Friday, August 24, 2012

Learning to Grow

I'm starting to think, come a few years, all this blogging is going to be like the "Stone Age". Rarely anyone posts anymore, me not excluded from that. I think life got the best of us all and we gave in. Although I suppose its part of the growing up process, but in a way its kind of sad. Like walking away from a piece of your life, something that has become a habit, apart of who you are. It makes me wonder, is it because I've changed? Did something happen in the growing process, alter me as a person? I guess in a sense, that's true for everyone. I'm not the same person I was 6-7 years ago. I just hope we all don't change too much, I pray we can keep a part of our childhood with us forever.

In a month I'll be 23 years old. To some that's old, but to most it's still very young. To most, I am still a kid who knows nothing and of course they would be right. I know enough to get me by, but the only true living it yourself. I think the hardest part for most of my generation, is the transitioning from a "kid" to an "adult". Most often people view me as a teenager, mainly because of looks. It doesn't help I look younger then I am, LOL. It is really nice at times though, when an adult treats me as an equal. I gain so much respect for the people who can go beyond looks and treat me the same as any other adult.

One of the bigger changes I've realized over the years is the fact that I've opened up more. Not just with family, but with strangers as well. I used to DREAD the fact that I had to call someone on the phone I didn't know and set up an appointment. I can now do that with ease and without stressing. I notice I can strike up a conversation with some in a checkout line without prompt. I guess these are all things that tend to normally happen as you get older, but I'm glad that part of me has changed. I've been told before by a good friend that I need to "open up more". Thanks to that, I've been able to work on it.

Other changes over the years that I'm not sure I like. Such as, Losing hope. Hope of accomplishing things, the will to make them happen. Although, I've been able to heal some rifts, which is always a nice thing. So I guess there is more good change then bad. I pray I can continue on growing in knowledge and wisdom through my family and friends. Sometimes it hurts to hear the truth, but at times, its a definite must. As brothers and sisters in this walk, it is our duty to help out our fellow man/woman, but more then duty...we should WANT to help each other out. Out of our love for one another through Yahuwah and Yahushua our Messiah. How can we hope to grow and change if we don't listen?

I hope I didn't bore you all too terribly. I just figured I didn't really have anything else to write about at the moment, or should I say, couldn't think of something else to write. Or perhaps I'm too use to just writing on whim that I'm too rusty on actually thinking before I write. Whatever the case may be, I pray you all a Blessed and Peaceful Shabbath and Weekend. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions, wherever you all might be. SHALOM!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

QOTFU Part 7

I have finished the 7th part of QOTFU and have started part 8.
I hope you enjoy them ^_^

I have some interesting twists planned for it.
Have fun!

Also...I added a new character to the character list!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meaning of Life

Life, that is a word loaded with so many meanings and depth. How does one even begin to describe the word "life"? If you were to ask a passerby on the street. They might answer with, "Life is about living in the moment." Or you might ask a friend and they'd say, "Life is about living and learning." Which one would be correct?

You're exactly right, they are are both right. I don't truly think there is a wrong answer to give when asked what you think life is. One thing I will say, life is meaningless if you don't believe in Yahuwah. I truly do not believe a person can go through life and be truly happy or content until they have a purpose in living. How can one go about thinking that he doesn't exist and that all there is to life is to be born, live and die? It might sound like I'm contradicting my previous stand, but I assure you I'm not meaning to. Even someone who doesn't believe in anything can know about life, but can they know the meaning of it? I'm not going to answer that question for you, I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Although, I do want to know your thoughts on this. Why does the sun rise in the east? Why does everything revolve around the sun? What makes the flowers bloom and the earth give forth water? How can man evolve from a specimen over thousands of years and YET...we haven't changed since the beginning of "recorded" time? How can a person breath here on earth and yet not in space? How does a layer as thin as an apple peal keep us alive on this planet?

Life is so fragile and yet so strong. We have the will of iron to survive even when we are but vapor in the wind. We are all equal and yet some are meant for leading and others for following. Life, formed before we were even born. Formed in the mind of Yahuwah before creation itself. He knew each and everyone one of us. He saved his breath of life just so you could live. With the purpose of waiting for us to love and serve him. What greater cause for living then that? Can you think of something better to live for? I'm sure there are many who would not agree, but I think its time for us all to find our purpose in life. To no longer live for ourselves. We are not our own. This mind, this body, these hands and feet were created for a purpose. This heart was meant to love and be loved by him.

So what does life mean to you? Is it just a passing whisp of air that will soon vanish? Let me know what you think life means. I'll be looking forward the the answers =D Yahuwah bless and have a wonderful day pondering "life".

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Question Often Asked

Often is the question of why.
In the forefront of our minds.
We fail at times to see beyond.
Beyond that bend in the road.

Often is the question of how.
Seeing only what is tangible.
There's more to life then whats known.
Losing sight of what is not there.

Often is the question of where.
Thinking there is too many paths.
Choices that are never ending.
Yet there is only one narrow path.

Often is the question of when.
Things come in and out of our life.
Never knowing whats going to happen.
We sit and fear and trembling.

Often is the question of what.
To expect something horrific.
In every passing day we wonder.
What is the meaning of it all.

Often is the question of who.
Is there any question when you see.
The stars in the night sky.
He made them just for you.

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©