Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Decieving Fear

Pain, Loss, Compassion are a few.
Feelings bound up tight.
Knowledge, Understanding, Acceptance.
Things I know are right.

Keep the tides in check.
The ever growing wall of fear.
Hold down the powers on deck.
Tightening its overbearing grasp.

It's there in the distance.
A faint tinkling you hear.
Just noticing its existence.
It's just ask quickly blocked out.

Flooding over your entire being.
All previous awareness snuffed out.
The sense of time is fleeing.
You can no longer hear the shout.

Welling up inside of you.
Tension has wound up every muscle.
Anger, frustration, and fear are a few.
Feelings that are now presiding in you.

The grasp of fear itself works on.
Building up the resistance of hearing.
That the lies love to feed upon.
Believing in the fear now growing.

It winds and weaves through and through.
Until it's now fully apart of you.
Dark, foreboding fear is now the only view.
Of the inner workings now seen.

There it is again.
A faint tinkling is breaking the silence.
Shedding light on this sin.
That's taken root inside.

The sound of shattering glass.
A noise so deafeningly loud.
The sound of truth outlasts.
The shrills of the lies being uprooted.

Relief, joy and truth are a few.
Feelings now rooted inside.
Finally realizing what is true.
Happiness can now reside.

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©

(Inspiration goes to a lil' bit of Joy aka NaeemYah)  ^_^

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Blessings of Life

I find as the dust settles.
On that winding back road.
With the rustling of a herd.
Life doesn't get better then this.

I find as the sun wakes the day.
Brimming the vacant horizon.
As color burst through the sky.
Beauty cannot compare to this.

I find as the heat of the day peeks.
Sweat breaking the brow.
Muscles strained from use.
Nothing beats a hard days work.

I find the satisfaction of growing.
Tilling and breaking up the soil.
There ain't nothing can come close.
Reaping in the fruits of your own labor.

I find as the sun sinks in the sky.
As the cool evening covers the heat.
Sitting on a porch drinking tea.
I can appreciate my family a lil' more.

I find the laughter of children.
The talk of the older and wiser.
As you smile at your loved ones.
You lack nothing in life.

I find as I lay down in bed.
Before I can find sleep.
I pray for Yah to grant me another day.
To appreciate the blessing of life.

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some Things Make Life Better

How often does the thought cross your mind, "I wonder where I'll be a year from now?". I know it crosses mine quite a bit. I wonder whether I'll be doing the same thing or if something major will happen and change everything. Not that dwelling on the future will do any good since its not like I can make a difference in what will happen. Our future is just that, our future. Its almost like the sky in a way, you keep reaching for it thinking one day you'll be able to grab it, but its always just out of reach. What would be so special about daydreaming if we already knew what was going to happen? I think if we knew what would happen, we would spend more time worrying about what was going to happen then worrying about what was happening in the present. Although, saying that, it makes me think how many people already do that. This world is always on the verge of disaster, theres nothing we can do to change that. How can we hope to make precious memories with our loved ones and friends if we're preoccupied with what will be? We can't, those people will look back and think, "Wait, what happened to my family? My friends? My Life?".

Spring is coming around the corner, it feels like its already here though. The beginning of a new year is almost here and I'm looking forward to the changes sure to come with it. There will be many happy moments, I'm sure. Everyone is growing up and finding themselves in the process. I'm excited for all the happy memories I'm planning on making with this new year, with my family and friends. My niece and nephew are getting so big and growing up too quick. I'm hoping we'll be able to take them to do lots of fun stuff this spring and summer. Planning to make a lot of improvements with my new horse as well. Maybe I can get her to fully trust me and I her. Also hoping my new business will get off the ground and do well, Yah willing. I am also looking forward to April 30th, which is the County's Teen Poetry Contest. Its held every year at one of the six library branches in the county. I was asked to be a judge for it last year. I thought it was only a special case that I was chosen last year. Come to find out, I'll be judging again on the panel this year again! It's extremely exciting, I can't wait to be apart of it all this year as well.

I hope you all take the time to truly appreciate the things in your life. Even if it seems unbearable at moments, there is always a bright spot, you just have to look for it. Finding something in life to inspire you or make you smile is always worth having. We all have that something that makes life a little better, its just waiting to be found and opened if you haven't already. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A People Awakening

The plans have been set in motion.
The laws have been passed.
We sit in wonder at such.
Ignorance and Naiveté.

In is brought chaos and destruction.
Believing they've brought peace.
How ignorant are the masses.
Following with blind eyes.

Sitting in their ranks so high up.
Looking down at the people.
People who gather together.
Trusting in a false leadership.

A people who think they are heard.
Among the noise and chaos.
Voices are drowned out.
Never truly being heard.

How do you reach the ears?
Of those who aren't truly listening.
How can you hope to change?
Those who don't want it?

Instead they slowly lift the sides.
Of our ever shrinking box.
Suffocating on thickening lies.
Every movement being constricted.

Panic starts to set in.
Are you beginning to see?
Through the fog which blinds.
A veil is being slowly lifted.

Your ears are no longer restricted.
Your eyes see clearly.
Your thoughts are yours again.
You've been awakened.

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©