Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life Update

Well, winter has found her way back to us yet again. For some of you that's cause for grumbling and dreading the next 3 months. As for others (like myself), it's cause for jumping up and down in excitement. Since last winter I've been looking forward to skiing again when the cold introduced herself for yet another winter. Snow Creek (skii place near us) opens up on December 14th. I am so excited to be able to go back and learn to fall on my back again ^_^  Ok, I'm not that terrible. Although I will be learning how to snowboard this time. So there should be a lot of that going on. You can only switch between snowboard and skii's (or vice versa) once. So I figured I would try out snowboarding and if I'm awful at it, I'll just go back to skiing. This winter is going to be amazing!

The one downfall of winter is that it makes working with and training my horse a little more difficult. Although I've decided on taking it slower and allowing Tank to bond and build a relationship of trust with me. So when it comes to the big stuff he'll just follow my lead. On the other side of news, I have a new car! It's really exciting and nice to have my own vehicle. It's been in the family for years and was my brothers before it became mine. So it needed some repairs. Thankfully I've been saving a lot of money by my dad showing me how to fix it. Yesterday we did a complete tune up to help my gas mileage.I learned how to out in a new air filter, fuel filter, spark plug wires and distributor rotor and cap. We also put in a new battery and pcv valve. We didn't have time to finish with the bushings and anti-sway bar links, but we'll probably do that next week. It's nice to know how to work on my own car =D

For those of you who don't know. I have an adorable new nephew. My brother and his wife had their third child last month. Zachariyah is now a month old and is healthy and happy as can be. Kadence and Noah are loving having a little brother. The funny thing about it though?...none of them look alike. LOL  There is Kadee who has olive skin and brown hair. Noah who has very blonde hair and white skin. Then Zach, who has lighter olive skin and black hair. Someone's going to think they adopted three kids, Haha. Kadee will be 4 in March and let me tell ya, she can talk your ear off. Some of the things she says will have you rolling on the floor. She can be serious with all the right facial expressions or a complete clown. Noah is coming out of his shell and starting to show more of his personality. He can be very mischievous at times and then a cuddle bug. All in all, it's fun being an aunt =)

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  1. Snowboarding is SO fun. Once you get the hang of it, that is. You got to get the beginners lesson first though, otherwise you can really hurt yourself.