Sunday, December 23, 2012

All ye Lost

A river I know.
Flows through the heart.
Deep in the woods.
I hear a cry.

It cries like one.
Tormented by fear.
Of an ever reaching darkness.
It's beat cold and loud.

Thoughts escape the wood.
Bending its way through.
The branches and twigs.
Tripping in the dark.

"I will", a voice says.
"I will not fail".
Says a trembling voice.
"I will not give into fear".

A howl is heard.
From whence it came?
Above or below?
It came from inside.

The howling of the lost.
Speaks so from within.
For one cannot say.
"I will be safe."

For who saves but one.
He shines through the dark.
Searching for the lost.
He comes to save.

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Life to Have

What do we tell ourselves.
As our world crumbles.
It crumbles around our feet.
As it crashes and burns.

How do we live in this.
This place that doesn't exist.
A people no longer real.
Make belief in this made up book.

Who do we turn to.
Who is there to trust.
How do we steady our feet.
On the rubble and debris.

It falls around us like ash.
How do you piece together.
The shards are too small.
For life you no longer have.

How do we turn back time.
What switch do we flip.
Among so many choices.
Somewhere we got lost.

Where's the door.
The key to unlock the answer.
For what lies behind surely.
Is the way to rebuild.

It's there, beyond.
Just out of reach.
All you have to do is fight.
For the life you should have.

Fight for the knowledge of good.
Keep running towards a destination.
Not far now.
You're there.


Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Music of the Soul

Watch your soul lift with every movement.
Hear the notes on each string.
Feel the vibrato in every pass.
Touching a place deep in your heart.

Watch the feet as they lightly step.
Hear the silence of grace in motion.
Feel the joy that spirals within.
Touching the edges of vibrant beauty.

Watch as the instrument flies like a kite.
Hear the song as it soars the sky.
Feel as it caresses you like the wind.
Touching down to your own soul.

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thoughts on a Dreary Day

Ah! The comfort of warm weather has left us and the bite of the cold has made its way to stay for awhile. Perhaps we got to use to the warmth, that this chill is being un-welcomed. I'm sure you all know how much I love winter, but this 'in between' weather is enough to drive a soul insane, or perhaps only mine. They say that from today onward we are not to see anything above 50 degrees. I was rather hoping for at least one more week of warmth. I have my final exam to take this week and I have to massage a horse in the chilly weather. Good news for the horse! My poor fingers on the other hand... (no pun intended) LoL.

 Yes, I am already taking my final exam for my Equine Massage Therapy program. I am excited and yet a ball of nerves, although I really don't need to be. Yah willing everything will go well. I was telling a friend the other day that I am happy to be able to accomplish yet another goal on my list. My first goal was to publish my book of poems, which I accomplished last year in the spring. My second goal was to become a Equine Massage Therapist, Yah willing it will happen soon. I have yet to figure out a third goal, but I'm sure given some time, I'll being moving toward it before long. I just praise Yah that he finds a way for me to accomplish my hearts desires. I get these wild thoughts and ideas that I want to do something 'out there', but I am somehow able to accomplish these small dreams. So I guess some of the wisdom that I would love to impart to those who might read this. Never let the fear of failure keep you from charging after your dreams. Yahuwah gives us a gift to share with others and it is our goal to unlock and pursue it.

 I am in pursuit of saving money to purchase a new horse come spring. I know I'll never be able to find a horse to replace Bud, but maybe I'll be able to build a new bond with another. I am excited at the thought of having a horse again and I would love to have one now, but I know I need to be patient and let time heal before I open up a place for a new furry friend. As much as I never want to feel a loss like that, it is bound to happen in all our lives and we must strengthen for those times and cherish the moments we do have. At least I have my trusty side kick Matty (my cat) to keep me company and make up for the gap. I also enjoy watching Po (my fish) ...although I think my mom and secretly my dad enjoy watching him as well.

 My brother, sis-in-law, niece and nephew are all in Wisconsin right now. I must say I am having withdraws from seeing both my niece and nephew. I don't know if I've ever gone 10 days without seeing them. Shocking, I know! Okay, most of you would probably think it crazy to have never gone that long, but when they live so close and we see them almost every day, its hard to adjust, LoL. Heaven knows what happens if they move or Yah knows, I actually get married and I don't see them for weeks or months at a time. Hopefully that doesn't happen any time soon, ^_^  Although they are both growing up so quick, its amazing to watch them blossom into their personalities. They both have so much personality and they love to get into mischief like most kids, but they are really good kids. I can't wait until I'll be able to take them out riding and such.

Well, I've bored you all enough. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the incoming cold and stay warm. Please pray for those in need on the East Coast, they are all in great need.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Know You not I

You know not I
You who wills to cage.
Know you not I
Who despises such chains.

You know not I.
You who would clip my wings.
Know you not I.
Who would fly to the very heights.

You know not I.
You who try to hide.
Know you not I.
Who would boast colors true.

You know not I.
You who is confined to one box.
Know you not I.
Who can fit in any box.

You know not I.
You who wishes for silence.
Know you not I.
Who would shout praise to the world.

You know not I.
You who wants no emotion.
Know you not I.
Who would cry while laughing.

You know not I.
You who would have no passion.
Know you not I.
Who has a passion for much.

You know not I
Saith mine own soul.
Know you not I.
That I would sing aloud.

I know not you.
Who would not hear.
Know I not you.
Who will turn and walk away.

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, October 15, 2012

Change of Seasons

Wow, what a wonderful time in life. I think there are many who would agree with me. I can just feel the changing of seasons and times and with that there is a sense of newness coming in behind it. We are all growing up, getting older and experiencing the life we never thought we'd get to. How many of you can look at yourself 5 years ago and think you'd be where you are now? It is amazing to watch as life shapes us slowly into who we are going to be. The change that I see come excites and scares me at the same time.

Today I sent out my letter for enrollment in Equissage (the equine massage school). I can't tell you how exciting it is to turn over a new leaf and wait for life, and Yah of course, take me into the next steps of my future. It's not just me that's turning over new leaves, no, quite a few other people are too. I am happy, but I fear the changes that I might not be so OK with. With these exciting new changes, come other changes as well. Whether it's creating possibilities or taking away other things, it's all apart of it. Sometimes it always seems like, you gotta give in order to take..."take the good with the bad" and all that. I gotta hand it to my parents though, they support me in my every avenue of life. Whether its poetry, painting or Equine Massage, they're there to back me up 100%....or tell me when I have a stupid idea, LOL.

I am watching my niece and nephew get sooo big. They are two amazing kids and I am so blessed to be an aunt. It also makes me realize at times why I am taking that avenue of my life, a little slower. Realizing that it's such a big responsibility to raise a family and not that I'm not up for it. I just never want to look back on the "coulda woulda shoulda" in life. Yah does amazing things though! He knows from the beginning who is perfect for you and he shapes them just for you, a friend of mine could attest to that at the moment ;)
He knows our wants and needs and we are doing according to his will he will provide, never doubt that.
He has a way of shutting doors while you're still standing in the door way, but opening that next one at the perfect moment. It's all just apart of his expansive plan.

We kept Succoth close to home this year again. Praise Yah for giving us some down time, he always knows what we need. I keep hearing about everyone else's feast and it makes me wish I could been there, it sounds like all of you had a wonderful time. Maybe in time I'll get to join some of you for a Succoth.
I pray you all Shalom and Blessing! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Determination of Hope

I once knew of a trail.
That led up and up and up.
No end in sight it seemed.
As it made its path to the top.

I once knew of a girl.
Who climbed this trail often.
Seeking what was at the top,
But could never make it all the way.

She would start each day.
Determination set her jaw.
Linking her arms together.
She'd stare at the very top.

With one foot ahead of the other.
She would set out her path.
Walking and walking for hours.
Until she could climb no more.

She'd find a log to sit on.
Catch her breath in few.
Furrow her brow and wait.
Till she caught wind again.

Never had she achieved.
What her heart set out to do.
She would walk until she could no more.
Then she'd take the long walk home.

Every day that dawned.
She'd set out.
Every day at dusk.
She'd go home.

Some thought her a fool.
To continue to do the same.
Over and Over again.
Never accomplishing her task.

Some thought her unwise.
To have such high standards.
When she could never touch it.
Never reach her goal.

Yet the girl walked.
Head held high.
Determination inside.
Hope always being a new day.

(In loving memory of a dear family friend)

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, August 24, 2012

Learning to Grow

I'm starting to think, come a few years, all this blogging is going to be like the "Stone Age". Rarely anyone posts anymore, me not excluded from that. I think life got the best of us all and we gave in. Although I suppose its part of the growing up process, but in a way its kind of sad. Like walking away from a piece of your life, something that has become a habit, apart of who you are. It makes me wonder, is it because I've changed? Did something happen in the growing process, alter me as a person? I guess in a sense, that's true for everyone. I'm not the same person I was 6-7 years ago. I just hope we all don't change too much, I pray we can keep a part of our childhood with us forever.

In a month I'll be 23 years old. To some that's old, but to most it's still very young. To most, I am still a kid who knows nothing and of course they would be right. I know enough to get me by, but the only true living it yourself. I think the hardest part for most of my generation, is the transitioning from a "kid" to an "adult". Most often people view me as a teenager, mainly because of looks. It doesn't help I look younger then I am, LOL. It is really nice at times though, when an adult treats me as an equal. I gain so much respect for the people who can go beyond looks and treat me the same as any other adult.

One of the bigger changes I've realized over the years is the fact that I've opened up more. Not just with family, but with strangers as well. I used to DREAD the fact that I had to call someone on the phone I didn't know and set up an appointment. I can now do that with ease and without stressing. I notice I can strike up a conversation with some in a checkout line without prompt. I guess these are all things that tend to normally happen as you get older, but I'm glad that part of me has changed. I've been told before by a good friend that I need to "open up more". Thanks to that, I've been able to work on it.

Other changes over the years that I'm not sure I like. Such as, Losing hope. Hope of accomplishing things, the will to make them happen. Although, I've been able to heal some rifts, which is always a nice thing. So I guess there is more good change then bad. I pray I can continue on growing in knowledge and wisdom through my family and friends. Sometimes it hurts to hear the truth, but at times, its a definite must. As brothers and sisters in this walk, it is our duty to help out our fellow man/woman, but more then duty...we should WANT to help each other out. Out of our love for one another through Yahuwah and Yahushua our Messiah. How can we hope to grow and change if we don't listen?

I hope I didn't bore you all too terribly. I just figured I didn't really have anything else to write about at the moment, or should I say, couldn't think of something else to write. Or perhaps I'm too use to just writing on whim that I'm too rusty on actually thinking before I write. Whatever the case may be, I pray you all a Blessed and Peaceful Shabbath and Weekend. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions, wherever you all might be. SHALOM!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

QOTFU Part 7

I have finished the 7th part of QOTFU and have started part 8.
I hope you enjoy them ^_^

I have some interesting twists planned for it.
Have fun!

Also...I added a new character to the character list!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meaning of Life

Life, that is a word loaded with so many meanings and depth. How does one even begin to describe the word "life"? If you were to ask a passerby on the street. They might answer with, "Life is about living in the moment." Or you might ask a friend and they'd say, "Life is about living and learning." Which one would be correct?

You're exactly right, they are are both right. I don't truly think there is a wrong answer to give when asked what you think life is. One thing I will say, life is meaningless if you don't believe in Yahuwah. I truly do not believe a person can go through life and be truly happy or content until they have a purpose in living. How can one go about thinking that he doesn't exist and that all there is to life is to be born, live and die? It might sound like I'm contradicting my previous stand, but I assure you I'm not meaning to. Even someone who doesn't believe in anything can know about life, but can they know the meaning of it? I'm not going to answer that question for you, I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Although, I do want to know your thoughts on this. Why does the sun rise in the east? Why does everything revolve around the sun? What makes the flowers bloom and the earth give forth water? How can man evolve from a specimen over thousands of years and YET...we haven't changed since the beginning of "recorded" time? How can a person breath here on earth and yet not in space? How does a layer as thin as an apple peal keep us alive on this planet?

Life is so fragile and yet so strong. We have the will of iron to survive even when we are but vapor in the wind. We are all equal and yet some are meant for leading and others for following. Life, formed before we were even born. Formed in the mind of Yahuwah before creation itself. He knew each and everyone one of us. He saved his breath of life just so you could live. With the purpose of waiting for us to love and serve him. What greater cause for living then that? Can you think of something better to live for? I'm sure there are many who would not agree, but I think its time for us all to find our purpose in life. To no longer live for ourselves. We are not our own. This mind, this body, these hands and feet were created for a purpose. This heart was meant to love and be loved by him.

So what does life mean to you? Is it just a passing whisp of air that will soon vanish? Let me know what you think life means. I'll be looking forward the the answers =D Yahuwah bless and have a wonderful day pondering "life".

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Question Often Asked

Often is the question of why.
In the forefront of our minds.
We fail at times to see beyond.
Beyond that bend in the road.

Often is the question of how.
Seeing only what is tangible.
There's more to life then whats known.
Losing sight of what is not there.

Often is the question of where.
Thinking there is too many paths.
Choices that are never ending.
Yet there is only one narrow path.

Often is the question of when.
Things come in and out of our life.
Never knowing whats going to happen.
We sit and fear and trembling.

Often is the question of what.
To expect something horrific.
In every passing day we wonder.
What is the meaning of it all.

Often is the question of who.
Is there any question when you see.
The stars in the night sky.
He made them just for you.

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Nights are These

Lilies fade in the western sun.
While life lays it head upon.
Summer nights where the rain.
Has yet to touch the earth.

Crown of leaves flicker.
In the breeze that rustles through.
Heat sinks below.
With the sinking of the sun.

Summer nights will move away.
Giving way to Autumns come.
Where life awaits upon.
The glorious feel of such.

Night bounds up in sky.
Lights twinkle in the heavens.
While other lights begin to twinkle.
Upon this golden ground.

Noises rise from the night.
A choir of natures sound.
Singing to each and every.
Animal there upon the ground.

Such are these summer nights.
Sitting in silence in watch.
For what joy can be.
In the whisper of the night.

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Sunday, July 8, 2012

On my way

This has been a crazy past couple of months. I know most of you who might still pay any attention to my site might be wondering if I dropped off the side of the earth. Well, I kind of did, but I am back up again! As some of you know, since I graduated I have been looking into becoming an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. Its been a long road on finding a way to finance my way to schooling, But Praise Yah, he gave me a way to be able to do it.

About 3 months ago I decided I would start putting money aside each week to pay for schooling. I had it all figured out that by the end of August I would be able to start the program. The savings was going great, until Doctor bills got in the way and I had to take out of savings. So it but me a little bit behind. Then out of the blue my dad bought a motorcycle and gave it to me for working with mom. It was an amazing gift and I loved the bike. That was until I realized, it sucks being 5'2. The dirt bike was a DR250 and they are pretty tall bikes. I mean, don't get me wrong, I could ride it just fine, it was the stopping the bike that was the problem, LOL. I tipped the bike on me 4 times before I finally said, "enough is enough". So one day while working with my mom, I had the brilliant idea to sell my motorcycle to pay for my schooling. So I approached my dad to see if he was ok with me selling it, which he was.

So the bike was posted and then it was time for the waiting. Waiting for someone to be interested. Any other time, if the economy was good, it would have been snatched up in a matter of a week. Unfortunately, the flow of traffic was barely a trickle, but my dad worked really hard on posting it new places. We got a few hits, but not much. So I waited patiently, knowing Yah is good and he would send someone if he really wanted me to move on into this avenue in my life. Well the patience paid off and Yah sent a buyer today. He only had so much money but REALLY wanted the bike, but didn't have the rest of the cash at the moment. So my dad asked me if I would make a deal, which I was completely happy to do. So I got the cash and the check for the rest of the money. The guy got what he wanted and so did I, everyone ended up extremely happy with the results. Praise Yahuwah for his wonderful miracles! He is so good to me, I don't see how I deserve it at times. He has opened a window for me and let me tell you, that breeze feels wonderful. I will be starting the program for becoming an Equine Massage Therapist in two days and I am extremely excited to start!

So here comes the next part of my life. I am shutting door #1 and letting Yahuwah open door #2 for me. I told my mom today, "I feel so blessed to be able to do the kind of work I love doing at such a young age. By 23 I will have my own business and love what I do." Now, don't get me wrong, I am very aware there is going to be times where its going to be hard, and life is going to throw me curve balls, but with Yah on my side, I know it will all work out. As long as I am walking where he wants me I know he will bless me as he already has been. He has already blessed me in the work I have. I know to some it may not seem like much, working 2 hours in the morning at a stable, but it is everything to me. I want to give the work I do my all, as if I was doing it unto Yahuwah.

So if I can, I would like for each of you who read this. Think of one thing that Yah has blessed you in and Thank him for all he has done in your lives. I know at times its hard to believe, but he is right there beside you just WANTING to lift you up and praise you and say "This is my child, in whom I am well pleased." Oh, and how we all want to hear those words!

Monday, June 18, 2012

How many ways

Ten times the thoughts inside.
Ten hundred feelings to hide
A thousand words to convey.
A million ways to say.

Beating at the door.
Bursting to fall on the floor.
Blinking back the tears.
Breathing through the fears.

Wanting to walk away.
Waiting for the right way.
Hanging by a single thread.
Hating to see the words shred.

Knowing the words to come.
Keeping from going numb.
Spreading slowly through and through.
Sinking at thought of disappointing you.

No other way to say it.
Nothing to hold back a bit.
Leaving me to feel so lame.
Living in my own shame.

A thousand words to convey.
A million ways to say.
About to leave the worry,
And just say,"I'm sorry".

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, June 4, 2012

Seuss Dreams

So we are putting on a production for 5 library branches in our county. Very exciting stuff! It is an original play written by a very good writer =) Also acted out by some very talented young adults. The pictures are out of order and do not show every character. So i'll give a brief outline of what the play is about.

Sally sazy is a very lazy young girl who ends up being put to sleep by her grandma. She then wakes up in Slumberland and meets a variety of odd characters. She first meets Sam I am (me) and she finds out she can't leave until she finishes her task. She then meets the Mad Hatter (writer of play) who freaks out because she is 5'2, and then is told by an anonymous voice she needs to find the Mayor of Slumberland, by following the purplebrick road, where she meets me again. Afterwards she meets Cat in the Hat (played by my bestie) who has managed to lose her hat and is also on her way to see the mayor and they end up traveling together. They meet up with the Mad hatter again and follow him to a shortcut, but in reality it was a diversion, where you find the Mad Hatter was just leading them to a trap to be caught by the Jack O'Club's and Jack O'Spades. You then see the Queen of Hearts on her thrown yelling "Off with his head" to her Baker, who made raspberry tarts instead of strawberry, she is furious because she hates raspberry. Sally and Cat in the Hat are brought to the queen where you find out the legend of the "The Sally" who is suppose to overthrow the queen. She then has sally and the Cat thrown into prison until she decides what to do with her. The queen and the Mad Hatter have words and he calls her "Little queen" where she gets furious and ends up having a search party go after him to catch him. Later you see Sally and the Cat in Jail with the Jack O'Clubs standing guard. The Cat in the Hat is telling Sally she is "The Sally" and that she has to free the slaves of Slumberland. Sally does not believe she is, then the Mad Hatter runs in and ends up saving them after a very confusing dialog. They get free and the Mad Hatter leaves them and the two end up back on the Purple brick road again to see the Mayor. (this is getting longer to explain then I thought...hahaha) They then meet Molly Knox (Me ^_^) who you find is in search of her husband. Fox in Socks comes in, where you find out he and Molly don't quite get along because her husband was trying to get away from the Fox. After another long dialog they both end up joining them on their way to see the Mayor. They get to the Mayors castle and have a bout with Albert, the Mayors assistant, but are finally led to the Mayor (I do not have a picture of the mayor, sorry). Where they find out that he has been hiding in his castle. They finally decide that they are going to rescue the slaves. In jumps to the next day, where you find they released the slaves and brought them back to the Mayors castle. The Mad Hatter show's up and finally tells Cat in the Hat he had her hat the whole time. Sally and the Mayor are left and Sally finally agrees she is "The Sally" and then she wakes up. Sally tells her mom she wants to be an "Explorer" when she grows up. Then the very last scene is the Mad Hatter and the Cat in the Hat and the Hatter steals the Cats hat again. The End!!

Jack O'Spades and Mad Hatter

Mrs. Knox and Fox in Socks
Sally Sazy, Mrs. Knox, Fox in Socks
Queens Adviser, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter
Queens Adviser, Queen of Hearts, Cat in the Hat, Jack O'Spades, Sally Sazy
Queens Adviser, Queen of Hearts, Baker
Mad Hatter (writer of Play, "Seuss Dreams")
Cat in the Hat (Played by my bestie)
Mrs. Molly Knox ( Me ^_^)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yet another Painting

Here is the newest painting, painted as of today =D
Titled, "The Wind and the Moon" (its from the poem By: George MacDonald )

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Reflection of Life

Prosperity amounted in due time.
How can trees bloom in one day?
We say 'move along now'.
'Hurry quickly to your destination'.

Abundance takes time to grow.
Does a babe grow old in one day?
Often thinking 'I cannot wait'.
'Until they are older'.

Wealth not built in our lives.
How can a plant produce fruit in one day?
We water it hoping, 'it'll mature faster'.
"If it has its thirst quenched'.

Love not gained by words alone.
Does a wild horse trust in one day?
We pull and tug thinking, 'It will listen'.
"Give me time to break them.'

Tranquility not found in war.
Does a bee find peace in its sting?
We think, 'We will have peace'.
'After we tear apart a country'.

Harmony not heard in chaos.
Does a song bird screech as a crow?
Pushing through life in a hurry believing, 'Life is short'.
'Why waste a second?

Respect not seen in this generation.
Does the young not rise for the elder?
Often thinking, 'Why should I?'.
'Respect when not respected?'.

One day, this all will fade.
Our lives over and gone.
How will we have spent our time?
Will we have accomplished?
All that we hoped to in a lifetime?

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Newest Paintings

This one I finished a little bit ago, Titled "That's so 70's"

This is the newest one, just painted today. Titled "Underneath the painted Cherry Blossoms"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Too much...Time

I remember when I was a child, how time seemed to be so very slow. I use to wish the days and hours away just so I could be older. I would think, "I can't wait until I am old enough to do this/that." As I am sure I am not the only child who thought that way. I remember summers would crawl by so very slow. What happened to all that time spent daydreaming about the future? All the time I wasted in wishing away time?....

Think I have issues with time...?? hahaha, too.

So this year is going by way to fast. Over a month ago I agreed to be a judge for our county's poetry contest on April 20th, can you believe that's tomorrow? Also, some good friends of mine and myself are doing another play for 5 (Five) library branches in our county! Exciting, huh? We performed a play that was written by a fabulous writer for our library last year. The librarian loved it so much she asked for our "Writer" to come up with a play for this year. She presented the idea to all the county libraries and they bit! So we have a month to get ready before our first big performance in June.

Ok, that's that news. We have 2 (Two) new fillies (baby girl horses) at work now. Its so fun to have cute little babies around again. Unfortunately, my boss is not breeding them again for next year. She doesn't want to have to add more onto her barn. She JUST turned her 6 stall main barn into an 8 stall barn (she has more then one barn). She had to do that because of the colts (baby boy horse) from last year. So the first filly was born around St. Patrick's Day and the second filly was born near Easter. She named the first one Miss Betty White (Betty for short) and the second one Esther. What shocked me the most, was that they look scarily alike, the two fillies.

Alright, onto other news. My niece and nephew are growing up way too quick. Kadence is now 2 years old, while Noah is now 8 months old. I can't believe my brother is now 25yo, married and with kids. Its seems like a week ago I was fighting with my brother Sean about not kicking me out of his room (he is the one that is married). I use to sneak into my brothers room and sit quietly on their bunk bed and just listen. When Sean would finally notice me in their room, he would always tell me to "Get out", while Taylor would always tell Sean to "Just let her stay, she's not doing anything". Of course, Sean eventually got over the "little sisters are so uncool and pests" stage and as we became teenagers, the three of us would hang out and talk. Anyway, brief bunny trail.
So my niece and nephew are growing like weeds, ok...Noah is growing like a weed, Kadence will probably be shorter then Noah by the time he is 1yo. Noah is becoming a lot more interactive. It cracks me up though, how much he cringes and will cry when Kadee comes near him. As if he is anticipating the fact that any second, she is going to harm him. Which is not too far from what usually happens, worries, he is never really hurt. It just usually involves "Too much love" on Kadee's part. She is a very giving sister and you can tell she loves her little brother, its very sweet.

Well for now, that is my life at the moment. Hope I didn't bore ya'll too terribly.
Yah bless and take care everyone!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Pie for Dad

My mother rediscovered a mini pie making set that we had bought quite awhile ago. So I decided I was going to make a pie this evening. Mom mentioned I should try making a Lemon Meringue Pie, so...I looked up a recipe. Now mind you, I have never made a lemon meringue pie before. My great grandma use to make them all the time and they were amazing pies. Of course, anything my great grandma made tasted amazing, she was a natural in the kitchen. So off I started making the lemon meringue pie, specifically for my dad, since he was the one that absolutely loved my grandma's lemon squares and lemon meringue. I learned some knew things that I had never done before while in the process. I came to find out, I had no idea how long it took to get a meringue perfect.

So here is the results, let me know what you think. ^_^ I pray they taste good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Inner Fight

Bound to silence with such.
Fighting all thats inside.
Struggling to find willpower.
To keep all well hidden.

If one should know.
Would surely be troublesome.
For not but one,
But many.

I lie in wait.
For what I do not know.
I laugh and cry.
For what they cannot show.

Trapped am I in this.
Drawn out in such state.
Fearing the possibility.
Of the coming of hate.

Surely the world will find.
A cure is sure to come.
To fight off this infection.
Rooted deep inside.

None can loose the deep.
The waters so encased.
Locked so deep inside.
I have never faced.

Found have they a cure.
For this rooted mess.
They tell me this.
There is but one test.

Struggling to the surface.
Fearing the sound of failure.
Fighting even stronger.
To win this cure.

Broken are these chains.
Freed from the coming hate.
Loosed from this inner bond.
Gaining what was ever so far.

I Fought for life.
I Fought for love.
I Fought to win.
I in turn found freedom.

Copyright 2012 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Sad Facts of Sickness


SICK? Yes!! (ugh)

HAPPY? Yes! (Who knows why)

Those moments in life where you wonder why we sit in the same spot and make noises like "Oooooaoaoh" or "UuUaghhh"(with pout face). Moments we wonder why we're stuck in our rooms all day long while it sounds like everyone is having so much more fun. Of course we know they aren't having any more "fun" then usual, but everything is more tormenting when you're lying face down on your bed, mumbling into your pillow. So, here I sit, bored out of my mind sitting in silence. I have found in the past, the best way to forget you feel to watch a movie, it always distracts for a good 2 hours.
Its these moments though, that I realize how bored you get after reading, typing, play ukulele, playing games, looking at pictures, thinking (never a good thing), staring at the ceiling and last but not least...sleeping. You can only do these things so many times before you want to scream, if you didn't feel so sick. It then makes me wonder, the mentally ill are considered "sick" right? We then stick them in a all white, sometimes padded room. That would drive any sane person to insanity! Think about it, all day, every day you are stuck in that room. No one to talk to or anything to do, you can't even bang your head on a wall. They then proceed to give them pills for their "illness" and then later are astounded as to why they have a drug addiction! Create the problem and the solution. So how much are they helping these "sick" people, when they are driving them to even more insanity?? Makes you wonder, huh?
See, this is what happens when a person gets sick, we think about random, weird things like that. So my solution to not becoming crazy and mentally ill??? Don't get sick in the first place =D

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Newest Drawing in the Works

So I decided to pick up drawing again...Just started this, only about a half hour in on it, but I'll keep you all posted on how it goes =)

The next part. Added some hair and a little bit of shading and darkening around the eyes and mouth...still have more to do though with the texturing.

....annnd still working on it...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Dress for the Occasion

So this past week I have been getting ready to see people from my grandparents and my parents past. People who I have met before, and some who are but faces to the stories I have heard so much about (Ok, a bit of a exaggeration there.) But none the less!
People who are close to my family.
In light of the fact that I would be seeing people I have and have not met before and would be looking on my family and I with a skeptical eye. I thought it best to go out and buy a dress. Alright, if you must know it just gave me an excuse to buy a pretty dress.
So now, in a pretty dress and uncomfortable but cute shoes, we are there. Familiar faces, but must unfamiliar standing around talking to each. Thankful I dressed up instead of down...usually the only way the zipper goes. Like most people do, I headed toward the people I know, who were surrounded by people I don't know. Its in these moments when meeting people who have heard about you and where you live and who your parents are, you can feel the "once over". Thankful that I had picked out the dress for this very reason.
Although, even though you may be in something nice or pretty. You still wonder about other things, such as whether or not if you remembered to brush your teeth (check), wash face (check), make sure you smell okay (Check..I think) and with us girls, whether or not your clothes are fitting right. Because I can tell you right now, you can walk out that door thinking "Whoo, I look good." but the minute you get there and are talking to people and looking at their own outfits. You start to wonder whether or not you really look as good as you thought when you walked out that door.
Of course as you're standing there waiting or talking to someone and your feet start to kill you. All you want is to just sit down, but then you think, "Would that crumple or bunch up the fabric and make me look bad?". So you stand there and suffer, like EVERYBODY else.
Yes, you might think you are the only one self-conscious at this moment, but trust me, everybody else in that room is just as uncomfortable as you are. No really, the next time you are at a big gathering with people you really don't know and nice clothes are involved and...water and...cookies Stop and look at everybody around you and watch their body language, you'll get a kick out of it I'm sure.
Why do we torture ourselves with it then? Is it really all just to impress the people around us? Perhaps to some it is, who knows. I am sad to say that I probably won't get that dress out of my closet for another year or so. Oh, and speaking of clothes. I was told one of the most hilarious quotes the other day that fit me way too perfectly. "My room was clean, until I had to find something to wear-Author Unknown" For those of you who know me, my closet looked like Thing 1 and Thing 2 had turned my closet into a play pit.
So maybe at the next function, we can all learn to be a little more relaxed...or not.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be You Blind

Look at it with concealed eyes.
View it with misconstrued thoughts.
Forget the depth to each line.
Turn away too soon.
Before knowing whats beneath.
Don’t try and search for a meaning.
Pass over each image.
Not givng it but a glance.
Leave before you see the end.
Lock up every emotion inside.
Seek not the mystery inside.
Leaving the mind unstrained.
Blind to the array of light about.
Unseeing the brilliance.
The beauty being covered.
We believe a lie.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dinner and a Movie

So tonight, at 7pm central time...I am going on a date with my dad. I know, I sounds a bit weird, but I am really looking forward to it. I can't remember the last time just my dad and I went out to do something together for the fun of it. Ok, maybe it won't be as fun for him as it will be for me, BUT! I'm still happy. We are going to see a screening of the new Titanic 3D that comes out in theatres, April 6th. My mom got two free tickets for us to go to the screening of the movie. So mom decided it would be better if dad took me to see the movie, since she has a phobia of drowning (aka. Aquaphobia). Since we were going to go out to see the movie, we decided we'd go out to eat at iHop so mom doesn't have to cook for us when we get home...after 11pm tonight, hehe. I didn't realize the movie was 3 hours long.
Anyway, I know that it is valentines day and it seems weird to go out to a movie with your dad, but since we don't keep it, what does it matter, eh? I'm sure he is not looking forward to the crowds, the wait, movie or the late night, but he is extremely sweet for taking me anyway. Oh yeah, did I mention we have to be there early, because they give out more tickets then there are seats?? HA! Yeah I know, insane huh? So we have to wait outside for a half an hour in the dad is SO not going to love me by the end of the night.
It will be great to spend an evening with just the two of us hanging out though. What has been really nice too, is since the boys have left the nest, its just been just my parents and I. Dad and I have been talking a lot and hanging out more. Mom and I always hang out 24/7 so I'm sure enjoys the break of me shutting up and talking to dad instead of her. HAHA...they still love me...somehow.
Well, I'll give ya'll an update later how my night went, maybe I'll write a movie review on Decent Movies R Us, for a friend of a friend.
Yah bless you all and take care!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To the End and Back

I'm sure for most of you probably never thought 2012 would really come so soon. Sure we all knew it was inevitable, because as much as we might not like it, time does move forward. All the buzz over 2012 being the end of the world and how we would never see beyond this year. Has anyone noticed how much that conspiracy has quieted down over the past year? Its almost as if we've finally made it "to the end", and no one wants to face the facts of whether this might really be their last year or not. Not that I by any means believe this year is the end of the world, I just find it slightly curious is all. I remember now, what seems like ages ago now. Back in 2000 when everyone believed it was going to be the end of the world. Now here we are yet again, at the "end of the world" and I just wonder how long its going to be before people stop putting a date on when the world is going to end. Again, I'm not saying I don't believe the end might be near, but I'm not going to stop living my life on the assumption that my life might end this year.
When do we stop fearing every bend in the road, and start fearing whats truly the most important? When will we realize that whether or not we're right in Yahuwah's eyes is the only thing that truly matters. Ya know, we can run around, stocking up and "preparing" for something that "might" happen, or we can prepare for what matters the most, Our hearts. Not that I want to "preach to the choir", because I know most of you who will read this already agree with what I am saying, but for those of you who don't, this is the time to prepare your hearts for Yah. In the end, that is the ONLY thing that will save you.
Maybe this year isn't the end of the world, maybe its the next or maybe even 10 years from now, who knows. You know what though, not everyone has the luxury of being able to say "I have 10 more years". Some people have 10, some 5 and some have even less. No matter when "The End" is, our end could come even sooner then that. The only thing that should be immanent in our lives is not the end of the world, It should be us preparing for Yahuwah's Day.
I can sit here and rant about the conspiracies floating around in the air. Some of them I agree with, others well...not so much. The world is a corrupt place of that I am %100 sure, but there is good, in a few people and when I say few, I mean a very few. Maybe someday I can be one of those people that are considered "good", until then though, I'm going to fight for that right to be considered good.
There is still beauty in this world, I say we find it and hold onto it. Yah's creation is something to be in awe of. He is our master architect and the creator behind this all. He is the sunshine behind every gray cloud, the beat of the birds wings as they sour above and he is in every child's beautiful smile.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Life Changes

I know it seems like forever since I've really posted anything, besides parts to my book and such of course. More meaningful things, ya know? Like me ranting about the topic of the day. I've come to find in going over my older posts how much life has changed in just a short amount of time. One minute you have life all mapped out then they somehow get changed. I always found it somewhat humorous how people make plans for the future, like they can actually plan life's little twists and turns. I know I've come to the realization that nothing can be put in stone, life will always be ever changing.
I think more then anything, I have come to realize, time has of course aged me. Obviously not in looks, I think I'll be 80 and still like 16 ...hehe...Just kidding. What I mean, in the sense of wants and hopes and in thoughts as well. Not by any means I'm "all grow'd up" ( =P ) or anything. Just that I find the things I use to enjoy, have simply become, non-important I guess you could say. Like reading and writing for instance. I think I figured out why I lost my ability to really write anymore.
I found that I had so many pent up emotions and turmoil inside of my I was fighting against. I was fighting against life and family and even myself. So with all those pent up emotions I was only able to release them through poetry. When I say time has aged me, I guess what I mean is that. I've worked through all those emotions, I've given up fighting against the tide and I ended up finding peace. Unfortunately, with that peace...I can't find it in me to write a good poem. So to those of you who might have hoped I'd start writing again, I'm sorry...Perhaps Yah will grant me with it again in the near future, but with the peace too.
In most aspects I am still the same ol' me that will always be, in other ways though, I have changed. I came to also realize, as we get older, our hopes and aspirations in life are bound to change. Who knows what we'll want in 5 years time? Who knows what Yah will have us doing then, eh? I pray though, that as life keeps changes us, we can keep the joy in our lives. To hold onto the things that make us smile and laugh.
I hope I didn't bore you all too much with my changing speech.
Pray you are all well and Blessed, Shalom!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Part 6 of QOTFU

For those of you who are following along with my book "Quest of the Fair Unknown". I just added the Sixth part of the book. I hope it is every bit as entertaining as I hope it will be.
Let me know if you think there is any changes that should be made or if you have an ideas for a new character or scene you would like to see.
Its always nice to get some fresh new ideas from the readers.
Hope you enjoy!
Yah bless!