Thursday, May 28, 2009

Country living

I have lived in the country for around 15 years and could not imagine living anywhere else. Country living is all about the laid back attitude to take some time to "stop and smell the roses". For some of you it might be irritating to get stuck behind an old tractor going 30mph in a 55mph zone, but you have to realize that out here there isn't much rush. Unless of course old farmer Frank's grandson got his hand smashed under a tractor, then you would see rushing. Other then those medical rushes, there isn't any hurry to be anywhere at any specific time. If you happen to pass a local on the highway you might get a friendly wave. No, they may not know you, but as courtesy they will give you the two finger flick from the steering wheel, the full wave and of course the head nod. I'd have to say the most amusing thing about living out here is when your in the grocery store you might get stopped by a local friendly farmer and could end up in a two hour conversation. For my mom, she is not only stopped by the local farmers but by people she has never met and they tend to tell her they're whole life story. That's country living for you though. If you do have a schedule, don't bother sticking to it because at one point or another it will be interrupted by something else. Whether that is getting stopped in the grocery store, getting stuck behind a slow truck or tractor or even having to deal with a fox getting into your chicken pen. It will happen to be something along those lines. Don't let those little things keep you away from the country. Though it might sound annoying or even irritating. Those little things can make a person. Its the things like watching a baby calf leap around a pasture in early spring or letting the smell of the fresh country air fill your lungs. These are the other little joys that you can only get from the country that bring a smile. If you get a day off from that repetitive work of yours. Take the time to drive to the nearest place that you would think as "Country living".