Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Childhood Dream

When I was a little girl, I used to always dream of being out in a huge wide open pasture with nothing in sight as far as the eye can see. Just me and my horse cattle rustling like them good old days when you heard the term "Cowboy", it really meant they worked cattle. Well, I am 20 years old and that dream has partially come true.

Over the summer my family and I are taking care of our neighbors place. They own 120 acres and a lot of cattle. As of now some of their heifers are still calving, so we are to check to make sure there are no complications. Most of the time the heifers will calve with no problem whatsoever. Other times, you end up with stillborn calves or a calf that gets stuck. Sometimes a heifer won't be able to protect her calf because she hasn't caught up with the rest of the herd yet and the wolves will kill the calf.

It was the end of last week when my dad and I went out on our neighbors 4-Wheeler to check the cattle. We came across a heifer that was down and couldn't get up. It took us a bit to realize that she had a calf and somehow paralyzed her hind legs. The heifer being paralyzed was not able to watch over her calf and during that night, we assume the wolves has killed her baby. The vet came out and confirmed our suspicions that her hind legs were paralyzed, but only temporarily.

We are still taking care of the heifer, although I am happy to report that she is now standing, even though a little wobbly. Even though, we praise Yahuwah for his mercy and grace in getting this cow to her feet.

You may be asking your self, "How is this exactly lining up with her dream?".
Today my mother and I had an idea after we saw that the heifer had completely moved from her spot. That we were going to get out the 4-Wheeler and my horses and go to the back of the 120 acres where she was, instead of trying to get the car back there. Our adventure went quite well and I am very pleased with my horse. He hasn't been ridden since April and barely gave me any grief and seemed to be doing much better with his allergies!

All I can say, I was able to go to where there was nothing but me, my horse and Yahuwah's creation as far as the eye can see.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kadence jammin'


These passions grow with the days.
They tell me reach out.
Reach out and grab those dreams.

Strewn across the heavens.
Millions of dreams float by.
How can I not listen.

Not all my own.
I’m told to put mine aside.
My passions are to wait.

So many to aid.
So many broken hearts and dreams.
Shattered pieces left on the floor.

This light has come my way.
Being dimmed by sorrow.
So much heartache.

I’ll help you rebuild.
Share with you my love.
My arms are outstretched.

Another light follows after.
Too many thoughts.
So full and cluttered.

Taking your hand in mine.
We’ll make anew.
Paint a picture tall and bright.

You happened upon me.
This fragile light.
Sweet and timid without a fight.

Always there to listen when needed.
My heart cries with you.
We’ll build this tower strong.

My light is starting to fade.
The light getting lower and lower.
What can one do?

Who will aid?
Who will make anew?
Rebuild from rubble?

The light is flickering.
So close to blowing out.
Who will save me now?

They come swiftly and true.
Making all anew.
These lights are there to save.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your Mask

Unearthly serenity masks your face.
Calm and poised in your every move.
Inexperienced eyes would miss.
Ignorant bystanders would never guess.

The turn of your head.
Your eyes trained to hide.
Shading your inner thoughts.
Not one will notice what is beneath.

The grace in your steps.
The perfectly bent head.
Quietly listening to others.
While your thoughts are far away.

Seeing beyond your cool exterior.
Knowing all your thoughts.
Silently smiling to myself.
Knowing the object of interest.

You have been captivated.
Lost in a far off trance.
Taken away from this very place.
Evidence left here of you, being faint.

Only a quarter of an hour.
Till you can escape from here.
Escape from these uninteresting people.
Finally be taken whole.

Your movements speak calm.
Your smile speaks beauty.
Your act shows talent.
Talent for fooling the crowd.

Not long now you wait.
You bid your farewells.
A break for the door.
Freedom is oh so sweet.

My smile is reserved for you.
My thoughts are trained on you.
You have captivated my attention.
You cannot fool me.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©