a minute can be.

Copyright 2016 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, August 28, 2015

Waiting for the Dawn

We whisper in the still.
Lay quiet in the dawn.
Watch for the rising.
For what's to come.

Breath held in silence.
Rendered frozen in place.
Wary eyes focus beyond.
Dew seeps through the seams.

Lying in wait for the coming.
The precise moment that will be.
One chance to take the leap.
Jumping into the unknown.

Fight for me, we hear.
Stand by me and see.
The glory that is to come.
Reaching to every corner.

Weary hearts await.
Doubt quickly flickers.
Numbness setting in.
Will we endure the wait.

Panic slowly finds it's way.
To the minds of those.
Losing the willpower.
The faith to stand upright.

Will we die in this.
State of chaos to come.
Surely there's another way.
To save our lives.

Fight for me, we hear.
Stand by me and see.
The glory that is to come.
Reaching to every corner.

The doubts starts to dissipate.
Like wisps through fog.
Our feet are now wet.
Though our hearts renewed.

Strength is on our side.
Faith stronger then fear.
Peace rests upon the weary.
Leaving no room for hate.

The trumpet is heard.
We pick up arms prepared.
To fight the good fight.
Along side our heavenly father.

Copyright 2015 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, May 16, 2015

In Loving Memory

My precious horse Bud passed away 3 years ago from this summer.

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Weight of Dreams

I dream of the unknown.
Fight all the unseen things.
Mask my wants and hopes.
Yet I wonder why I'm never satisfied.

How can I fill this.
Ever growing insatiable appetite.
It weighs me down.
Burying me deep inside.

Like a rock I sink.
Not quit floating downwards.
Yet nor am I close to the surface.
I'm suspended in the air.

Opening my eyes I see.
My dreams are hanging above.
Slowly I reach out.
Knowing it's too far out of grasp.

Below I hear a groan.
Unable to see below me.
The water around grows cloudy.
Hazing the brightness above.

I begin to sink further.
Letting fear creep slowly in.
Everything is instantly forgotten.
In that moment...

There's just me.
Ever slowly.
Down; Down

My body finds the floor.
Gracefully lying down.
There is no thought.
Down here, there is nothing.

Hope is safely above.
Dreams float carefree there.
Looking down on the unfortunate.
Waiting for the word.

Like a strangled noise.
It comes from below.
A gargled sound of a word.
Softly reaches above the surface.

Reaching out a hand.
Down it descends to the depths.
Finding the body beneath.
Gently wrapping in it's arms.

Hope is renewed as spring.
Dreams burn bright as summer.
Fear fades as the autumn.
Tears are frozen as winter.

Copyright 2014 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait

They keep saying.
Just wait.
One day it'll happen.

One day seems forever.
Forever can happen in a day.
Though I know one day.
Is forever away.

Forever is far away.
Books make it seem so long.
Yet I know in reality.
It's but a breath.

Taking that breath.
In and out.
I know one day it'll stop.
What happens before then?

Before life slips away.
What happens between.
The beginning and end.
Life happens.

Life, so full of meaning.
Countless possibilities.
Yet one thing is sure.
You live.

Living is more then breathing.
More then forever.
So much more then "One day".
It's the little moments.
That make up life.

Forget about "Waiting".
No need to pause life.
Waiting for "The moment".
The moment is right now.
Just live

Copyright 2014 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Overwhelemed by Words

It's a little overwhelming.
Sitting this far away.
You wouldn't know the impact.
Words have on the mass.

Thankful for the distance.
My, oh so readable face.
Forgot to mask my thoughts.
Every word there to read for all.

Thankful for the dimmed lights.
Saved from the fact.
That all eyes were trained on you.
Hidden behind the rows.

Set so far in the back.
I'm sure you didn't even notice.
That I was here at all.
I blend in so well.

The crowd reaches their feet.
Standing in ovation.
To the obvious talent.
Profound in every word.

Yet again I'm lost.
Sitting here in the crowd.
Clapping vigorously in approvement.
You bow and leave the stage.

You will never know.
How much your words meant.
To the likes of I.
A fan of Monty Python.

Copyright 2014 Lauren Hall ©