Tuesday, November 30, 2010

101 Post mark

I just realized today when I went to check out some stuff on my blog, that I had reached 100 posts.
How awesome is that!?
I thought it was pretty kewl at least, but then again I am easily amused and find the oddest things entertaining.
I really don't have much to talk about, or anything too exciting to share. I will just bore you with this ongoing banter about nothing to fill space.
So today I woke up at the usually time 6:43am to hear my alarm clock being completely obnoxious with the most annoying beeping. How is it that a inanimate object can bring out the worst in people? I truly do wonder about that. Either way, I whacked my alarm clock off and buried my face in my pillow like I usually do, wishing sleep back again. Unfortunately, logic ruled over mind and I forced myself out of bed, for yet another early morning. I am one of those people, that when I get into a routine, I stick to that routine almost daily. Until one day, I decide I need to change it up a bit and start another routine.
So I rolled out of bed, stumble to my closet, put my jeans over my pj's (amazing how much warmer you can be with pj's under your jeans), then the sweatshirt, socks, shoes, and coat. Then I am off to the bathroom still somewhat blurry eyed, blind myself by turning on the light and brush my teeth and then go back to my room, check the time (which it is usually 6:50am by this time.), procrastinate for a few minutes, grab my purse...go into the office and grab the phone and then I am out the door. Almost every single morning I am in the car at just about 6:58). I warm up the car and head out to work.
That is the daily routine of me getting ready and going to work, pretty boring huh?
Why I am telling you what I do in the morning is besides me, but hey...maybe you'll read this and go, "Huh, maybe I'll wear pj's under my pants." or "Hey, I should learn to procrastinate for such a short amount of time." However you take this information is up to you, I can only provide the entertaining dialog of one persons routine.
You may be thinking to yourself, "That was entertaining?". I would merely say and a very calm and sedate manner, "Whhhhy Iiiiii oooughta!...".
What else entertaining information could I bore you poor people with?
Oh I know! The other day I was in the car with my mother heading up to do some shopping. While on our way, we were talking about colleges and things I thought would be interesting and fun to learn. I was explaining to mom how most people have one maybe even two things they really want to do in life. They end up choosing which one seems more important to them or they may even choose to get an education in both. I have so many things I would love to learn, I think it would take my entire life to learn them all.
When I was a little girl I decided I was going to be a horse trainer when I grew up. I was going to have a huge ranch with a ridiculously huge barn and train horses for the rest of my life. I still want to and in a way I did get to train several horses and I Praise Yah for giving me that chance to. I now would love to also be a Equine massage therapist and I full heartedly plan on making that happen. After I decided on being a horse trainer as a young girl, I thought it would be amazing to be an archeologist. I always loved history and I found discovering new things exciting along with ancient cities and such. Around that same time I wanted to be a missionary (which I wanted to do until I was around 19). Then came wanting to be a linguist. As I just mentioned, I love learning new things and learning languages has always been a fascination for me. I know a little bit of quite a few languages now, but I would love to become fluent in them all. There is also the part about me and my love of writing poetry. I always said, "If I could make a living at being just a poet I would do it in a heartbeat." I obviously still write poetry and love doing so and will probably never stop writing. As to me making a living out of being a poet, I don't think there is much future in that, but who knows (Of course Yahuwah does ^_^ ). Then I was talking to my friend about culinary arts and how I love to bake. I think it would be absolutely neat to learn how to bake for a bunch of people and create new things. Then there was my love of art. I have always loved to draw since I was young and still do. I am not a fantastic artist, but I truly love drawing and would love to take lessons to expand my talent. Last but not least I love music, I love to play instruments such as the guitar and the violin and I absolutely love singing (to myself of course =P). When I was a child taking violin lessons I use to want to take voice lessons as well, even to this day I would still love to.
In the end of the conversation talking with my mom in the car she told me, "You can do anything, you can do all of those things. You can make it happen if you put your mind to it."
Obviously she is right and I have decided that no matter what else. I am going to go on using all the talents that Yahuwah gave me and if he opens doors to expand any or all of them I will welcome it with a smile.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kadence Time

The hat I made for Kadence today.


Ahhhh you caught me.

Oui Oui, I is fwench Bebe!

"Iz eatz my auntz puter."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Attack of the chicken

So here I am, writing a blog from my iPod and let me tell you it is no easy task.
I had meant to write a blog yesterday, but in the progression of my ongoing day,
I decided that a nap sounded like a much better plan instead.
I was talking with some friends of mine the other night and the topic of chickens was brought up.
Now let me tell you, I have been living in the country since I was 5 years old and we have had chickens
just about as long, which wouldake it around 16 years now.
A person might ask, "You must really like chickens,huh?".
My simple answer to them would be, "Are you out your mind??? Chickens are the most vile, nasty, disgusting, distubing,
gross, filthy creatures on earth... With the exception pigs...and mice...but still atrocious animals none the less."
So there you have it, my distaste for chickens. I mean sure, I like to eat chicken, can't stand cooking with it only because
it means I have to touch the nasty filthiness of raw chicken.
Really, hasn't it ever made you wonder why you can so easily get ecoli from raw chicken?
After having raised, cleaned up after and butchering these vile things, it makes a whole lot of sense.
I am not writing this to sway your thinking to my side of the fence here, no, I am just merely trying make a point...
And hopefully in the process of making that point you might see it like I do.
Have you ever heard that a chicken can run around headless for around 5 minutes? If that isn't sign enough that chickens
are creatures from a different catagory, I don't know what is. Perhaps the catagory chickens should be in is, "Freak of nature."
If with my disgust of chickens, I still have quite a few funny stories from them.
When my brothers and I were 6,7 and 8, there was this one rooster who after being let out in the morning, would wait very patiently
at out front door till one of us kids would come outside. Upon coming outside... My mother would hear the horror filled shrills of us kids from outside and come rushing to the door to find us screaming and running around the yard with the rooster flapping his wings behind us.
It wasn't long after this occurance kept going on that one day, all three of rejoiced when we had Mr. Rooster for dinner.
Another story was much more recent. For the sake of not naming names or giving out too much information I will shorten the story.
It was early in the spring, morning had dawned, we had all welcomed in this morning with some yawns and coffee, with the exception of our guest, who was sleeping in our guest room. It was on this beautiful morning that two people plotted the revenge on one our young and mean roosters. (I was not one of these two. Just so ya know). As I meandered in our thus quiet filled house, that I soon heard gunshots near the back of our house. Alarmed I raced over to the four season room door only to find one of the plotters standing on the deck while the other plotter was chasing this rooster around the yard. (is it me or does these two stories sound completely opposite??)
So as I watching these antics of the plotters, I soon hear the door to the guest room open and our guest come out blurry eyed.
The confusion on his face was enough to make any person chuckle, then he asked "What the heck is going on?"
As I replied, "The "plotters" are taking revenge on the rooster."
He was now in the four season room when he saw one the plotters ce running around the side of the house chasing the rooster. It was then that our guest burst out into the most hysterical laughing at the sight of the antics.
I must say, looking back on the events of that morning, I do believe the situation could have been handled a little better.
I hope you have been entertained and remember, chickens are vile creatures.
I hope you have a great day, and pray chickens never rule the world.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adhering Adolescence

It is in often belief.
That we as a whole.
Are only known for a few things.
Outrageous, if were to be asked.

A flip of the hair.
A sigh to be heard.
A roll of the eyes.
Signs of a common bred teen.

Treading lightly.
As if on egg shells daily.
Bought with expensive gifts.
Constantly plugged into iPods

Pizza, soda and parties.
Coming home too late.
Wringing hands in worry.
As parents stay up all night.

Television and messy rooms.
Grief over taking out the garbage.
As if pulling teeth.
What can be done?

We are a select few.
Rising above the rest.
To give a helping hand.
Where it is needed.

We are a few.
Not common enough in society.
Rare to come by.
A gift to be sure.

A soft spoken word.
A listening ear.
We are here to please.
We are a rare raised teen.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Better place of dreams

Luminescence trickles through curtains.
Contently bathing in warmth.
Satisfied to laze the entire day away.
Curled up in a corner like a cat.

Finding its reliable source.
I am compelled to move.
Outer doors I find myself.
Basked in utmost contentment.

Finding my way to the hallowed meadow.
Far from bustling people.
Further still from chaotic lives.
I find the fountain of peace.

No sound but that of nature.
True, heavenly, Yah given nature.
Just me and them.
Lost in sing song birds and crickets.

Sprawled out in waist high grass.
Not to be broken of my reverie.
Watching as clouds float on by.
Drifting off to the lull of the soft wind.

Dreaming of nothing better.
Instead I find no happier place.
Nothing can compare.
Bringing me back to the present.

I climb lazily to my feet.
Make my way back inside.
Find my original place.
Waiting to fall asleep.

Luminescence slowly crawls to me.
Lounging comfortably on my lap.
Lulling me back to sleep
To dream of a better place.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Around the corner (older poem)

Spring, how the flowers come into full bloom.
Giving way to all life’s gloom.
Oh how the night sky is vacant of its moon.
Knowing it’ll be around the corner soon.

Summer, how that one word can make you so warm.
Even after a really bad storm.
Leaving the night sky with a beautiful crescent moon.
Knowing the next phase is around the corner soon.

Fall, Oh how I love the colors of the trees.
I don’t know a person that would not agree.
The evening is left with a half smiling moon.
We all know it will be full soon.

Winter, oh how the cold creeps into your bones.
When the world seems desolate and alone.
Leaving in the sky a very large, luminescent full moon.
I know the sky is to be without it soon.

Of course don’t forget the best season of all.
Where there is no snow, heat or rainfall.
When the sky is lit up with a bright orange moon.
Knowing in your heart it won’t be leaving soon.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Attic Picnics

Dust off these old memories.
They float around like fireflies in August.
Take me back to picnics and stashed candy.
Hidden behind boxed mountains in your attic.

Brought back to a single moment.
To live in the past with you again.
I would give a day to have a chance.
A chance for happiness and laughter once more.

A million thoughts and I.
I dream of Paris and Rome.
Post cards and letters, I waited.
To hear from my old friend.

Distance tore us apart from within.
I was to stay.
Watching you walk away.
Every day I awaited your return.

I find ways to keep you near.
Kept a picture of us in that dusty old attic.
Spying on the world below.
Whispered secrets eavesdropped on by crickets.

Years go by till I forgot the joy.
Till I forgot innocence.
One step ahead.
Brought me that much further from you.

Voices whisper of a certain return.
Couldn’t help overhear.
Heart stopped in its tracks.
Till you were standing in front of me.

Memories flood to my eyes.
Tears stream down my face.
Happiness creeps back in.
Welcome back my old friend.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©

Pears, Oh my

Pears, pears and more pears. I don’t know if I have ever seen such an abundance of pears in my entire life, I kid you not. My family and I had the blessing of harvesting a neighbor of ours pears off their property. There was a total of 4 trees and all of them were loaded to the brim with pears.
My father decided it was best to go ahead and harvest them all at one time, which made sense because we were headed out of town and they would have gone bad by the time we returned. In two hours, my brother, my father and I all picked pears. By the time that we had finished picking them all it had only taken us around 2 hours. When we realized that each bag weighed roughly around 50lbs each. We found that we now had about 1300lbs of pears. Crazy—No? I rather think it was an obscene amount of pears to be processed.
Then came the lovely task of processing 1300lbs of pears. Sure, I dreaded having to process that many pears, still do, but on the bright side of life, I would cheer myself up with thinking each day how much less work was for the next day. Did this always work? I would love to tell you I am always the optimist in life, which I usually am, but I am afraid to inform you all, I have found that pears make me a pessimist. I know, gasp, shake your head in horror, throw a fit, however you react to this news. All I can say to ease your response is, “I will be better soon.” Hopefully in the event of brighter days ahead that come with the recess of every pear, I will return to my usual self.
Wherever, whenever, however you come to find yourself in life thinking, “I wish I had some pear sauce.” or perhaps, “Pear halves sound wonderful right now.” All you have to do is call us up and we will send you as many as you want, just call 1-800-EAT-PEAR. I promise you or your money back guaranteed, that the costumer service will be as optimistic as me.
I find it safe to say that when life gets you down, eat a pear. It may not make you feel better, but at least you’ll have saved the world from one more pear invasion. So when you go to the store, you see a pear sale, buy some and think of me. Think of how you have made me so happy that I cannot even express it in words.
I pray you all have a wonderful week, find happiness, find love, find pears. In finding happiness I pray you find love and in finding love I pray you find it in you to rid the world of pears.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The attributes of love

I never was one gifted with being patient.

Will power over mind kept me kind.

Love always seemed to keep out the envy.

You tend to find it easy to boast.

All stubbornness so easily turned into pride.

The constant battle against being rude.

Days turn into years of self-seeking.

Of the uninterrupted schemes and anger.

My troubles remind me of all my wrongs.

Life is a reminder to let go and rejoice in truth.

Forever is a simple task when there’s someone to protect.

In time I will find it easier to learn to trust.

My sorrows fade with tears and turns into hope.

Hearts are renewed each day that he preserves.

Copyright 2010 Lauren Hall ©