Friday, December 31, 2010

Random old pics I miss her...she was SOOOO Cute

Graduation Party...also a costume party...I was a Gypsy

First horse I trained....Lyla Tov

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Valueable Lessons are these

Waiting to rise from shallow depths.
Bursting to make known again.
Knowledge of things to be.
Bring forth the inspiration.
Lacking on such am I.
My oldest friend having long escaped.
Tempered is the rising frustration.
Over such insesitivity as this.
To make known of my sarrowful loss.
Making known the tears that are shed.
I know not where she has gone.
Her departure leaving the feeling of emptiness.
What has it come to?
Writing without inspiration.
Is there not some law against such?
Take me away.
For what good am I without inspiration?
Yet all watch in utter disbelief.
As a fool I make myself.
Over my supposed loss.
Knowing she hasn't gone far.
Waiting in silence for me.
To calm and see reason.
For what is lost that cannot be found?
Broken, that cannot be fixed?
Seeing what I wanted to see.
Missing out what was right in front of me.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©
Inspiration taught me a valueable lesson.
To never take true friends for granted.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Challanged

Infinite queries tell.
Lost in unending chat.
But I keep coming back.
Lost as to the reason.
Intriguingly drawn in.
What have you done to me?
I think I've lost myself.


Infinite queries tell.
Of unending stories.
Distributing this tale.
Inquisition found out.
Boasting intelligence.
Fight social commonness.
Although we're different.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Drifting Love

You sing me a lullaby of old.
Teach me of history past.
A history so familiar to me.
I've drifted off to this lullaby before.
Tease my mind with memories.
Of another lifetime ago.
Encircled in your warming arms.
I close my eyes and drift.
Breathing in contentment like air.
You've stopped time for me.
Every word lulling me asleep.
Being lulled into dreaming.
Fighting to stay just awhile longer.
Just to hear your loving voice.
I've fallen all over again.
Everything said in a simple lullaby.
Capturing every moment in time.
I'm lost in this drawn out tale.
A tale of love and hope.
I drift through it in all haziness.
Bringing on this dream state.
The hum reaches my ears.
Can't help but hum my own lullaby.
Such a simple thing.
Brings such happiness.
Brings such joy.
Just to hear the beat of your heart.
I've drifted in love.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Truffles and Sweet Things

Aprons and messy hands.
Bowls and pots splay the counter top.
Measuring cups and open bags.
Smiling while creating something new.

Truffles and sweet things.
A creation of the inventor.
The newness of something known of old.
Inviting those who will enjoy.

Tempting to eat just one more.
Just one will do.
Beyond such there is no contestation.
Full of absolute bliss.

Much the same as a potter.
Creating and shaping to fit.
The utmost care involved.
Just wait, it will be beautiful.

Wrappers and pretty strings.
Decorations and swirly images.
For no longer then a glance.
Till they are soon removed.

Truffles and sweet things.
A creation of this inventor.
Everything seemingly new.
When tasting such sweetness.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trip to the past

FUB 2006 (April)

Sometime in 2005 ..I think

Summer of 2005 (Colorado)

Summer of 2006 (Summer Reading Program)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What speaks you?

Topics and running on sentences.
Thoughts carried away by passing trains.
Seem to have lost this far off trance.
Where oh where did my—

The new journey seems to strike.
The road being the biggest hit.
The concept of line on line.
You've lost me once again.

Being worn like thinning paper.
My patience constantly taxed.
The race I lost before I began.
Just here to make new—

The flaring of tempers rise.
Like eggs gone bad.
That old flame being snuffed out.
Get along, they seem to ask why.

Like glue you seem stuck.
Digging at that endless hole you dug.
You forgot the bed you lie in.
A hand to help reaches—

Temptation being a number one killer.
A society debt we seem to pay.
Out we throw the new.
The past a graveyard for regrets.

Likened are we to some.
Like those who steal candy from babies.
Assure you I, they are but lies.
You cannot say things nice—

Remind me can you.
Why do you speak and I listen?
You're not one made of sugar.
Sweet talk is not yours.

Once said and only.
Sight of you no longer lost.
Better love is it.
Then love to never know.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Utopia

Centuries of an ancient future.
The old being made a newness.
Lives intertwined with falsehood.
Creating a corrupted Utopia.
Souls being captured through each war.
Mindless bodies await their time.
Evilness has made its way here.
All roads now lead to this new world.
Destroying hope of its people.
There rises a voice among its people.
Weaving through the people like a soft wind.
Their doubts of any salvation diminished.
Dust kicks up on each road.
Corrupted bodies infused with captives.
Find their way to each town.
Demands are placed on this people.
Giving in to this mindless system.
Freedom is now long forgotten.
Shivering and moans heard from this people.
Children’s cries are no longer heard.
This is our Utopia.
Roads filled with passing machines.
Being brought back to the old way.
A past intertwined with the future.
Everything seemingly out of place.
A voice rises yet again among its people.
Anger flickers through them all.
Quickly snuffed out by rising fear.
Rumors of wars reach their ears.
Children no longer a children.
Taken too young from homes.
They are beaten, starved, strained by demands.
They are but this Utopias harvest.
Mindless bodies ready to take hold.
Overrun and lost sight of life.
This corrupted future showing nothing but fear and horror.
What has become of hope?
--hope of a coming savior?
The voice has lost its softness.
Fear has lost its edge.
To fix a broken future now bleak.
Standing up for innocent lives.
Shouting and righteous anger flares.
A scene arises, not to be forgot.
Till there is but silence.
The voice so easily diminished.
One would think all would be lost.
The words are soon remembered.
This voice will not have died in vain.
This people will fight against evil.
With strength now renewed.
Hope being given by one.
Life was given to all.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nasty Viruses

Let me just start out by saying...


*Takes deep breathe* Now that I have my rejoicing out of the way. I will in short give you adventures of dealing with my first virus on my computer.

I have never been one to have anti-virus scans on my computer, mostly because I have never had one before and didn't think too much of it. It wasn't till last night around 8pm that I found to my horror that viruses are scarier then one might think. Sure I wasn't screaming or throwing a fit but I was irritated and slightly stressed that my computer was going to crash. We eventually figured out the source of the virus and what the virus was by doing some research on my moms computer. I tried to go through a step by step process of downloading Malwarebytes on my computer. When I ended up finding out it wouldn't allow me to bring up the anti-virus scans. After trying many things to try and fix my computer last night it all came to no avail. I waited for my mother to try and download something for my computer. I ended up getting tired and had a pretty bad headache, so I opted to go to bed. I really hadn't planned on sleeping all night, figuring my mother would come and wake me up. It was around 2am (perhaps later) that my mother came and woke me up saying that she had got my computer to where she could run a scan and was now going to bed. I was to check on the progress when I woke up. When I eventually woke up at 7:30am the scan wasn't complete therefore I went back to bed. When I eventually got up for the day and so did my mom we went back to trying to fix my computer again.
The scan had went through and found only one defective program. I then restarted my computer and found the virus was still there (getting frustrated by then). I started going through the step by step process another site had talked about doing in order to get rid of the virus. I still had the virus on my computer at this point but I could now bring up the Malwarebytes (YAY!) I went through through the whole process and eventually got rid of the nasty virus.

As of now I am extremely happy. With the help of my mother and helpful research through the internet I was able to fix my computer. Praise Yah for his miracles!

If any of you ever find that you have the same virus on your computer, which the name of the virus is, "Antivirus Software Alert", this is the helpful answer from "yahoo answers" that I used to fix my computer.
Yahoo answers-Antivirus Software Alert virus

I hope you have a blessed day and weekend without any viruses.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moving on My Friend

A glance then a look.
It soon turns into a smile.
Hiding behind pretenses.
Too shy to take the first step.

Unexpected circumstances trip us.
Colliding in all embarrassment.
A soft spoken murmur is caught.
Caught on straining ears.

Seemingly perfect from the start.
Everything clicked together.
Happily in our own world.
A friendship was formed.

Now forgotten of previous embarrassments.
Conversations seemingly endless.
Nothing could part.
So I thought.

Little by little I realized.
Thoughts slowly forming inside.
Doubt quickly flooding in.
You were my friend.

I was happy.
I was free to be me.
I loved you for who you were.
I couldn’t believe.

It was true I came to find.
I was no more then a tool.
An object to be used.
To further gain your aspirations.

Tears streaming down my face.
I struggled with hurt.
Disbelief over such cruelty.
How could I be used?

Broken from within me.
Breaking me of my trust.
How was I ever to trust another?
After being used as such.

I am worn.
I am weary.
I will be strong.
I will move on.

Though times moves on.
I found my despair seep away.
Light found its way back in.
Along with a true friend.

I have found trust is not so hard.
Finding laughter so much easier.
I have found joy once more.
With it came love.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©