Friday, August 30, 2013

Story of Bo

 Today I got a phone call from a friend asking if I could watch a kitten for the weekend. She works at a Veterinarian clinic and said a man came in with this kitten that he had found underneath a propane tank in 100 degree weather. He JUST opened his eyes so he's not very old.
 So this weekend I am going to be kitten sitting until Tuesday. YAY!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Colorado Vacation Day 6

Had to have a picture of the cabin because I want to paint it ^_^

Love Aspens =)

Love this shot with the sun through the trees.

Queen of the Mountain....or mole hill =P

Noah had to join in on the fun.

Echo Lake on a very gorgeous day.

Thought this was a neat shot.

Have I ever mentioned I absolutely love clouds. LoL

Another neat shot.

So there was this Crow that was sitting peacefully....until...

...I told Kadence to chase it....such a great aunt aren't I?? Teehee

Photo OP with Kadence...Love that smile.

Noah wasn't so into I didn't get a smile =(

Always loved these kind of shots.

Sean (his family) and I took a walk on the Echo Lake Trail.

Halfway on the trail a cool opening towards Echo Lake.

The trail ended and we had to walk on the road.

...So I took some neat shots on the way back.

My Grandpa fishing =)

Such a peaceful and beautiful day.

...annnd some more mountains and clouds.

....And a Duck.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Colorado Vacation Day 5

On our way to Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Granby Lake. Such a beautiful day out.

Sail boats on Granby Lake.

...annnd more of Granby Lake.

Well, speaks for itself I guess.

Went to go on a trail and found they were doing a children's nature hike.

Kadence and Noah intently listening....not really =P

Mommy and daughter. ^_^

Colorado River...or a part of it. 

Noah running wild while in the meantime....

...Kadence was soaking it all up. 

Bompa (my grandpa), Dad and I partially listening.

Noah destroying the ecosystem by picking flowers.

The river...again. So pretty.

Needless to say Kadee was enjoying every minute. the shot with the Cat Tails.

Walking with her Saaba (dad) and Bompa (my grandpa).

So we got to the halfway point over the Rockies and we ran into a serious storm.

Rain, Hail...everywhere. I was not happy.

...because that meant I couldn't see chipmunks =( 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Colorado Vacation Day 4

Waking up to a beautiful sunrise.

Deciding its a day to relax and hang around town.

Such a pretty view. 

They love each other! They are so adorable.

Went to the park and let the kids play.

She loves having pictures taken of her.

Noah just coming into the playground.

She was enjoying climbing up and down the bars.

Teaching her how to pump her legs so she can swing on her own.

Sean (Daddy) and Noah. 

Such a big boy. 

Such a mini-me (of Sean).

Noah chillin' on the way back home.