Characters- Quest of the Fair Unknown

Here is the back-story to the main characters of the story (so far). As you read through the story you will soon discover more about each character, but here is some of it for those who are curious now.

Belric Night'n'gale (Knight)

Belric's father was also a Knight at the Kings court and very well known among the land. Always wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps, Belric also goes through rigorous training and battles to prove himself worthy of being Knighted. This Story, Quest of the Fair Unknown, is Belric's very first quest as a Knight. His father is now a member of the counsel at court, his mother passed away when he was a boy. He has no family and no friends except his trusted Squire, Redwald. Often thought to be prideful and slightly dim-witted, Belric is actually very intelligent, which you will discover as the story progresses. (Belric is around 25 years of age)

Redwald Squire (Squire)

Redwald comes from many generations of Squires. His father still being a squire himself to his Knight, raised Redwald to be one as well. Although it is not too common, there are some Squires that have become knights. Redwald has a total of 4 other siblings, three brothers and one sister. Redwald had just finished training to be a squire when he was assigned to Belric. They share a short history before the adventure of their quest. (Redwald is 15 years of age)

Beofus Cumner (Clergyman)

There isn't much known about Beofus before he became a Clergyman. Most of what is known about him is what will come about as the story unfolds. Not being much of a history to Beofus, it is known that he had only just acquired his position at the church right at the beginning of the story. He was in the middle of moving from the main church to his "little flock" near Glendale. He is proud and not open to new ideas, but as the story goes on you'll see him become more relaxed. (Beofus is about 27 years of age)

Eadwyn (Last name unknown till the end)

The history behind Eadwyn will unfold as the story moves along, so I cannot spoil it for you all. As you already know she is a simple minded young woman, but there is an underlying mystery to her that you can't quite place. She seems very simple minded and yet there is a intelligence behind her mask. Her personality will blossom as the quest moves from one scene to the next. (Eadwyn is 19 years of age)

Tulric Fentenhorn (Leader)

Head of his town called Feisin (you'll learn the name later). He appears to be extremely intimidating, he is actually very soft and understanding. Though their town seems run down and poor, it use to be one of the main trading posts of the Kingdom when Tulric's father was Head. He comes to be a trusted friend of Belric's.
(Tulric is 35 years of age.)

Kletes Mourun (Trained Acrobat)

An Acrobat in the Traveling Talent of Arts Show. He is determined to win Eadwyn's heart no matter the cost. There is a mystery about him that no one can quite place. No one knows where he came from or how he became an acrobat. (His name is pronounced, Klee-Tes) More about him to come later as the story progresses.
(Kletes is 18 years of age)

You'll have to check back to this post as the story moves on. I will be posting new character as each part unfolds. Hope you Enjoy!!

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