Friday, October 28, 2011

Adventures in Fort Scott

My mom and I recently took our first trip to Fort Scott, Kansas. We live only an hour away from this amazing town of history for over 17 years and we're just now visiting it, how sad is that?
Just in the past 2 months my mom got a job taking pictures of Foreclosed homes in our area. I go along with her about half the time to help her out with paper work and uploading the pictures.
Fort Scott is actually not apart of my moms route, but the bank just lost one of their inspectors and gave the 20 house inspections to my mother.
Our first visit to Fort Scott gave both of us quite a shock at how cute and quaint the town was. We didn't have much time to inspect the whole town but got to do a tiny bit of shopping before we left. We both said we definitely had to go back sometime. That night when we got home, to my mothers surprise and frustration had an email from the bank telling her she had to re-post some vacancy notices. Taking this unpleasant task around, we turned it into a day of exploring and having fun. After we finished all but two houses, we decided to head over to a Bed and Breakfast to eat some lunch. Out of the choices I decided it would be the most adventurous and fun. The place we went to is called the Twin Mansions (click on the highlighted words to see their website.) It is the most adorable and awesome place ever. We went to the first Mansion and ate some lunch. While talking to the waitress we came to find out a little more about the Mansions, that was when she asked if we wanted to have a tour of the other mansion. (We couldn't go upstairs in the Mansion we were eating at because the family who owned it lived upstairs.) So after eating we headed over to the Twin Mansion and met the owner of the house, Pat Lyons. She gave us the history of the Mansions as we walked through each spectacular room in the Mansion. I won't bore you with the history, but for those of you who are curious just have to look it up online.
So begins our tour of the Mansion (I haven't posted every pic of every room)

This room was on the third floor.

This "Bathroom" actually use to be one of the servants room.

This is the Ladies Parlor as you come up to the Second floor.

The stairs coming up to the second floor. I found out the nook right behind me was called the "Casket" nook, or something like that. (There's more history to that, but again I won't bore you)

This is the gentleman's Parlor where they would retreat after dinner and have a cigar and some scotch.

Decided to take a break from the tour to read a little bit from "Great Expectations"

Front sitting Parlor.

Taking some time for some afternoon tea.

It was too kewl of a shot to pass up.

This is one of the rooms from another house on the property. This room is called "Emerald City" ..the underneath of the bed literally glows green at night.

Of course you have to have a piano shot (this is in the same house.)

We then ventured over to the Fort in Fort Scott.

The stable at the fort, this is only half of the stable..they blocked off the other half.

Oogling the authentic Civil War saddles.

View near the back of the Fort.

We found the Guardhouse and found one of the cells. Had to see what it felt like to be enclosed in one.

Well everyone, that was my adventurous day in Fort Scott, Kansas. I hope you had fun on the tour, I know I had a blast. Hopefully we can make it back sooner then later. Take care and be blessed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Among Superstition

Running to no end.
The edge so near,
Then a push.
Pushed off the side.
Until all at once.
A jolt awakens you.
To the loud and irritating.
Sound of an alarm clock.
Surrounded in dark.
Feeling slightly on edge.
Flick of a switch.
Light fills the room.
A quick sense of comfort.
Until it fades.
Time to get up.
Jump start the day.
How it should feel.
Yet an eerie sense sinks back in.
Glances into every corner.
Just wishing to get out.
Out into the open air.
Somehow it feels safer.
All this superstition.
Feeling almost alone.
In the still silence of morning.
Then a movement.
Startled in fear.
To find it was nothing.
Nothing but disturbed nerves.
Where is peace in such thoughts?
All but running outside.
To shut the door in a hurry.
Staring behind me.
Failing to see.
Right in front of me.
Were all my superstitions.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©