Thursday, December 31, 2009

Younha (Korean Artist)

Music is a big part of my life. Most of my generation would agree that listening to music makes up a big part of our day. Whether listening to the radio, listening on the Internet and of course on our I-pods, mp3's and cd players. Wherever you go you will no doubt see at list one person attached to a device releasing some form of music into their head. In general I love all kinds of genre. Whether it be rock, classic, pop, R&B and of course jazz. My taste in music doesn't just stop at the basic genre of today's music industry for America. My taste in music goes as far as Israel, Africa, Japan, and Ireland. One of my international favorite artist is Younha, she is a Korean singer. If you also like variety in your music, and don't mind listening to music in a different language. Take a moment to check out her music.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Violinist on Youtube

The other day I was surfing on youtube like I do from time to time. I play the violin and was searching some songs and artists when I came across a very unique and talented young man. He was given a gift that I was blessed to have gotten a glimpse of some of the avenues of that talent. The whole time I was listening to him play I kept thinking, "I wish I could play as well as him." What it comes down to is practice, practice, practice, that is all there is to it. Yet it takes diligence and a will to become better. If you have the time, take a moment and listen to his music. Hope you enjoy him as much as I did.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On marbled floor

Solitude amongst crowded rooms.
Weariness amidst the boast of energy.
Lacking strength to pull away.
Away from these morbid thoughts.

Drawn so deep inside.
Depression lined with blankness.
Out of sight, out of world.
Lying cold still on marbled floor.

Withered on the freezing ground.
A summer flower met with the harshness of winter.
So bent over.
All life seemingly vanished from within.

To be found such as this.
The loud horror filled shrills.
Echoing off marbled walls.
Would be heard throughout.

Yet there is no sound.
Only the echoing of eerie silence.
Too far gone to notice.
Salted water pooling beneath.

Lines etched down the face of this still figure.
Pain laced underneath strained muscles.
It comes from within.
That none other then words can writhe.

To gaze upon with eyes such as these.
Empathy beyond all words.
For what good comes from hence.
These fiery hell bent darts.

They are exact.
Straight and true.
Never once missing.
Causing anguish every time.

Cold still on marbled floor.
Eyes fixed in place.
Ears having drowned out.
The chaos that surrounds.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We make them every day.
A decision that shapes us every moment.
The slightest change determining who we might become.
Choices that could ultimately change history.

Time is stretched out before us.
Like a Archer read for the kill.
If he were to release that arrow.
Where would it lead?

There are multiple paths to every road.
Perhaps a million.
Winding and weaving its way.
Moving straight towards its destination.

Deciding between them.
One will give you solace and peace.
The other will give you pleasure and bliss.
How tempting they sound.

The decisions one can make.
The possibilities are endless.
Your mind conjuring up all prospects.
Where should you even begin.

To choose between up or down.
Light or darkness.
Life and death.
Roads that lead to different ends.

Opening one door expecting another.
Should the door be shut?
Is it possible to shut it?
Is the illusion too tempting to turn away.

To reopen that door.
Step back through time and space.
Just to open another.
A parallel life you would have never known.

The decision to bend time.
To make it our own.
Twisting and pulling until it is right.
Choosing to make a new tomorrow.

How many lives did we change.
How many worlds did we destroy.
To reverse our mistakes.
To have a new beginning.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Honesty with ourselves

Every once in awhile you might catch a glimpse of another side to people. Some people hide they're secret ambitions or secret hobbies better then others. They are afraid that if their friends knew, they would be made fun of. For instance, say there is a football jock who enjoys old musicals and wants to go to Broadway. Do you honestly think he is going to tell his friends? Who is to say that one of his friends doesn't also have a "secret" that he would never tell about something he enjoys? You see, it would be "uncool" to tell your friend that you enjoy doing something that maybe they won't like. We end up in this deteriorating cycle that doesn't allow a person to follow what they truly love to do. Think of this way, football jock goes on to the NFL league and gets an injury that leaves him paralyzed. He then is going to regret not being honest and pursuing his dreams. Instead we have kids following and living they're parents dreams. Then you have the other kids pursuing something for the sake of being "cool".

Parents, if you truly love your children, then get to know them. See what they enjoy or love to do. Allow your child to follow what they are going to love doing for the rest of their life. So when they are old they can look back without any regrets.

Friends, be honest with yourselves and the people around you. If you are a true friend, your going to be understanding and supportive to the dreams of your peer. If you decide to go to school tomorrow and inform your friend(s) that your quitting (football) and going into (theatrical). Whatever their reaction, don't be deterred by it. You have a whole life ahead of you to find a friend who is going to love you for who you are. For now, make sure you have confidence in yourself and never let anyone break you down. As for your family, they are the only family your going to get. Your they're child and perhaps they won't want you, per se, going into theatrics. Be understanding yourself and give your family time to adjust.
I hope we can all learn to be honest with ourselves and others before its to late.
Let us live without regrets and build each other up.