Saturday, March 27, 2010


Drowning, capsized and falling beneath.
Water filling my lungs.
Making it impossible to breath.
Sinking to the cold hard bottom.

Heartache, crushed yet feeling numb.
Unable to feel my surroundings.
Too hard to move on with life.
Cringing at every memory.

Screaming, sobbing at every dream.
Insomnia settling into nightly routine.
Skin white as snow.
Blue tints the corners around my eyes.

Breaking, crashing and ear splitting.
The sound of a heart that breaks.
Pain no longer a feeling.
Instead becoming a memory.

Staring, incognizant and immobile.
All through the day long.
Through the night nothing moves.
Shadows creep around not touching.

Silence, quietness making the loudest sound.
Words have been lost inside.
Beauty fading with the sun.
Light drowned in darkness.

Loving, laughing and joy gone.
Bitterness seems not far behind.
Hope of tomorrow not seen or heard.
Who is to save now?

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Battle

In the silence they keep the edge of sound.
In the dimness they work constantly.

Fighting to keep their right.
Never once do they back down.

Battles follow them unyielding.
Not to cease till the sun reaches the water.

Keep me hidden away.
Safe from the terrors that surround.

Light the way through the darkness.
Walk beside me so I do not feel alone.

Amongst the heaviest battle.
Flying immediately to my cry.

Wings beating faster then wind.
Beating wings bring them closer.

Shrills fill the air around.
Shadows fade off the ground.

Darkness settles around my feet.
The air becoming tense.

Feeling as though I have been touched.
Being drug into this unending battle.

Not my fight to fight.
Not my battle to win.

Tears prickle at the corners.
Terror rising like bile at the back of my throat.

Amidst these million thoughts.
You are there beside me.

In the midst of the strongest storm.
Peace finds its way through.

I can fight your fight.
I can win your battle.

Dash to pieces these terrors of the night.
Let us stand together forevermore.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Deep inside there chimes a song.
Listen long and you’ll drift away.
Far away to Musintopia.
Way above to lullaby’s and musings.

Hear the song of the lark.
How she sings you her song.
If you stay to listen long.
She’ll keep you mesmerized in beauty.

Gliding along two love birds sing.
They sing to the world their song.
Making your heart light as air.
Leaving behind all worries and cares.

Moving along like a swift.
Hearing in the distance song and dance.
Music dances on the wind.
Bringing it closer with every step.

Hear the song of the birds.
Hear the sound of the wind.
Listen long and you’ll hear love.
Through the voice of thy beloved.

Drifted away with sweet lullaby.
Lost in a land of paradise.
Thy lullaby keeps me safe.
Safe in your loving song.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, March 12, 2010

New addition to the family

Life has been a bit crazy as of late. Everything is changing, the snow has left and the grass is growing. There is the newness of spring on each tree limb crying out for joy of warmth and sun. The birds have finally rejoined us and are singing their beautiful songs. While my brand new baby niece was just born into this world the 9th of March.

Yes, I am finally an Auntie! She is the most precious, beautiful, adorable, wonderful baby girl ever! My whole family is excited and ecstatic about our newest addition to the family. I have been waiting to be an Aunt for far too long and I finally am. YAAAAY!

Life will never be the same for our family with this newest addition. Life and Joy has been brought to us in a 7lb14ounce little package. We can look forward to everyday spoiling and giving love to this little person. It is not until moments like these that you realize how fragile, sweet, innocent and precious life really is.

Life will never be the same as it was before. The world has changed into a vastness of brightened colors and vibrant lights. Love will fill our lives and our hearts until the day we draw our last breathe. All our joy, happiness, love, care, tenderness, wisdom and knowledge will be past to our next generations.