Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tonight I'll put off this frown.
As the clock strikes midnight.
I'll pull off this mask of mine.
I'll shed this costume for the very first time.

All past mistakes have been forgotten.
Among these clover fields.
I'll show the world.
Who I truly am.

I think of nothing else but of the coming hours.
For a little while.
I shall be free.
To fly over all the meadows.

The smell of truth fills my senses.
I watch as a fox plays with a mouse.
As a lion slowly lies down with a lamb.
I am compelled to dance yet again.

This night I sing for joy.
For the freedom I finally feel.
I have never felt something so real.
For the first time I feel at peace.

All tears have been washed away.
All regrets left behind.
I finally know who I am,
And I smile at all that is.

I hear the word being spoken.
I hear the thunder of a thousand hooves.
As the clouds give way.
I see a whole new earth.

The light of dawn has come back,
And my mask shall never be found.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, February 27, 2009


I picked up the newspaper today.
As I flipped through the pages.
I saw the obituaries.
I glanced to see if I recognized anyone.
Then quickly fold it and left it on the table.

I saw on the news today.
More innocent people died in a bombing.
Some more died in an accident.
"How sad." I thought to myself.
As I quickly changed the channel.

I passed by some homeless people.
They looked at me with eyes filled with so much sadness.
I looked away quickly.
For a moment I wondered what might have happened to them,
But as soon as I was down the street, they were just as quickly forgotten.

I saw on the front of the newspaper today.
That a beloved celebrity had passed away.
"How tragic," I thought "They were so young."
Nothing else could be talked about the rest of the day.

Today I lost my best friend.
My world has come crumbling down.
So many tears shed.
As I walk down the street.
Not one knows of my grief.
Not one knows what this world has lost.

As I flip through the paper today.
I found the obituary with my friends name.
Such a short paragraph explaining they're life.
I became distraught at how little was there.
"Everyone should know and care about them." I thought angrily.

I changed that day.
I realized the importance in life.
I also realized how fragile this life is.
Every life is as important as the next.
Ever person as special as you or I.

I picked up a newspaper today.
As I flipped through the pages.
I found the obituaries and read the names.
For the first time,
I took the time to pray for the loved ones left behind.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Society

When I look at this world we live in, I sometimes wonder how it is we got this far. I know that once upon a time children use to respect their elders. That honor was something every man was to live by. It was rare and a scandal if you ever heard of someone divorcing their spouse. When virtue and purity was something all young ladies where to have. Young men were trained to follow in their fathers footsteps and take care of their family if their father was to pass on.
Today, you see children yelling and beating their parents. It is not uncommon to hear that your neighbor or friend is getting a divorce. You walk into your local grocery store and see young women wearing next to no clothes at all. Young men are eager to get out and live on their own and taste the world and all its intriguing aspects.
Where is truth and honor?
What happened to purity and meekness?
Why do the youth no longer answer their elders with "Sir" and "Madam"?
Are we living in another Rome? Has our society really fallen so low?
Is technology what has changed our society?
Is it greed and power?
Can we change what has happened to this world?
These are very simple questions if you took the time to care what has happened and is happening in today's day and age.
The real question is, Do you care enough to see if there is anything you can do?
If you are happy with the disrespect and the crime. If you don't mind that this society is one of greed and power.
That's alright, you can keep living in denial and keep the blinders on to all the suffering in this world.
For those of you who are disturbed that this society is spinning down the drain.
Do something to give back to the people who have given to you. If all you can give is a smile, then brighten someone else day by doing so. For those who have the time or the money, give to the people who are in need. It does not have to be money it can be visiting with someone who is lonely.
Give back so that when the day comes and you are in need your self and you are lonely. The people that you helped or maybe even someone who you did not, will take the time and pull you up off the ground.