Sunday, December 23, 2012

All ye Lost

A river I know.
Flows through the heart.
Deep in the woods.
I hear a cry.

It cries like one.
Tormented by fear.
Of an ever reaching darkness.
It's beat cold and loud.

Thoughts escape the wood.
Bending its way through.
The branches and twigs.
Tripping in the dark.

"I will", a voice says.
"I will not fail".
Says a trembling voice.
"I will not give into fear".

A howl is heard.
From whence it came?
Above or below?
It came from inside.

The howling of the lost.
Speaks so from within.
For one cannot say.
"I will be safe."

For who saves but one.
He shines through the dark.
Searching for the lost.
He comes to save.

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©