Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Determination of Hope

I once knew of a trail.
That led up and up and up.
No end in sight it seemed.
As it made its path to the top.

I once knew of a girl.
Who climbed this trail often.
Seeking what was at the top,
But could never make it all the way.

She would start each day.
Determination set her jaw.
Linking her arms together.
She'd stare at the very top.

With one foot ahead of the other.
She would set out her path.
Walking and walking for hours.
Until she could climb no more.

She'd find a log to sit on.
Catch her breath in few.
Furrow her brow and wait.
Till she caught wind again.

Never had she achieved.
What her heart set out to do.
She would walk until she could no more.
Then she'd take the long walk home.

Every day that dawned.
She'd set out.
Every day at dusk.
She'd go home.

Some thought her a fool.
To continue to do the same.
Over and Over again.
Never accomplishing her task.

Some thought her unwise.
To have such high standards.
When she could never touch it.
Never reach her goal.

Yet the girl walked.
Head held high.
Determination inside.
Hope always being a new day.

(In loving memory of a dear family friend)

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©