Saturday, April 24, 2010

Letters from you

Once in a midsummer afternoon.
Walking upon the shore.
We met by chance.
To our surprise to meet again

On a bright August noontide.
Watching the waves come crashing in.
We meet yet again.
We are surprised once more.

How oft tragedy brings joy.
One stormy midnight.
We both caught unawares.
To chance a meet in a small alcove.

Time moves swiftly by.
Separated by Oceans and Seas.
Our only solace and comfort.
To be found in letters from you.

Days turn quickly into months.
We last met in September.
How time can crawl.
When our thoughts are all but occupied.

Waiting by the door.
Waiting for your every letter.
To soak up your every word.
I know peace will spread through.

You have captivated my heart.
With the words you paint.
Your have drawn me in.
Colorful pictures of a world to be.

A life we will lead.
A heart that we will be.
One day soon we will see.
Together we will build this dream.

By the door I wait.
For the knock that will come.
My heart waits to leap.
To see you walk through into me.

A life we now live.
To hold each other forever and more.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, April 19, 2010

Late Baby Shower

So my grandmother held a late baby shower for my niece Kadence. Took quite a few pictures, but here are some of them. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Newest Project (unfinished)

The Night

Crystals light the sky.
As we watch the moon rise.
Fireflies waft in and out.
Like the fog through the garden.

Take me dancing this night.
Laughing as the crickets sing.
Lost in our own world.
Far from sight and sound.

The moon lights our path.
She guides our every step.
Alone in our own fantasy.
Let us not forget this night.

Watch the waltz of night.
Mesmerized by the beauty.
Keep me smiling.
While you have me for this short time.

As I close my eyes.
Lead me through the dark.
As I hold your hand.
Let me trust you whole.

Two hearts beating as one.
Let the world pass us by.
Forget everything but the moment.
This moment will live forever.

Take the lead.
I will follow.
Take us on an adventure.
I’ll be right beside you.

No more clocks.
No way to tell us time.
We are here forever.
Forever needs none to tell time.

We are no longer separate entities.
Being merged as one.
Dancing only for ourselves.
We’ve been captured by the night.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Journey

Follow me through.
Follow me yet.
Follow me until we forget.

Hold my hand.
Hold me still.
Hold on till all is fulfilled.

Flying across the universe.
Flying until we reach the sand.
Flying as we go hand in hand.

Keep with the stream.
Keep while we’re awake.
Keep us well above the lake.

Take us on an adventure.
Take us through the hills.
Take us for fun and thrills.

Let me forget.
Let the sun warm me whole.
Let light shine to my very soul.

Open up my heart.
Open and find its hidden treasures.
Open with whatever measures.

I’ll share my secrets.
I’ll share my heart.
I’ll not let it fall apart.

Fall into the unknown.
Fall to me my beloved.
Fall and I’ll fall in love.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, April 9, 2010

Not writing like I should

So I haven't written in awhile. I am sure you all happened to notice that. You will have to forgive me for my brief relapse of brain use here. I am coming to find that with a job, a niece and spring cleaning and planting and also taking care of the neighbors place tends to make one forget about writing.

For now I guess you will have to make do with just this. My niece is getting sooo big. I cannot believe that she is already a month old today. 1 month old!! Where does time go anymore? I feel like I've lost my grip on time and its spinning down the drain way too quick.

My brother has moved to the big ol' state of Texas. I am now an only child, LoL. Although I have to say I have kind of felt like a only child for awhile now. I remember my parents and I had these plans that we were going to go traveling when it was just me left at home. I am so not seeing that that is going to be happening for awhile, although it would be nice.

The job is going great. I am getting along really well with my boss. She is a neat and interesting lady to learn from. She will ask me questions as we work sometimes. Although she has come to call me the "Quiet one" because I am really quiet as I work. Usually I am either listening to her and her mom talk or listening to the radio or listening to her mom chastise one on the horses for
"standing in her light" or something to that effect.

Well for now that is all I will leave you with. Until I write again please be patient with me. I will get back to writing, Yah willing, very soon.