Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shining Knight

Tempt me not with falling stars.
Nor frighten me with possibilities.
Stay, I pray of you.
Stay your hands from these things.

These works, worked in night.
Hiding from the world their deeds.
Fear not me!
I am but a humble witness.

Flickering lights waver with wariness.
Secrets whispered through the cracks.
Hatching wonderfully strange plots.
Plans to make the irresistible.

Thy clothing speaks of wealth.
Thy air of nobility.
By ye my shining white knight?
Or be ye a horror of the night?

Cast not your charms before me.
Nay, I say to leave my sight.
Oh, ye horror of the night.
Ye be no shining knight.

Plots fall to the dirt packed floor.
Failure heavy like a weighted chain.
New plots come to mind.
While conjuring a new web.

Cunning as the slyest fox.
Ye come like a maiden fair.
Lovely as the loveliest dame.
Ye have caught thy prey.

Get thee gone thou wicked one.
Thou shining light will not work.
On such as I who see beyond.
Beyond thy evil schemes.

Ye have no power here.
Oh, ye worker of the night.
Ye be no shining knight.
Thou has lost thy fight.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Trip to Farmors

I always love going to my Farmors (Grandma's) house. She lives in a beautiful part of this state. Just about every time I go there are humming birds everywhere. They are just too much fun to take pictures of. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Friday, July 16, 2010


There are times in our life that we just need a little reminder of Yah and his amazing grace and promises.