Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home on the Range

So my mom and I were heading out this morning to do some work. (She now works for a company that works for the banks on foreclosed homes...if ya didn't know) Anyway, we were driving along and all the sudden we see these big "things" in one of the pastures on the side of the road, as we got closer we realized that these "things" were actually Buffalo. Go figure! There is a place only about 10 miles away from us that has large wildlife animals such as Buffalo and Elk. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so.

Just walk a little bit closer.

Hey, There's a second buffalo. Figured it'd be best to get a clear photo so people would actually believe me.

Soooo big, but a magnificent animal none the less.

Hope you enjoyed the Buffalo tour of Kansas!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Did I mention?...guess not

Quite awhile a couple months or so...I entered into two poetry competitions. I was so excited about it that for one of them I submitted and had forgotten that I had submitted to it only a few months before that, darn memory.
One of the poetry contests was for July into August and the poetry society is "World Poetry Movement". The other poetry society I submitted for was to end in the middle of December and the name of the contest was....well...I can't remember the poetry society name for the life of me...but it was big! *Nods* LoL
I have already heard back from the first one and I managed to make it into the finalists and also was published in their book of poetry. Of course I am NOT going to pay $50 for a book that only has one of my poems when I can buy it 3 times cheaper with all my poems..SO! It's just exciting to get published in someone else's book, Yay!
Although I have to admit that I am a little bit more excited to hear about how I do in the other contest, since it seemed to be a bigger contest.

I also wanted to apology on the lack of poetry recently. I seem to be slacking off in my duties in that department. I promise here soon I will get back to posting more often. Doesn't help when things like Work, house duties, painting, reading and of course last but not least, playing with nieces and nephews...well..needless to say they tend to distract from other certain things.
I pray you are all Blessed and doing well!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make a Choice

How is it we manage to keep moving forward with life, as if everything is perfectly fine?
How can we go about our daily routines without thought of the horrific evils in this world?
Why are our eyes closed to the wrong and evil of this world?
We watch the news and see the horrible events of this world and think that its wicked and bad...and you would be right.
We may see whats shown to us through the news and media, but how much is really covered?
What evils go on that we are blind to? The evils that we don't want to know about it.
We may tell ourselves we want all the bad in the world to end, but when it comes down to it interfering with our daily lives, we want nothing to do with it.
We don't want to hear about the bad things that go on behind the scenes. We don't want to know that the guy you just past on the street has done really horrible things.
We want to live "The American Dream" and forget about really helping those who need it.
We don't want the image of that dream shattered and tossed out the window.
All we want is to stay ignorant of the callousness and disgusting parts of life.
We want those people that we look up to, to stay perfect and good and without blemish. Yet when it comes down to is all is all is all evil.
Yes, there is good in the world, I know that, the good that Yahuwah is protecting, that he is securing for him. Beyond that, it is all evil and wicked.
We say we want to be on Yahuwah's side. We say, we say and yet there is nothing to show for it.
Are we willing to take that step? That leap that just might put our life in danger just to help our fellow brother or sister?
Are we willing to speak up when we're told to go against the Commandments of Yah?
Are you willing to say "No" to the sin and evil of this world?
Are we willing to take off the blinders and see the world for what it truly is?
Can you? Can I? Can we all become more then just ignorant people?
Because when the day comes and I'm face to face with Yahuwah. I want to hear the words, "This is my servant in whom I am well pleased."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ketsuron - Conclusion - 結論





Watashi wa ketsuron ni itatta.
Sono jinsei wa mijika sugite ikite inai.
Watashitachi wa mina, 
shiawase o motomete imasu. 
Shikashi, sore wa kantande wa arimasen. 
Watashitachiha kensaku to ​​ kensaku o okonai, 
shikashi, sore o mitsukeru koto wa dekimasen. 
Watashitachi wa ushinawa remasu. 
Shiawase o sagashiteimasu. 
Tsugini, kensaku o okonaimasu. 
Ikirukoto ni yotte kōfuku ga e raremasu.

(English Translation)

I have come to the conclusion.
That life is too short to not live.
We all want happiness,
But that is not easy.

We search and search,
But cannot find it.
We become lost.
Searching for happiness.

We then find in searching.
Happiness is gained by living.

(Yes, this is an original ^_^ )