Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colorado Vacation Day 3

Mountain view that we would wake up to every morning.

So pretty =)

Kadence in the car excited to go on a ChooChoo Train

Taylor getting relaxed for the 2 hour train ride in the mountains.

Love that view. 

Kadence was enjoying the breeze and view as it passed by.

Sitting with Bompa (my grandpa) and Saaba (my dad)

Love how she's on her tippy toes.

Was such a nice day out. 

I couldn't decide between wanting to sit or stand. 

View of the Caboose.

Thought this was cute...and then...

She had to being funny.

Awesome view.

2 hours just wasn't long enough.

Sky was so blue and the clouds were beautiful.

Not really sure what they were pointing at.

Awesome shot out over the valley.

Shot of the Locomotive. 

Yay! Family pic at the midway point.

Taking a tour of the train while stopped.

She found a hole on the way back and was watching the tracks go by. =P

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Colorado Vacation Day 2

My Mom and I next to Clear Creek. 

My two brothers (Sean and Taylor) and my dad.

My Grandpa and my Dad.

Yup, I am a tree hugger. LOL

Idaho Springs, CO.

Taylor and I in front of Echo Lake.

Echo Lake

Headed up to Mt. Evans.

The stop before Mt. Evans (decided not to go all the way because of the rain)

Kadence (My niece) and I in front of Summit Lake.

Summit Lake.

A Yellow Bellied something or other, LoL. 

Sean and his lil' girl, Kadence.

Standing over Chicago Lake. Quite the scenery.

We take a picture of us three on a boulder in CO about every 10 years now. (Guess Kadee got to be in this one =P )

Me in front of the Chicago Lake (or lakes)

Brothers and I and Kadee in front of Summit Lake.

Let me just tell you, that was a sheer drop off of about 1000-2000ft....no railing, at ALL.

The guys and I near Mt. Goliath.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Colorado Vacation Day 1

Our View off the 3rd story of the Log House we were staying in. 

My Brother Sean standing on the deck on the 3rd Story

Me on the 3rd Story, Remember...this is me after 13 hours in the car. LOL 

In front of the 3rd Story Bedroom

 My dad on the 2nd Story deck on the phone.

One of many carvings around the house the owner has created.

Mule Deer on the side of the road, On the way to Idaho Spring, CO (was 15 minutes from the house we were staying at)

Clear Creek River, Idaho Springs, CO

 Our Daily View of the Mountains from the house.

Chipmunk in front of the house.

Famous Waterfall in Idaho Springs.

 Carving outside of the house

Another spectacular view from the house.

My Grandpa watching a movie with Kadence (my niece) 

Kadenece and Noah exploring outside.

Noah (My Nephew) chillin' out in the evening.