Sunday, April 19, 2009

Waves of Tempest

Hast thou condemned us all?
Calling upon the waves of tempest.
Should thou not of waited?
Having but a bit of mercy,
On such as I?
Hast thou no sympathy left?
Or has is vanished and with it your contempt?
Now more then contempt.
We have the wrath of tempest.
Oh! Hast thou any mercy?
Oh, you waves of tempest.
To spare but the likes of I?
Call upon what gentleness is left.
Spare this vessel of mine.
Canst thou wait and call on another?
I am clay not yet fully formed.
Thy waves of tempest would but turn me into earth again.
Oh, you waves of tempest.
Show but a bit of compassion,
On such as I.
I am unworthy of what kindness you have.
Although I beg of you to call not on I.
Oh, you waves of tempest.
Where hast all thy compassion gone?
To the depths of hell?
Woe, to the likes of I.
For I cannot withstand.
Hast thou compassion so lacked?
Give me but a chance.
Give me a chance to make it right again.
Oh, you waves of tempest.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©
I will show you, what child am I.