Friday, February 22, 2013

Catacomb Deep

Two times the seas inside.
Yet I can't ask myself why.
These dreams torment my sleep.
Allowing these catacombs deep.

How oft then not I drift.
In and out of this wandering thought.
Searching for something I'll never know.
Leaving behind these catacombs deep.

Onward these hearts march.
Pierced with the understanding.
How waves wash away the past.
Hiding all of the catacombs deep.

These pressures haunt my day.
Never knowing when to look in.
Instead I find myself trapped.
Tossing and turning in these catacombs deep.

Waiting for an inkling of sound.
To wade through the rift.
Hoping for a light to shine.
Reaching the corners of this catacomb deep.

I say, "Alas" to my unbent heart.
Alas! I seek to break upon.
These soaked sea salt rocks.
Make way for my catacomb deep.

Yet here I sit alone in such.
A state of comatose lack.
Staring at this picture on the wall.
Staring inside my catacomb deep.

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, February 1, 2013

Heavens Gift

Heaven knows it better then most.
In it there is no strife.
Earth knows it as its growth.
We all know it as life.

The earth cries out for more.
When heaven stands to hear.
She might send a drop or two.
Or perhaps even a downpour.

The clouds don't know what to do.
Finding the need to let it out.
Then on a better thought.
They like to take up again.

When the heavens agree.
The clouds do leave.
The dry hard ground.
Opens up to soak it in.

With conference with the sun.
Willingness from the ground.
A sprig of life is formed.
Springing from the ground.

The sun grows warm.
The ground grows hard.
Seeking solace from its heat.
Crying out to heaven.

Will heaven listen.
This tiny prayer sent above.
The clouds rumble.
As she take her fill from below.

The heavens are lit.
Grumbling out its acceptance.
As the gray appears.
A drop falls from heaven.

The ground rejoices.
Soaking in the gift.
Sent so from above.
Giving life to all.

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©