Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love Lost

As your memory wafts in.
A shot of pain pierces.
It stings and opens anew.
Shutting my eyes from you.

Instead you're there inside.
Vivid as if I could reach out.
Touch you and feel your warmth.
Yet it is merely a wisp.

My eyes sting with tears.
I can clearly see your face.
My heart hurts from the pain.
Cries out for you to be there.

Questions of why.
Yet they cannot be answered.
I know, yet they're there.
Why are you gone?

Your picture is all I have.
Memories of our love.
Pure and simple and bliss.
I miss you my friend.

My only prayer.
To see you again someday.
How fierce I would hug you.
Saying, "I love you Bud".

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Recipe of My Life (old poem)

I recently found a bunch of poems I either never finished or never did anything with. Here is one of them.

Rice, water and chocolate.
Are the recipe to my life.
Love, Joy and peace.
Is how I live without strife.

Yahuwah my king.
Is who I adore, but always remember.
Having too many friends.
Can be a chore.

Truth, honour and sacrifice.
Is how we will win.
Turmoil, bitterness and hate.
Is how we stay in sin.

Always remember Yahushua our Saviour.
Who gave up everything.
Just so you and I.
Could gain the kingdom.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sukkot 2013 part 2


Tiffani ^_^

Charlie's Angel's ...*coughs* I mean, Us girls.

We got to pose ourselves =P

Taylor...My brother =)

Me on my cycle (XR 250)

Fel and Tiffy on the quad.

I promise I didn't know it was suppose to be a funny picture.

The Sukkah

The road near the Cabins

The trees were gorgeous.

The walk from the Cabins to the campsite.

Grace Pond. (Named after the owners late wife.)

Its fun to canoe out there but not in the brisk mornings.

Congregating at the House.

Noah and Kadee playing a game that involves catching fish.

Staci and Lisa =)

A lil' girl (no idea who she is) kissing Kadee's forhead. 

The road back home.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pics from Sukkot 2013

Sean with the bow and Taylor behind (my brothers)

Mosey....she was our camp dog (lives on the grounds)

Felecia, Kadence and Myself.

Tiffani (Tiffy) playing guitar...she became quite the proficient. 

Elisheva (sis-in-law) and my nephew Noah.

Noah up close...say "Hello!"

Left to Right-  Taylor, my Mom and Vicki.

Me at Cedar Cover Cat Sanctuary where Felecia volunteers. 


This is a Serval.  AKA...Deer Cat

Coatimundi ...or Quady as I like to say.

Beautiful Leopard.

L-R ....Tiffy, Laurie (Fel's mom) and Myself.

Taking a peaceful nap in the sun.

Fel's sister brought her horses for everyone to ride.

Felecia in the Serval's cage.


.....and then John =P