Thursday, December 31, 2009

Younha (Korean Artist)

Music is a big part of my life. Most of my generation would agree that listening to music makes up a big part of our day. Whether listening to the radio, listening on the Internet and of course on our I-pods, mp3's and cd players. Wherever you go you will no doubt see at list one person attached to a device releasing some form of music into their head. In general I love all kinds of genre. Whether it be rock, classic, pop, R&B and of course jazz. My taste in music doesn't just stop at the basic genre of today's music industry for America. My taste in music goes as far as Israel, Africa, Japan, and Ireland. One of my international favorite artist is Younha, she is a Korean singer. If you also like variety in your music, and don't mind listening to music in a different language. Take a moment to check out her music.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Violinist on Youtube

The other day I was surfing on youtube like I do from time to time. I play the violin and was searching some songs and artists when I came across a very unique and talented young man. He was given a gift that I was blessed to have gotten a glimpse of some of the avenues of that talent. The whole time I was listening to him play I kept thinking, "I wish I could play as well as him." What it comes down to is practice, practice, practice, that is all there is to it. Yet it takes diligence and a will to become better. If you have the time, take a moment and listen to his music. Hope you enjoy him as much as I did.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On marbled floor

Solitude amongst crowded rooms.
Weariness amidst the boast of energy.
Lacking strength to pull away.
Away from these morbid thoughts.

Drawn so deep inside.
Depression lined with blankness.
Out of sight, out of world.
Lying cold still on marbled floor.

Withered on the freezing ground.
A summer flower met with the harshness of winter.
So bent over.
All life seemingly vanished from within.

To be found such as this.
The loud horror filled shrills.
Echoing off marbled walls.
Would be heard throughout.

Yet there is no sound.
Only the echoing of eerie silence.
Too far gone to notice.
Salted water pooling beneath.

Lines etched down the face of this still figure.
Pain laced underneath strained muscles.
It comes from within.
That none other then words can writhe.

To gaze upon with eyes such as these.
Empathy beyond all words.
For what good comes from hence.
These fiery hell bent darts.

They are exact.
Straight and true.
Never once missing.
Causing anguish every time.

Cold still on marbled floor.
Eyes fixed in place.
Ears having drowned out.
The chaos that surrounds.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We make them every day.
A decision that shapes us every moment.
The slightest change determining who we might become.
Choices that could ultimately change history.

Time is stretched out before us.
Like a Archer read for the kill.
If he were to release that arrow.
Where would it lead?

There are multiple paths to every road.
Perhaps a million.
Winding and weaving its way.
Moving straight towards its destination.

Deciding between them.
One will give you solace and peace.
The other will give you pleasure and bliss.
How tempting they sound.

The decisions one can make.
The possibilities are endless.
Your mind conjuring up all prospects.
Where should you even begin.

To choose between up or down.
Light or darkness.
Life and death.
Roads that lead to different ends.

Opening one door expecting another.
Should the door be shut?
Is it possible to shut it?
Is the illusion too tempting to turn away.

To reopen that door.
Step back through time and space.
Just to open another.
A parallel life you would have never known.

The decision to bend time.
To make it our own.
Twisting and pulling until it is right.
Choosing to make a new tomorrow.

How many lives did we change.
How many worlds did we destroy.
To reverse our mistakes.
To have a new beginning.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Honesty with ourselves

Every once in awhile you might catch a glimpse of another side to people. Some people hide they're secret ambitions or secret hobbies better then others. They are afraid that if their friends knew, they would be made fun of. For instance, say there is a football jock who enjoys old musicals and wants to go to Broadway. Do you honestly think he is going to tell his friends? Who is to say that one of his friends doesn't also have a "secret" that he would never tell about something he enjoys? You see, it would be "uncool" to tell your friend that you enjoy doing something that maybe they won't like. We end up in this deteriorating cycle that doesn't allow a person to follow what they truly love to do. Think of this way, football jock goes on to the NFL league and gets an injury that leaves him paralyzed. He then is going to regret not being honest and pursuing his dreams. Instead we have kids following and living they're parents dreams. Then you have the other kids pursuing something for the sake of being "cool".

Parents, if you truly love your children, then get to know them. See what they enjoy or love to do. Allow your child to follow what they are going to love doing for the rest of their life. So when they are old they can look back without any regrets.

Friends, be honest with yourselves and the people around you. If you are a true friend, your going to be understanding and supportive to the dreams of your peer. If you decide to go to school tomorrow and inform your friend(s) that your quitting (football) and going into (theatrical). Whatever their reaction, don't be deterred by it. You have a whole life ahead of you to find a friend who is going to love you for who you are. For now, make sure you have confidence in yourself and never let anyone break you down. As for your family, they are the only family your going to get. Your they're child and perhaps they won't want you, per se, going into theatrics. Be understanding yourself and give your family time to adjust.
I hope we can all learn to be honest with ourselves and others before its to late.
Let us live without regrets and build each other up.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time is against me

Time has lost her beauty.
That glittering, alluring, essence that pulls us forward.
The past brought life.
The present brought love.
What I see from the future is grief.

Time is against me in every way.
She wanted my life.
I refused to give it.
She wanted my love.
I would not hand it over.
She wanted my grief.
I finally gave in.

She said she would give me more.
More to live for.
More to love for.
In turn I was to give up myself.

She took it all.
The pain, hatred and grief.
She kept her promise.
I was given all I bargained for.

At first all I knew was relief.
It gradually turned into joy.
Joy of no longer feeling.
Feelings had all but gone.

Slowly I started to feel drained.
As time went on I felt even more emptied.
Time had kept her bargain.
I had emptied myself of everything.

Time is against me.
For I cannot move.
I gave myself away.
To a cruel and unusual punishment.

Time is against me.
She laughs at my horror stricken face.
Unable to respond to my surroundings.
All feelings have been taken away.

Cast aside to a corner.
As one would throw away an old toy.
Not one knows I still exist.
An empty shell in an equally empty house.

Time has forgotten her victim.
Moving on to play a new game.
Being careless in her actions.
Unknowing the final results.

A spark slowly wavers.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©
As a smile emerges from within.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The moment

To see the girl sitting at the booth.
One would think she was in deep thought.
This girl had a huge dilemma.
How was she ever to choose?

Perspiration beaded on her brow.
Unknowingly biting her lip.
She glanced over at her friend.
Contemplating her options.

How was one to choose?
There were too many of them.
She slowly lowered the object in her hands.
Grabbing her water she drank thoughtfully.

The moment had come.
She had to pick.
Looking up into expectant eyes.
She verbalized her choice.

Had she made the right decision?
Would she be happy with it?
Doubt quickly flooded her brain.
She knew she couldn’t take it back.

As each minute that passed.
She started to fidget more.
She braved a quick glance at her friend.
Who calmly smiled at her.

The moment had come.
It was right in front of her.
Looking at it with wary eyes.
She grabbed her weapon of choice.

In front of her sat.
A curved crystal glass.
With a creamy pink beverage inside.
Whipped topping and a cherry on top.

Taking her first bite.
All doubt fled her mind.
Savoring each bite she took.
She knew she would go through it all over again.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ticking clocks fill my head.
As the hand reaches its destination.
I feel the vibrato in my mind.
Bringing me back to the present.

A single sound slicing through silence.
It makes me morph my mind.
Taking on a torrent of tasks better left undone.
Leaving behind bittersweet thoughts bit by bit.

The constant sound of ticking.
Makes my mind writhe in pain.
The consistent sound of clicking.
Refuses my brain to release its memories.

What is left but to run away?
Where is my other avenues?
What more can I do but to block it out?
These are my options.

Who is to tell time?
If time were to eventually stop.
Would these shards stop piercing?
Extracting what they were set out to find.

They are taken back with a flood.
Extracting something that was not expected.
Using all efforts to shut the gate.
All strength is called on from within.

As the flood recedes away.
I hear the faint ticking.
No longer do I fear the sound.
The memories slowly escape to the back of my mind.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feeling of Bliss

To stand upon a silken shore.
Gazing across a sea of glass.
The tawny sunset glistens and gleams.
Twinkling like crystals bathed in light.
As my eyes glide shut.
The feeling of the wind caresses my cheek.
As I soon fall into absolute bliss.
Oh, What heaven have I fallen into?
To witness such beauty.
On an evening such as this.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The 5th of October till 12th was the feast of Tabernacles, also known as Sukkot.
For the feast my family and I went to the Ozarks to spend it with a congregation we have known since 2000. We all enjoyed our time there talking to old friends and making new ones. I forgot how enjoyable it was to spend time with like minded brethren and sisters of the faith. There were over 140 people at the campground. When in the dining hall or in the meeting room you could definitely tell, because after the meeting or dinner everyone was booking it to get outside. There were people of every age there as well. Lots of little children, youth, adults and elderly. I think the two most commonly played games by everyone was either 'hacky sack' or 'Apples to apples'.
One of the days we even had a Survival guide take us through some near by woods and show us some wild herbs and plants that you can eat. He also showed us how to build our own shelter out of practically nothing.
I'd have to say that my most enjoyable time was near the end of the feast and playing with one of the cutest little girls I ever met. She is 2 years old and has the biggest personality and managed to steal my heart. I will have to say its better losing my heart to a 2 year old then someone else.
All in all I had a wonderful feast with wonderful memories to look back on.
I know this is not very detailed but you will have to bear with it. I am sure you have enough memories from your enjoyable week to make up for what I lacked in this blog.
To anyone who reads this I pray you had a fantastic Sukkot.
Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Friend

Come all you and tell.
Tell me of our autumn friend.
Spin a web of her tale.
Let my mind take flight.

I have heard it said of old.
How our autumn friend casts her crown.
As it slowly falls to pieces.
Bringing joy before the winter.

She brings peace to the world.
To those who might receive it.
We reach our hands out in expectation.
Grabbing pieces that fall from heaven.

Her wind prickles our ears.
We hear her whispering song.
“Come all you that might sing songs.
Sing to our El on high.”

“Our loving El, King of hosts.
How we sing your praise to the nations.
Telling of your undying love.
Speaking of your mighty works.”

Let us rejoice before the winter.
Let us honor all Yah’s feasts.
Clanging cymbals and singing songs.
Praising our king to come.

Her crown has changed its colors.
The pieces from her crown color the ground.
Let us be blessed in this peace.
That we receive from our autumn friend.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Given the chance

Dark blue hazel eyes.
So easy to hide behind.
Gold mixed with brown is the hair that is wound up tight.
A face that belies very few emotions.
So easy to suppress the feelings that rise.

Give a chance to glance.
One would easily pass over.
Although my eyes miss none.
My heart sinks at that cursory glance.

Given the chance to dance.
One would easily pass.
Turning to one more bright.
To one more suited.

So easily forgotten.
So easily left behind.
No one would give they’re time.
To a face such as mine.

Here in this room.
I feel more alone then when alone.
Here in this room.
I feel neither rejected nor accepted.

Wondering why I am here.
Why my feet are not moving.
Moving away from this place.
Where I feel nothing.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Instead I wait.
Why I wait, I do not know.
I wait for something, someone.
I wait for someone to notice

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Country living

I have lived in the country for around 15 years and could not imagine living anywhere else. Country living is all about the laid back attitude to take some time to "stop and smell the roses". For some of you it might be irritating to get stuck behind an old tractor going 30mph in a 55mph zone, but you have to realize that out here there isn't much rush. Unless of course old farmer Frank's grandson got his hand smashed under a tractor, then you would see rushing. Other then those medical rushes, there isn't any hurry to be anywhere at any specific time. If you happen to pass a local on the highway you might get a friendly wave. No, they may not know you, but as courtesy they will give you the two finger flick from the steering wheel, the full wave and of course the head nod. I'd have to say the most amusing thing about living out here is when your in the grocery store you might get stopped by a local friendly farmer and could end up in a two hour conversation. For my mom, she is not only stopped by the local farmers but by people she has never met and they tend to tell her they're whole life story. That's country living for you though. If you do have a schedule, don't bother sticking to it because at one point or another it will be interrupted by something else. Whether that is getting stopped in the grocery store, getting stuck behind a slow truck or tractor or even having to deal with a fox getting into your chicken pen. It will happen to be something along those lines. Don't let those little things keep you away from the country. Though it might sound annoying or even irritating. Those little things can make a person. Its the things like watching a baby calf leap around a pasture in early spring or letting the smell of the fresh country air fill your lungs. These are the other little joys that you can only get from the country that bring a smile. If you get a day off from that repetitive work of yours. Take the time to drive to the nearest place that you would think as "Country living".

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Waves of Tempest

Hast thou condemned us all?
Calling upon the waves of tempest.
Should thou not of waited?
Having but a bit of mercy,
On such as I?
Hast thou no sympathy left?
Or has is vanished and with it your contempt?
Now more then contempt.
We have the wrath of tempest.
Oh! Hast thou any mercy?
Oh, you waves of tempest.
To spare but the likes of I?
Call upon what gentleness is left.
Spare this vessel of mine.
Canst thou wait and call on another?
I am clay not yet fully formed.
Thy waves of tempest would but turn me into earth again.
Oh, you waves of tempest.
Show but a bit of compassion,
On such as I.
I am unworthy of what kindness you have.
Although I beg of you to call not on I.
Oh, you waves of tempest.
Where hast all thy compassion gone?
To the depths of hell?
Woe, to the likes of I.
For I cannot withstand.
Hast thou compassion so lacked?
Give me but a chance.
Give me a chance to make it right again.
Oh, you waves of tempest.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©
I will show you, what child am I.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Before I die

If I laugh before I die.
Know the joy I felt.
That I have known you,
And was able to laugh with you awhile.

If I cry before I die.
Know those tears are shed for you.
That I wish but for a chance.
To stay a little longer with you.

If I dance before I die.
Know that I am praising Yah.
For this single chance,
To be happy with you.

If I pray before I die.
Know that I pray for you.
So that Yah might send you comfort.
For after I am gone.

If I sing before I die.
Know that I sing Yah’s praises.
For being a loving and merciful El.
In giving you all to me.

If I smile before I die.
Know that I am thinking of you.
Smiling back at me.
Brings me all the comfort that I need.

If I say ‘I love you’ before I die.
Know that when I say it.
I mean it with all my heart.
Even after death, I will never stop loving you.

If I write this before I die.
Know that when I wrote this.
I meant to leave behind.
A little bit of me, for you to remember.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

World of her own

Unfinished tales of a life never lived.
Dreams of a girl that never came true.
Instead they stay hidden inside her heart.
Never once to be sought by any.

Her heart has been locked.
And the keys to her dreams have gone missing.
She cries to herself but no one else.
For fear she might be questioned.

She has no answer to the world around her.
Not one would understand her thoughts.
She is an outcast to society.
Not even worth looking at.

She keeps her pains stored away.
Not wanting anyone to catch a glimpse.
She is like a tomb.
So stuffed up she can hardly move.

But when she closes her eyes.
She sails away to dreamland.
Finding no need to even glance back.
For all she is lies ahead.
To a world unknown to any.

She is her own self in this world.
Free to be who she is without fear.
Unashamed of her true self.
Because she is who she is.
Not being held to the other worlds standards.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, March 20, 2009

World we live in

I sit and watch as cars go by.
As the city lights slowly turn on.
I watch as clouds darken the moon.
Making the world seem what it truly is.

I look at people as they pass on by.
I can't help but think.
"What is the purpose?"
To these fragile, meaningless lives.

We are born.
We live.
We give life and then die.
What more to life then this?

We think.
We eat.
We drink and be merry.
Is this not the essence of life?

What more beyond that yellow brick road?
What life would we have led?
What is really behind that second door?
The path we did not choose.

We work.
We build.
We are taught then teach.
To whom do we do all this?

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Or is there only darkness in this world of despair?
Do we ever find the end of the rainbow?
Or do we leave that pot of gold to the imagination?

We lie.
We cheat.
We steal and we kill.
Where is the punishment for all our crimes?
Why is it always the good die young?

Can't someone help me this night?
To leave behind the bleakness in this world.
To throw out all this fear.
That we all seem to cling to.

As the city lights go out tonight.
I lay in bed and hear a soft whisper.
"Be quiet, be still.
My loving child.
Forget not why you are here.
Tonight you will sleep without fear.
For I will always be by your side."

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, March 9, 2009

My review on "Freedom Writers"

As I watched the movie “Freedom Writers” for the very first time, I was inspired to share a few thoughts that this movie moved me to write. For those of you who have not seen this movie I recommend you all to take some time out of your day, or evening, and watch this movie.

Mrs. Gruwell and the change she made in that single class inspired me. Not only the change she made in those teenagers life but also in the courage she had to take a stand and fight for them. What I saw from this story is that life is not about the segregation of all races. That underneath every persons skin color we all the same. We each of us have a mind, a heart and amazingly enough even a soul.

Everywhere you go, whether it is high or low. There is going to be war, there is going to be suffering and ultimately there is going to be death. Everywhere you look, there is going to be sadness, grief and loss. There are so many people who think not of tomorrow because today holds so much tragedy. Many other people are too afraid to look outside of their box because they don’t want to witness the suffering in this world.

It is not about the tragedy that befalls us in our life, nor is it about the good that comes our way.

It is about the good and the bad.

It is about life and death.

It is about the rich and the poor.

About the blacks and the whites.

About the Hispanics and the Asians.

This is about people all over the world recognizing each other as an equal.

Let us not witness another Holocaust my dear friends, for we are stronger then that.

Let us help our neighbor out even if they were or are your friend or foe.

I have not seen a fraction of the suffering that most of you have. Neither have I lost someone close to me. Nor have I missed a meal but by my own choice.

I speak not from my own experience, but from the suffering I have seen others around me go through. Although one day we will all feel pain and we will all suffer. It is for each of us to support each other through these hard times and help your brother or sister out, whether they are your relatives or not.

This is about true love.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tonight I'll put off this frown.
As the clock strikes midnight.
I'll pull off this mask of mine.
I'll shed this costume for the very first time.

All past mistakes have been forgotten.
Among these clover fields.
I'll show the world.
Who I truly am.

I think of nothing else but of the coming hours.
For a little while.
I shall be free.
To fly over all the meadows.

The smell of truth fills my senses.
I watch as a fox plays with a mouse.
As a lion slowly lies down with a lamb.
I am compelled to dance yet again.

This night I sing for joy.
For the freedom I finally feel.
I have never felt something so real.
For the first time I feel at peace.

All tears have been washed away.
All regrets left behind.
I finally know who I am,
And I smile at all that is.

I hear the word being spoken.
I hear the thunder of a thousand hooves.
As the clouds give way.
I see a whole new earth.

The light of dawn has come back,
And my mask shall never be found.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, February 27, 2009


I picked up the newspaper today.
As I flipped through the pages.
I saw the obituaries.
I glanced to see if I recognized anyone.
Then quickly fold it and left it on the table.

I saw on the news today.
More innocent people died in a bombing.
Some more died in an accident.
"How sad." I thought to myself.
As I quickly changed the channel.

I passed by some homeless people.
They looked at me with eyes filled with so much sadness.
I looked away quickly.
For a moment I wondered what might have happened to them,
But as soon as I was down the street, they were just as quickly forgotten.

I saw on the front of the newspaper today.
That a beloved celebrity had passed away.
"How tragic," I thought "They were so young."
Nothing else could be talked about the rest of the day.

Today I lost my best friend.
My world has come crumbling down.
So many tears shed.
As I walk down the street.
Not one knows of my grief.
Not one knows what this world has lost.

As I flip through the paper today.
I found the obituary with my friends name.
Such a short paragraph explaining they're life.
I became distraught at how little was there.
"Everyone should know and care about them." I thought angrily.

I changed that day.
I realized the importance in life.
I also realized how fragile this life is.
Every life is as important as the next.
Ever person as special as you or I.

I picked up a newspaper today.
As I flipped through the pages.
I found the obituaries and read the names.
For the first time,
I took the time to pray for the loved ones left behind.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Society

When I look at this world we live in, I sometimes wonder how it is we got this far. I know that once upon a time children use to respect their elders. That honor was something every man was to live by. It was rare and a scandal if you ever heard of someone divorcing their spouse. When virtue and purity was something all young ladies where to have. Young men were trained to follow in their fathers footsteps and take care of their family if their father was to pass on.
Today, you see children yelling and beating their parents. It is not uncommon to hear that your neighbor or friend is getting a divorce. You walk into your local grocery store and see young women wearing next to no clothes at all. Young men are eager to get out and live on their own and taste the world and all its intriguing aspects.
Where is truth and honor?
What happened to purity and meekness?
Why do the youth no longer answer their elders with "Sir" and "Madam"?
Are we living in another Rome? Has our society really fallen so low?
Is technology what has changed our society?
Is it greed and power?
Can we change what has happened to this world?
These are very simple questions if you took the time to care what has happened and is happening in today's day and age.
The real question is, Do you care enough to see if there is anything you can do?
If you are happy with the disrespect and the crime. If you don't mind that this society is one of greed and power.
That's alright, you can keep living in denial and keep the blinders on to all the suffering in this world.
For those of you who are disturbed that this society is spinning down the drain.
Do something to give back to the people who have given to you. If all you can give is a smile, then brighten someone else day by doing so. For those who have the time or the money, give to the people who are in need. It does not have to be money it can be visiting with someone who is lonely.
Give back so that when the day comes and you are in need your self and you are lonely. The people that you helped or maybe even someone who you did not, will take the time and pull you up off the ground.