Sunday, February 28, 2010

You are my

You are in every breath I breathe.
Impossible to live on without you.

You are the birds in the newness of spring.
My heart feels light with your song.

You are in every dawning of the sun.
You bring joy to my every tomorrow.

You are in the soft caress of the wind.
Bringing me comfort when feeling lost.

You are the water around my feet.
Guiding my every step towards you.

You are in the warmth of the sun.
Warming me with your beautiful smile.

You are my every heart beat.
Leave me and life would stop.

You are the light when darkness surrounds me.
Chasing away every shadow and demon.

You are the heat of summer.
Burning me up from within.

You are the ripple of laughter.
That only you can bring out of me.

You are the sparkle of the first fallen snow.
Making me immobile from staring at you.

You are here to stay in my heart.
I am yours completely.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My new job

If you have read my blog about me and my horses, you would understand that I have loved horses since I was a little girl. I have always dreamed that I would have horses and work around them even when I grew up and got married. If I was to ever get a job I always wanted to get a job at a stable and be a stable hand and work with horses.

Well, I am grown up. I still love horses as much as I did as a little girl. I now also have a job as a stable hand at a local stable, Go figure. Everything I had dreamed and hoped for as a young girl. Here I am, those hopes having been made possible.

I have already come to know just about all the horses by name at the stable. Having been only working for 3 days, as of today, I am already working in a routine. My bosses wish is to have me learn quick and when she is gone at horse shows, that I will take her place in morning duties. My boss has been living in the same place and has been doing horse shows for 27 years. Yeah, I thought that was awesome too.

I would be really excited if she ended up taking me to some of the horse shows with her. She had mentioned as much to my mother, but I am not going to get my hopes up. For now I am just going to enjoy mucking out stalls and grooming horses.
Yet another day in the life of me! Exciting, huh?!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Worthy Woman

Our place is beneath our head.
Striving to be obedient.
Loving our master whole heartedly.
Tending to our families every need.

We work all through the day.
Through the night demands never cease.
Going about our every duty.
To keep up a cheerful heart.

Our tasks seem simple.
In the eyes of the ignorant.
Not seeing the sweat on our brow.
Being wiped away before seen.

To know the love a woman holds.
Flowing to those around her.
Training up her children.
To walk away well prepared.

We strive to serve our family.
Rising up early to prepare they’re way.
Speaking kind words to uplift.
A harsh word only for the disobedient.

Keeping up a well ran house.
Orderly to the very last child.
The reflection that comes from within.
Our hearts toward our provider.

A woman who can find.
Her value cannot be bought.
Who seeks righteous through all her actions.
Putting her creator above all.

Our hearts desire to give.
Like giving unto a king.
Grumblings are never to be heard.
Her every word speaks truth.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Me and horses

When it comes to horses, I have been infatuated with them since I was a little girl. Most girls grow out of they're childhood dreams and find new ones.
Me? No, that never happened to me. Where most of my friends moved with they're lives and left behind they're love of horses. I held on to it with a passion and fierceness I would never let go of.
Without horses I honestly couldn't tell you who I'd be. One thing is for sure, I would not be the same person writing this now.
When we first moved out to the country about 15 years ago. We did not own any horses of our own, so we boarded for a neighbor of ours. She had two mares and they're foals. I ended falling in love with one and imprinted her. Not long after she took her horses back and we bought some of our own.
My first horse was a POA (Pony of America). She was the most stubborn horse I had ever met. Later on she got bred (accidentally) and had her foal in our pasture where I trained my first horse ever (Yes the foal). Lyla was born when I was around ten. When I was 13 I started the training of Lyla. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It wasn't like the movies you see the cowboys getting thrown to the ground or anything. I went slow and easy and gained trust and then worked from there. By the time they trust me I can get on they're back with no problem.
As I got older I realized Lyla was getting too small for me. It was time for me to find a taller, bigger horse. My dad and I started looking around and by the time I found one I liked I traded Lyla and some of my own cash for my horse Bud.
I still own Bud as of now. He is the worlds best horse. Ok, ok, so maybe he isn't exactly a perfect horse, but HEY! I make up where he lacks right?! (^_^)
I got Bud around 6 years ago and we are thick as thieves. We are both extremely stubborn and are constantly making circles around each other. Despite it all, we love each other to pieces.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed taking the time to draw a picture here and there. I have never been exactly talented in drawing, but at least you could always tell what I was drawing (well, most of the times)

When it comes to drawing, I took art in school and plus I had my mother as a teacher who is extremely good in drawing and in writing. Any work you see from me, is merely just a result of my mothers teaching.

So today I was online looking at various artists and they're photography and came across a few pictures that just screamed "Draw me!"...not that I was really the choice artist to draw them I figured I take a shot at my first human subject drawing ever. (I mainly only draw animals)

( I might also add that I am not finished with this drawing, maybe I will update you all on when I finish the final draft)

(Here it is updated from what I just finished. Still not completely done)

(Yet another update, its kind of coming along)

(And yet another update, I think I am giving up on this drawing, it has not turned out like I wanted.) ='(

Sunday, February 14, 2010


To regard oneself through looking glass.
Often time we set eyes upon another.
How altered vision is.
Seeing not what thy companion sees.

Imperfections one and all.
To look upon thy own face.
How does one hide large and small?
Broken glass shatters what might have been left.

Well worn mask lies close by.
Easy to reach in hasted retreat.
Never to again gaze through tainted glass.
Misconstruing images through its window.

Hide me from this calloused world.
Conceal me from they’re brutal words.
Take this misconstrued mirror away.
Keep it hidden far from me.

The world looks the same through tinted mirror.
How can I look so marred?
Where does beauty lie beyond?
Beneath this hardened heart.

Is it the heart that is tainted?
Does this looking glass reflect correct?
Is the heart pure and true?
Blemished mirror reflecting lies.

Break this glass upon the rocks.
Shatter in pieces its bitter lies.
Throw out all defiled bits.
Leave behind not a shard.

To look upon oneself in a looking glass.
Seeing what thy companion sees.
Through the eyes of thy beloved.
Should be reflected just beyond.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, February 12, 2010

My summer volunteering

Each summer, since I was 16, I have been volunteering at our local library. Like most libraries they have a theme for the Summer Reading Program. This years theme tell the truth I can't for the life of me remember what the theme was. Beside that fact! I am over the age to be a teen helper. I am now keep track of both little, annoying, obnoxious, adorable, way too cute little children. Along with the hormonal, moody, obnoxious, annoying, not cute in the least, tend to grate on my nerves, like to act younger then the little kids, Teenagers. Yes, I have to keep both age groups in line. Oh Yippee Skippy me. Every once in awhile I will have a good friend of mine helping, so at least I have one ally (besides of course the librarians).

On with my story. Each year there is a nice big opening party for all the children, teenagers and Adults(kids parents). There are of course throughout the summer days set up for reading hour and snacks and of course creativity day. Each week our librarian brings in some kind of guest/entertainer for the kids. A year or so ago they brought in a guy with reptiles. That was really kewl if you are into snakes and bearded dragons and tarantula's.

Of course at the end of every year there is a ending party. The biggest part and of course best part of the summer for two reasons. First reason is, you get really kewl gifts for helping out. Second reason, its the end of it all! So this end of the year there was paint involved, and as you can see. It ended in a lot of fun and mischief.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Waiting on the world

Welcome back my old friend.
Come and join me just as times before.
Sit beside me while life moves forward.
Moving on till the light grows dim.

We are much the same.
You and I.
We both move sluggishly on.
As the world passes hurriedly by.

Sitting beside an old friend.
How much more comfort can be.
To watch seasons change all too quickly.
Silently listening to one another.

When will others learn?
Life is so very short.
Wasting time on idol things.
We should be enjoying even the smallest miracle.

Light fades behind a darkened curtain.
Obscuring sight of our brightest light.
Heavy fog wafts through the night.
Silence settles all around us.

It is said from those afore.
“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
What more must be said then naught.
To look upon such as we.

To know the depths of our hearts.
No longer needing words.
To speak even the most complex thought.
It already is hung between.

We are a peculiar lot.
Seeing all that goes unsaid.
Hearing all that is not seen.
We are just waiting on the world.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow day

Today is another beautiful day in my life. I woke up this morning with a very white brightness streaming through my darkened curtains and I yawned as I slowly came awake at the anticipation of snow. It is a very wet and heavy snow so it it slowly melting beneath each snowflake. On top of all the snow today we have fog rising up off the ground as well. 

The forecast calls for it to snow not only this whited bright snowy day. We are also getting snow on the morrow after today.
One thing I can say I am glad about is the fact that it is not very cold that you necessarily need a hat and mittens. I figured since so much beauty was before me today I would try and capture some of it and share it.

Never fail to see the beauty that lies before you. From time to time let your senses of the surroundings take over you. Beauty is not something to be taken for granted nor pushed to the side. Beauty and love is all around us in our creators architectural work that we see every single day.