Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perplexity of Such Things

Integrated into the workings.
Wings beating a million times.
Over and over again.
Telling of how they think.

Trapped in an ongoing battle.
Lost in tangled space.
Like shooting stars across.
A blackened canvas lies.

Tempered only a little.
Through the ongoing waves.
Fighting down the battle weary.
Cries over a saddened thought.

Escaped have they become.
Lining across an open page.
For all to see within.
The inner workings of this.

Darting here and there.
Like signals from line to line.
Echo throughout this space.
While sitting here perplexed.

Complicated beyond imagination.
Lost as a bottle at sea.
Finding me this way.
You've seen my inner mind.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Stressful or Exciting Morning?

Ever wondered why life seems so boring. Maybe you think nothing ever happens in your slow, dreary life. I have often enough thought that myself. I think how boring my life is and how nothing ever happens. Thats when Yahuwah tends to slap me awake with a bombardment of a ton of things and I feel like I don't even have time to catch my breath before the next tidal wave hits me again.
When the wave recedes and I get to take a breath, its then that I realize how I would take boring over exciting/stressful/never-ending/Ninety to nothin'....any day of the week.

My normal routine this morning went as usual. Wake up at 6:40. Get ready for work and head out the door. Drive to work, not noticing anything out of normal. Get to work and start...working. Finally get done after cleaning six stalls and getting to play with the new baby horse. Talk to boss a little bit and get paid. I go into town and put gas in the car. Noticed that the price of gas went down $.05 since monday and that makes me happy. Head on home and stop at neighbors to deal with dogs and cats and make sure nothing is out of place. This is where it gets interesting...

As I am walking to feed the dogs, I notice that the south 30 acres (where my horses are now)...that the gate is wide open. First thought, "Did I forget to shut it when I put them in there?". I dropped the dog food and walk quickly around the 30 acres and realize with slight panic, my horses are no where in sight. I finish feeding the dogs and head home, hoping that my dad had just moved them into the pasture with the cows. As it turns out, that is not so. Come to find out, he had accidentally left the gate open last night when he was giving the bull hay. So begins our search for our horses.

Mom and I head out, me driving and having no clue where to even begin. Stressed and worried about them. Thinking that with the possibility of them being gone so long, they could be anywhere. "This has happened before" I think, and it turned out they were fine and safe back in our pasture. Sadly that wasn't so this time. We drove around a bit and headed back home so mom could call the county Sheriff's office to see if anyone had reported seeing some horses on the highway. They informed her of a lady that had supposedly put them back in with the cattle. So I ran up there and took out the 4-wheeler to check the pasture. Thats when I see them in our neighbors..neighbors paddock behind their house.

Oh sweet relief. Dad and I headed home to grab mom who was already on the phone with the Lady who had put them in their paddock. Come to find out. The horses hadn't gotten out till past 7am...which was after I had already passed and gone to work. She had cars after cars driving down and saying her horses where out. Then eventually calls were made to the Sheriff's office and they were in the middle of rounding up horse trailers...to haul of our horses! *sighs* Praise Yah for good neighbors. The lady told the Sheriff that she thought they were the neighbors horses and she would just keep them in her paddock until they figured out who's horses they were.

So here ends this stressful morning of me slightly panicking. The horses are well and safe and back in their rightful pasture and this owner just got gray hair at a young age.
So I guess from this all. If there is one major thing I have learned...ok maybe two. Is that whatever you're looking for is usually never far from where you put it. The other, Dad will be taking me with him so there is two of us to make sure the gates are closed.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Enjoy Life (many years old poem)

How does a bird fly?
Or a mountain seem so high?

How is it a fish swims?
Or a branch grows limbs?

How does a flower bloom?
Or a rainy day so much gloom?

Ever stop to listen to children laugh?
Or a new born baby calf?

Ever wonder why the earth spins?
Or why a cat never learns?

Ever wake up thankful for another day?
Or how you wish it could all just stay?

Take a moment to enjoy life.
Forget about all the strife.

Take a moment to appreciate everything you're given.
That you're alive and livin'.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Prayer from the Rubble

Battle weary.
Breath drawn out.
Something breaks from within.
Tidal wave of unwanted dreams.

Taken away.
To the depths.
Catacombs weave in dark.
Light is no longer found.

Deep inside.
There lies cold.
Lifeless hands clutch still.
These memories are locked within.

Upon oneself.
Holding pieces together.
Shaking are the legs.
Now bare from being stripped.

Sirens afar.
Cries are heard.
Lifeless and now still.
The aftermath of such catastrophe.

Taken away.
Drawn to sea.
Oceans waging a war.
Where is hope in this?

Crying out.
Hear our cries.
You can heal hearts.
Bind up our every wound.

Stream down.
Dirt stained face.
Heal our broken homes.
Hear our cries for you.

Is here.
For a nation.
Now torn from within.
In the midst of despair.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Amazing Horse

As you all know I own a horse. Although it wasn't long ago that I had two. For some reason I keep wishing I still had two. Why you may ask? When it can be so expensive to care for them and feed them? Well, I don't really miss the extra money spent on my horse, but I do miss her.

Her name is/was Jasper. A quirky, spunky, fun-loving, sweet and obnoxious horse. Sounds quite familiar for those of you who might know me. I bought her when she was 8 months old from a man that lives not far from where I work now. I was wanting to buy a new colt to train when the man stopped by our house. He had noticed I spent a lot of time out in the pasture with our horses and wanted to commend me. When I asked him if he, per chance, had any colts he was looking to sell. He said he had 3 Saddlebred filly's that were all 8 months old and that if I wanted to I could come by and look at them. So not long after, money in pocket, I headed to the mans ranch to see which one I would buy. When I got there he informed me that at 8 months old, the filly's had never been handled by a person. I was at first a little edgy on that small bit of information, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of getting to train a horse from completely wild to tame. I ended up picking Jasper out of the three. She seemed like she had the most spunk and personality, which proved true.

The next day the man brought her over to our place and let her out in the pasture. Mind you there was a lot of fighting on Jasper's end of it since she had never been handled. Once out in the pasture I admired my new addition to our horses, then paid the man a total of $110 for her. It was all the money I had at the time. Being 14 and never getting allowance, I had saved for quite awhile in the hopes of buying a new horse.

Over the next week I let her be and didn't even try to touch her. Getting acquainted with the other two horses and being in a new place was enough at one time for her. After the first week I started standing by her feed bucket so she would get use to me being close. Eventually she became curious enough and would smell my hands or jeans. Over the period of about a month I was able to touch her all over and each day from then she started to trust me more.

It wasn't long before she fully trusted me and became the most annoying horse in the pasture. Always wanting my attention and not leaving a person be for 5 seconds just so you would pet her. My family and I ended up calling her Princess, because she expected the other two boys (horses) to let her have whatever she wanted and was an attention hogger, but it was so hard not to love her. Personality A-plus, she stole everyones heart who ever met her, including mine. Then the time came that I had stalled for so long, the time to sell her. Among the hardest decisions I ever had to make. When dealing with another life, a living soul that rested in my hands, that had become apart of me. I knew this is what I had intended from the moment I bought her. To raise, train and then sell the horse. It was not an easy thing to do.

I hold some very precious memories from her at least. She was the best horse I've ever met.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Year Old Kadence

As of tomorrow (March 9th) Kadence Rose will be a year old!

This is our Oooooo look

This is our "I'm so excited to see you!" look.

Oh so adorable..."Wanna give me your cookie?"

"I eated your cookie, muahaha" signed...(Cookie Monster)

"Well I'm full now." (She does this after she is done eating.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Do not disturb

(I iz eeding mai fisch. Dew not dysterb)

The title is actually the real name of this pic...=P

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Start of a New Life

It comes at you from it seems nowhere.
That spark of news that excites you yet.
There is this feeling of fear.
That comes behind that excitement.

Where or how did this come about?
This feeling of something new.
Something free and inexpressible.
Nothing can replace this.

This life so full of surprises.
To even begin to tell of.
These little things that are bigger then life.
Wider then any river.

Speak to me of this again.
The love that spills forth.
The joy that will surely come.
For it is already here inside.

Inside me it spreads deep.
True like the light from the sun.
The rays that break through.
Makes me smile with pure happiness.

Then the moment is upon us.
The pacing sets in.
Hearts begin to drum.
The anticipation of such wait.

The cry and the laughter.
The tears and the pain.
Wiped away are they.
Longing and waiting has gone.

Here, in my arms.
Lies a bundle of new life.
Sweet and precious like words.
Unable to describe the feeling.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©