Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not intended weekend

So my weekend ended up getting switched up, turned around and tossed out the back door. You would think, "Hey, that sounds like a bummer." That's because it was, at first.

Besides all of that, I ended up having a really good weekend. Thanks to a great family and great friends. In a matter of 4 days I managed to get my motorcycle permit, clean house, go for a motorcycle ride, spend a great sabbath with friends and go to a Apple Cider festival, (that, by the way, I spent way too much money at). I also went to a antique shop and spent even more money at. So all in all, I had a great weekend.
Amazingly enough in all of the chaos of last week, (lil' over exaggeration on the 'chaos' bit, LoL) I turned 21. WooHoo! 21 is so far pretty boring, just in case anyone was wondering, but I guess I have some more time to see if its really that boring.
I bought some REALLY cute hair ties that make your hair do really cute things. I will have to take pictures sometime of a couple styles and post them.
It was really a beautiful day today, I wish ya'll could have hung out with us at the festival. My mother kept trying to get me to get on those blow up play pen whatchamacallit's. The ones where you climb through the hole and run to a ladder, climb, climb,climb and then jump and slide down the other side. Needless to say...I didn't do it, There had to of been a weight limit on would think.
Amongst this really nice weekend mind kept drifting to what I would have been doing if I would have gone camping and what everyone else was doing. I am sure you all had a wonderful time ^_^ I want to see lots of pictures!! =P
Well beyond that, I don't have anything else to tell you all.

Oh Yeah!! I bought a really cute necklace, =D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smile, My Catastrophe

There, a sparkle of a smile.
Reaches the corner of your eyes.
Here, a glint of ultimate happiness.
My heart sighs with contentment.

There, in the depths of your deepest thoughts.
I see how you can't help but be distracted.
Here, in my every thought.
You've made your way to stay.

There, low lights etch every inch of your features.
Just as you lean in to hear my every word.
Here, sitting too far away.
I can't help but smile.

There, you made me melt with that very look.
You know how to get to me.
Here, is where I'd love to stay.
You don't have to go.

There is nowhere for us to go.
We're happily trapped in time.
Here, is where I want to stay.
Right here in your arms.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, September 10, 2010

Secrets of a sleepy town

Interrupted peaceful sleep.
Buzzer beat in my ear.
Bolted upright with surprise.
Head throbbing hurtfully.

Tangled in a web of sheets.
Constraining my every movement.
Finding the floor wrongfully.
Face met with harsh cold floor.

Scrambling through cascades of debris.
Grogginess not my friend.
Half wakened eyes straining.
Didn’t see the shut door.

Mirror reflecting a horror.
There was a scream.
I don’t believe me.
Cracked glass biting my toothbrush.

Tripping downward stairs.
No time for fast break.
Out the door in a flash.
Flash of red falling down more stairs.

Not a soul in wistful sight.
Clouds cover dreariness.
Creaky old town asleep.
Breathe in the damp air.

Jumping through fallen leaves.
Jump, hop, crash.
Into a hidden hole.
Sharing secrets with my foot.

Recovered from discovery.
My foot aches with many secrets.
Limping me away to there.
There, where butterflies encased.

A letter here in there.
Strewn together in a peculiar way.
To make a most obnoxious rhyme.
For no rhyme or reason why.

Sleepy, dreary, forsaken town.
My home for more a lifetime now.
Happy to find my walk unscathed.
No more secrets to encounter today.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nay Mair

Piercing sounds reflect poorly.
Radiating the now lost souls.
Hear the howling night folk.
They cry for what they do not know.

Recompense for past dues.
Signature of the forgotten.
Line upon lines hidden.
Too far in the distant past.

Taking back what is not theirs.
Only loveliness is left untouched.
Left for others to admire.
Strength beyond words unspoken.

Hear now the night fowl whisper.
Unwanted personages crawl in dark.
Their ward tossed to the wolves.
Scavenging for new livelihoods.

Hear, hear you begotten ones.
Told in the distant present.
We will shine upon the wicked.
Naught shall change our course.

Singings sung in lies.
Woven is their tempests snare.
Heeding what is unspoken.
Unlikely to break the spell.

Truth being our only ally.
We wait for this freedom yet.
Covered in unholy mire.
Waiting to be cleaned once mair.

Treading on weakened ground.
Unsteady our heads become.
Lightened this way soon will be.
When he takes back his rightful ward.

In silence we now wait.
The harshness of bitter words brittle.
Beating our ever beaten backs.
They will strike us nay mair.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hard Work

For those of you who did not know, My father works in construction. Right now he builds high end decks in Johnson county,Ks suburbs. When he doesn't have anyone else to help him with building these decks, I am hired and work with him building decks or any other odd job he does.
This week I have been working with him on a new deck job. The last 2 days were hard work with the framing process of the deck. If we do go to work tomorrow, (didn't go today because it rained all day and it might rain tomorrow), we will start actually decking.
Every time I go to work with my dad, it always makes me appreciate what he does to provide for our family. It also makes me grateful for Yahuwah giving my father work so he can provide for our family.
This post is pretty much me giving out an award to all hard working men who provide for their families. You guys deserve so much credit. I believe as a people we take for granted what we are given in life. As wives I believe they can at times take for granted what their husbands do to make sure they have every comfort that they can provide. As children, I believe we take for granted our fathers at times in that we do not give them due respect and honor they deserve in raising and providing for us as well.
I often wonder why women would WANT to run a household and wear the pants in a marriage. I would not want to go out every single day, 8 hours a day and work as hard as men do. Then to come home and make the decisions that a leader of a house makes and carries the weight of the family. Why would a woman want to take over that role? I'm absolutely good with the duties that have been assigned to me as a woman. This is of course my opinion on it, take it or leave it.
Back to the reason of this post. Here is to all you hardworking men. You definitely deserve it.