Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All Along

Am I here, or are you there?
Sitting on a cold hard floor.
Testing the limits of space.
The room seems to shrink.
As I sit here in the dark.
I wonder if a spark will ignite.
Balance out the darkness.
Thick like a hanging fog.
It settles around my body.
I want to reach out to you.
Though I fear rejection.
Would you move away?
I hold in my own lingering fear.
Yet it presses down.
Like a weight on my chest.
Not knowing if silence,
Or rejection is worse.
Would you hear me speak?
Would you listen to me?
I open my mouth.
Words refuse to come aloud.
So instead they scream inside.
They say, "I'm right here."
"Look this way, see me."
Yet I know this is pointless.
Who can be seen in such?
Darkness, as it crowds about.
I feel something against me.
Lifting my hand to see.
Panic sets inside of me.
Blind! I cannot see!
How can I possibly be seen.
If I cannot see myself?
Tears prick the corners.
"Don't leave me alone."
I think, but do not speak.
The floor grows even colder.
The dark becomes thicker.
A sob breaks the silence.
It was my own choked tears.
I can make a sound!
"Yah, I'm right here."
"Please save me from this."
"I've been lost for so long."
The courage to speak up.
Lightens the thickness that surrounds.
I hear a stillness inside of me.
As if telling me,
"I was here all along."
That I just needed find.
The courage to ask for help.
Light has found it's way.
Into this darkened space.
I've been rescued from this prison.
Warmth settles back inside.
I now have my voice again.
If only I knew.
He was there all along.

Copyright 2014 Lauren Hall ©