Monday, June 18, 2012

How many ways

Ten times the thoughts inside.
Ten hundred feelings to hide
A thousand words to convey.
A million ways to say.

Beating at the door.
Bursting to fall on the floor.
Blinking back the tears.
Breathing through the fears.

Wanting to walk away.
Waiting for the right way.
Hanging by a single thread.
Hating to see the words shred.

Knowing the words to come.
Keeping from going numb.
Spreading slowly through and through.
Sinking at thought of disappointing you.

No other way to say it.
Nothing to hold back a bit.
Leaving me to feel so lame.
Living in my own shame.

A thousand words to convey.
A million ways to say.
About to leave the worry,
And just say,"I'm sorry".

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, June 4, 2012

Seuss Dreams

So we are putting on a production for 5 library branches in our county. Very exciting stuff! It is an original play written by a very good writer =) Also acted out by some very talented young adults. The pictures are out of order and do not show every character. So i'll give a brief outline of what the play is about.

Sally sazy is a very lazy young girl who ends up being put to sleep by her grandma. She then wakes up in Slumberland and meets a variety of odd characters. She first meets Sam I am (me) and she finds out she can't leave until she finishes her task. She then meets the Mad Hatter (writer of play) who freaks out because she is 5'2, and then is told by an anonymous voice she needs to find the Mayor of Slumberland, by following the purplebrick road, where she meets me again. Afterwards she meets Cat in the Hat (played by my bestie) who has managed to lose her hat and is also on her way to see the mayor and they end up traveling together. They meet up with the Mad hatter again and follow him to a shortcut, but in reality it was a diversion, where you find the Mad Hatter was just leading them to a trap to be caught by the Jack O'Club's and Jack O'Spades. You then see the Queen of Hearts on her thrown yelling "Off with his head" to her Baker, who made raspberry tarts instead of strawberry, she is furious because she hates raspberry. Sally and Cat in the Hat are brought to the queen where you find out the legend of the "The Sally" who is suppose to overthrow the queen. She then has sally and the Cat thrown into prison until she decides what to do with her. The queen and the Mad Hatter have words and he calls her "Little queen" where she gets furious and ends up having a search party go after him to catch him. Later you see Sally and the Cat in Jail with the Jack O'Clubs standing guard. The Cat in the Hat is telling Sally she is "The Sally" and that she has to free the slaves of Slumberland. Sally does not believe she is, then the Mad Hatter runs in and ends up saving them after a very confusing dialog. They get free and the Mad Hatter leaves them and the two end up back on the Purple brick road again to see the Mayor. (this is getting longer to explain then I thought...hahaha) They then meet Molly Knox (Me ^_^) who you find is in search of her husband. Fox in Socks comes in, where you find out he and Molly don't quite get along because her husband was trying to get away from the Fox. After another long dialog they both end up joining them on their way to see the Mayor. They get to the Mayors castle and have a bout with Albert, the Mayors assistant, but are finally led to the Mayor (I do not have a picture of the mayor, sorry). Where they find out that he has been hiding in his castle. They finally decide that they are going to rescue the slaves. In jumps to the next day, where you find they released the slaves and brought them back to the Mayors castle. The Mad Hatter show's up and finally tells Cat in the Hat he had her hat the whole time. Sally and the Mayor are left and Sally finally agrees she is "The Sally" and then she wakes up. Sally tells her mom she wants to be an "Explorer" when she grows up. Then the very last scene is the Mad Hatter and the Cat in the Hat and the Hatter steals the Cats hat again. The End!!

Jack O'Spades and Mad Hatter

Mrs. Knox and Fox in Socks
Sally Sazy, Mrs. Knox, Fox in Socks
Queens Adviser, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter
Queens Adviser, Queen of Hearts, Cat in the Hat, Jack O'Spades, Sally Sazy
Queens Adviser, Queen of Hearts, Baker
Mad Hatter (writer of Play, "Seuss Dreams")
Cat in the Hat (Played by my bestie)
Mrs. Molly Knox ( Me ^_^)