Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Wars and Rumors of War"

    I sometimes wonder why when things are good they are pretty good, but when things are bad, man...they are really bad. The world seems to be on edge anymore these days. With threats of a war with N.Korea, war in the Middle East and then to top it off to have bombs going off in Boston yesterday. It seems like the scales are so full that all it would take is a grain of sand to tip it over and start a huge amount of chaos. All anyone wants to seem to do  is point the finger at everyone else. It doesn't help when there are whispers going back and forth on who is "really behind it all". I'm sorry to be the one to say it, but just because you read it online or some news article, does NOT make it true. I'm not saying what you read is exactly all lies, just merely not all the facts. By no means do I think I know the truth of it all, but what I can say, there is more to what is going on then meets the eye.

    I can't help but feel somewhat distressed at the thought of war happening on our soil. Think about it though, how would you feel if all the sudden there were some other countries troops stationed everywhere in the US? Can you imagine how the people in Iraq, Vietnam, Kuwait, Germany and so many other countries feel about our troops being stationed in their home? If it were the other way around I can tell you almost as a fact that just about every person in America would be mad or upset. That would infringe upon our rights as a free nation/people, would it not? I know we are spoon fed that we are "helping" these people. Then why are we still there? Last I checked the Vietnam war was 60 years ago, World War 2 even longer. So why, why must we insist on invading their home still? We push our so called "help" on other countries when they don't want it, yet we still barge in without even caring over the fact they said "NO" to our help. Like I said before, put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel?

   Maybe if we backed off from putting our nose in everybody else's business we wouldn't be where we are today. If everybody just dealt with their own problems in their own country, all would be well and fine. Some of you would say, "...But everyone else doesn't do that, thats why we are involved". Your point? It's those two countries problem. Then again those would would probably say that are going based off the information you are hearing/reading on the news. Just remember who controls the media and what you hear. I know I'm going on a bit of a limb here with my ranting on the situations that our world is in. Honestly though, it doesn't bother me that people will know where I stand. This domain (world) is NOT ruled by Satan. I stand on Yah's side when it comes to anything and everything. Yah doesn't care if your a democrat or a republican, he doesn't care if your right-wingest or left. All he cares about is whether or not you're following torah and loving him to the best of your ability. All the other stuff doesn't really matter. We say we are fighting for him (military), but trust me, none of these wars are his. I will warn you who may not know, there is a war coming. One that is not going to ever be forgot, it will be Yah warring against Satan and the evil in this world. I think we all know who is going to win. What side have you chosen? 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Just a Number

I hear the common saying.
It's just a number, they say.
You know they don't mean it.
I know its more then a number.

It's a precise answer.
To an undying question.
What other explanation.
Can make such perfect sense?

No need to worry, they say.
There's nothing more there.
They seem to think I understand.
Cause they soon brush by.

It's just a number I tell myself.
No need to dwell anymore.
On such trifling matters.
Such as these notions.

 It makes me wonder.
If it's some sort of guide.
To help us lost souls.
On our journey of a lifetime.

This is the answer.
I just know it!
Time doesn't have a grasp.
This is more then just galaxies.

It's just a number, they said.
How I scoff at them now.
I now know it's more then that.
The answer that baffles most.

This is the journey for sure.
This took me through time.
Through galaxies and adventures.
My answer is, 42.

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©