Thursday, March 26, 2009

Before I die

If I laugh before I die.
Know the joy I felt.
That I have known you,
And was able to laugh with you awhile.

If I cry before I die.
Know those tears are shed for you.
That I wish but for a chance.
To stay a little longer with you.

If I dance before I die.
Know that I am praising Yah.
For this single chance,
To be happy with you.

If I pray before I die.
Know that I pray for you.
So that Yah might send you comfort.
For after I am gone.

If I sing before I die.
Know that I sing Yah’s praises.
For being a loving and merciful El.
In giving you all to me.

If I smile before I die.
Know that I am thinking of you.
Smiling back at me.
Brings me all the comfort that I need.

If I say ‘I love you’ before I die.
Know that when I say it.
I mean it with all my heart.
Even after death, I will never stop loving you.

If I write this before I die.
Know that when I wrote this.
I meant to leave behind.
A little bit of me, for you to remember.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

World of her own

Unfinished tales of a life never lived.
Dreams of a girl that never came true.
Instead they stay hidden inside her heart.
Never once to be sought by any.

Her heart has been locked.
And the keys to her dreams have gone missing.
She cries to herself but no one else.
For fear she might be questioned.

She has no answer to the world around her.
Not one would understand her thoughts.
She is an outcast to society.
Not even worth looking at.

She keeps her pains stored away.
Not wanting anyone to catch a glimpse.
She is like a tomb.
So stuffed up she can hardly move.

But when she closes her eyes.
She sails away to dreamland.
Finding no need to even glance back.
For all she is lies ahead.
To a world unknown to any.

She is her own self in this world.
Free to be who she is without fear.
Unashamed of her true self.
Because she is who she is.
Not being held to the other worlds standards.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, March 20, 2009

World we live in

I sit and watch as cars go by.
As the city lights slowly turn on.
I watch as clouds darken the moon.
Making the world seem what it truly is.

I look at people as they pass on by.
I can't help but think.
"What is the purpose?"
To these fragile, meaningless lives.

We are born.
We live.
We give life and then die.
What more to life then this?

We think.
We eat.
We drink and be merry.
Is this not the essence of life?

What more beyond that yellow brick road?
What life would we have led?
What is really behind that second door?
The path we did not choose.

We work.
We build.
We are taught then teach.
To whom do we do all this?

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Or is there only darkness in this world of despair?
Do we ever find the end of the rainbow?
Or do we leave that pot of gold to the imagination?

We lie.
We cheat.
We steal and we kill.
Where is the punishment for all our crimes?
Why is it always the good die young?

Can't someone help me this night?
To leave behind the bleakness in this world.
To throw out all this fear.
That we all seem to cling to.

As the city lights go out tonight.
I lay in bed and hear a soft whisper.
"Be quiet, be still.
My loving child.
Forget not why you are here.
Tonight you will sleep without fear.
For I will always be by your side."

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, March 9, 2009

My review on "Freedom Writers"

As I watched the movie “Freedom Writers” for the very first time, I was inspired to share a few thoughts that this movie moved me to write. For those of you who have not seen this movie I recommend you all to take some time out of your day, or evening, and watch this movie.

Mrs. Gruwell and the change she made in that single class inspired me. Not only the change she made in those teenagers life but also in the courage she had to take a stand and fight for them. What I saw from this story is that life is not about the segregation of all races. That underneath every persons skin color we all the same. We each of us have a mind, a heart and amazingly enough even a soul.

Everywhere you go, whether it is high or low. There is going to be war, there is going to be suffering and ultimately there is going to be death. Everywhere you look, there is going to be sadness, grief and loss. There are so many people who think not of tomorrow because today holds so much tragedy. Many other people are too afraid to look outside of their box because they don’t want to witness the suffering in this world.

It is not about the tragedy that befalls us in our life, nor is it about the good that comes our way.

It is about the good and the bad.

It is about life and death.

It is about the rich and the poor.

About the blacks and the whites.

About the Hispanics and the Asians.

This is about people all over the world recognizing each other as an equal.

Let us not witness another Holocaust my dear friends, for we are stronger then that.

Let us help our neighbor out even if they were or are your friend or foe.

I have not seen a fraction of the suffering that most of you have. Neither have I lost someone close to me. Nor have I missed a meal but by my own choice.

I speak not from my own experience, but from the suffering I have seen others around me go through. Although one day we will all feel pain and we will all suffer. It is for each of us to support each other through these hard times and help your brother or sister out, whether they are your relatives or not.

This is about true love.