Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Friend

Come all you and tell.
Tell me of our autumn friend.
Spin a web of her tale.
Let my mind take flight.

I have heard it said of old.
How our autumn friend casts her crown.
As it slowly falls to pieces.
Bringing joy before the winter.

She brings peace to the world.
To those who might receive it.
We reach our hands out in expectation.
Grabbing pieces that fall from heaven.

Her wind prickles our ears.
We hear her whispering song.
“Come all you that might sing songs.
Sing to our El on high.”

“Our loving El, King of hosts.
How we sing your praise to the nations.
Telling of your undying love.
Speaking of your mighty works.”

Let us rejoice before the winter.
Let us honor all Yah’s feasts.
Clanging cymbals and singing songs.
Praising our king to come.

Her crown has changed its colors.
The pieces from her crown color the ground.
Let us be blessed in this peace.
That we receive from our autumn friend.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Given the chance

Dark blue hazel eyes.
So easy to hide behind.
Gold mixed with brown is the hair that is wound up tight.
A face that belies very few emotions.
So easy to suppress the feelings that rise.

Give a chance to glance.
One would easily pass over.
Although my eyes miss none.
My heart sinks at that cursory glance.

Given the chance to dance.
One would easily pass.
Turning to one more bright.
To one more suited.

So easily forgotten.
So easily left behind.
No one would give they’re time.
To a face such as mine.

Here in this room.
I feel more alone then when alone.
Here in this room.
I feel neither rejected nor accepted.

Wondering why I am here.
Why my feet are not moving.
Moving away from this place.
Where I feel nothing.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Instead I wait.
Why I wait, I do not know.
I wait for something, someone.
I wait for someone to notice