Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Paintings (Horse Series)

I have yet to come up with a Title...any ideas??

I didn't originally like this until I fixed it up a bit, Titled "Star Struck"

This is the first and original painting that I gave to "Ruby"...Titled "Geometrical Horse"

This is the one I just finished and is titled "One eyed Jack" (The horses eye is the same as a Jack)

This is the one I completed the night before and is titled "Polka Pony"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Adventures in Fort Scott

My mom and I recently took our first trip to Fort Scott, Kansas. We live only an hour away from this amazing town of history for over 17 years and we're just now visiting it, how sad is that?
Just in the past 2 months my mom got a job taking pictures of Foreclosed homes in our area. I go along with her about half the time to help her out with paper work and uploading the pictures.
Fort Scott is actually not apart of my moms route, but the bank just lost one of their inspectors and gave the 20 house inspections to my mother.
Our first visit to Fort Scott gave both of us quite a shock at how cute and quaint the town was. We didn't have much time to inspect the whole town but got to do a tiny bit of shopping before we left. We both said we definitely had to go back sometime. That night when we got home, to my mothers surprise and frustration had an email from the bank telling her she had to re-post some vacancy notices. Taking this unpleasant task around, we turned it into a day of exploring and having fun. After we finished all but two houses, we decided to head over to a Bed and Breakfast to eat some lunch. Out of the choices I decided it would be the most adventurous and fun. The place we went to is called the Twin Mansions (click on the highlighted words to see their website.) It is the most adorable and awesome place ever. We went to the first Mansion and ate some lunch. While talking to the waitress we came to find out a little more about the Mansions, that was when she asked if we wanted to have a tour of the other mansion. (We couldn't go upstairs in the Mansion we were eating at because the family who owned it lived upstairs.) So after eating we headed over to the Twin Mansion and met the owner of the house, Pat Lyons. She gave us the history of the Mansions as we walked through each spectacular room in the Mansion. I won't bore you with the history, but for those of you who are curious just have to look it up online.
So begins our tour of the Mansion (I haven't posted every pic of every room)

This room was on the third floor.

This "Bathroom" actually use to be one of the servants room.

This is the Ladies Parlor as you come up to the Second floor.

The stairs coming up to the second floor. I found out the nook right behind me was called the "Casket" nook, or something like that. (There's more history to that, but again I won't bore you)

This is the gentleman's Parlor where they would retreat after dinner and have a cigar and some scotch.

Decided to take a break from the tour to read a little bit from "Great Expectations"

Front sitting Parlor.

Taking some time for some afternoon tea.

It was too kewl of a shot to pass up.

This is one of the rooms from another house on the property. This room is called "Emerald City" ..the underneath of the bed literally glows green at night.

Of course you have to have a piano shot (this is in the same house.)

We then ventured over to the Fort in Fort Scott.

The stable at the fort, this is only half of the stable..they blocked off the other half.

Oogling the authentic Civil War saddles.

View near the back of the Fort.

We found the Guardhouse and found one of the cells. Had to see what it felt like to be enclosed in one.

Well everyone, that was my adventurous day in Fort Scott, Kansas. I hope you had fun on the tour, I know I had a blast. Hopefully we can make it back sooner then later. Take care and be blessed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Among Superstition

Running to no end.
The edge so near,
Then a push.
Pushed off the side.
Until all at once.
A jolt awakens you.
To the loud and irritating.
Sound of an alarm clock.
Surrounded in dark.
Feeling slightly on edge.
Flick of a switch.
Light fills the room.
A quick sense of comfort.
Until it fades.
Time to get up.
Jump start the day.
How it should feel.
Yet an eerie sense sinks back in.
Glances into every corner.
Just wishing to get out.
Out into the open air.
Somehow it feels safer.
All this superstition.
Feeling almost alone.
In the still silence of morning.
Then a movement.
Startled in fear.
To find it was nothing.
Nothing but disturbed nerves.
Where is peace in such thoughts?
All but running outside.
To shut the door in a hurry.
Staring behind me.
Failing to see.
Right in front of me.
Were all my superstitions.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home on the Range

So my mom and I were heading out this morning to do some work. (She now works for a company that works for the banks on foreclosed homes...if ya didn't know) Anyway, we were driving along and all the sudden we see these big "things" in one of the pastures on the side of the road, as we got closer we realized that these "things" were actually Buffalo. Go figure! There is a place only about 10 miles away from us that has large wildlife animals such as Buffalo and Elk. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so.

Just walk a little bit closer.

Hey, There's a second buffalo. Figured it'd be best to get a clear photo so people would actually believe me.

Soooo big, but a magnificent animal none the less.

Hope you enjoyed the Buffalo tour of Kansas!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Did I mention?...guess not

Quite awhile a couple months or so...I entered into two poetry competitions. I was so excited about it that for one of them I submitted and had forgotten that I had submitted to it only a few months before that, darn memory.
One of the poetry contests was for July into August and the poetry society is "World Poetry Movement". The other poetry society I submitted for was to end in the middle of December and the name of the contest was....well...I can't remember the poetry society name for the life of me...but it was big! *Nods* LoL
I have already heard back from the first one and I managed to make it into the finalists and also was published in their book of poetry. Of course I am NOT going to pay $50 for a book that only has one of my poems when I can buy it 3 times cheaper with all my poems..SO! It's just exciting to get published in someone else's book, Yay!
Although I have to admit that I am a little bit more excited to hear about how I do in the other contest, since it seemed to be a bigger contest.

I also wanted to apology on the lack of poetry recently. I seem to be slacking off in my duties in that department. I promise here soon I will get back to posting more often. Doesn't help when things like Work, house duties, painting, reading and of course last but not least, playing with nieces and nephews...well..needless to say they tend to distract from other certain things.
I pray you are all Blessed and doing well!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make a Choice

How is it we manage to keep moving forward with life, as if everything is perfectly fine?
How can we go about our daily routines without thought of the horrific evils in this world?
Why are our eyes closed to the wrong and evil of this world?
We watch the news and see the horrible events of this world and think that its wicked and bad...and you would be right.
We may see whats shown to us through the news and media, but how much is really covered?
What evils go on that we are blind to? The evils that we don't want to know about it.
We may tell ourselves we want all the bad in the world to end, but when it comes down to it interfering with our daily lives, we want nothing to do with it.
We don't want to hear about the bad things that go on behind the scenes. We don't want to know that the guy you just past on the street has done really horrible things.
We want to live "The American Dream" and forget about really helping those who need it.
We don't want the image of that dream shattered and tossed out the window.
All we want is to stay ignorant of the callousness and disgusting parts of life.
We want those people that we look up to, to stay perfect and good and without blemish. Yet when it comes down to is all is all is all evil.
Yes, there is good in the world, I know that, the good that Yahuwah is protecting, that he is securing for him. Beyond that, it is all evil and wicked.
We say we want to be on Yahuwah's side. We say, we say and yet there is nothing to show for it.
Are we willing to take that step? That leap that just might put our life in danger just to help our fellow brother or sister?
Are we willing to speak up when we're told to go against the Commandments of Yah?
Are you willing to say "No" to the sin and evil of this world?
Are we willing to take off the blinders and see the world for what it truly is?
Can you? Can I? Can we all become more then just ignorant people?
Because when the day comes and I'm face to face with Yahuwah. I want to hear the words, "This is my servant in whom I am well pleased."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ketsuron - Conclusion - 結論





Watashi wa ketsuron ni itatta.
Sono jinsei wa mijika sugite ikite inai.
Watashitachi wa mina, 
shiawase o motomete imasu. 
Shikashi, sore wa kantande wa arimasen. 
Watashitachiha kensaku to ​​ kensaku o okonai, 
shikashi, sore o mitsukeru koto wa dekimasen. 
Watashitachi wa ushinawa remasu. 
Shiawase o sagashiteimasu. 
Tsugini, kensaku o okonaimasu. 
Ikirukoto ni yotte kōfuku ga e raremasu.

(English Translation)

I have come to the conclusion.
That life is too short to not live.
We all want happiness,
But that is not easy.

We search and search,
But cannot find it.
We become lost.
Searching for happiness.

We then find in searching.
Happiness is gained by living.

(Yes, this is an original ^_^ )

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Abundant Mercies

I'm sure by now most of you who read my blog already know about my brothers accident. I guess it's more for me to be able to write about it then for you to read. In a way I guess I really haven't taken the time to just stop and think about everything thats transpired in the past two weeks. Perhaps it was too much to think about or perhaps it was my minds way of coping. Either way, this is how my last two weeks have gone...

I never thought when my day began on Wednesday, that it would be one of the scariest moments of my life. The first thing I (Did not) do when I woke up that morning was think that my heart would come to a stop and that my world would quit spinning. My day started out as it always does, it carried on through the day like every other day till mom and I got home that evening. My brothers were waiting in the garage for me to get home, so that I could go on a ride (motorcyle) with them and my dad. I wasn't really wanting to go, but I gave in because I knew I hadn't ridden in awhile and my bike needed to be rode. So I ran inside and got ready and got back to the garage and noticed I was the only one wearing my jacket. I thought begrudgingly to myself, "Why am I the only one wearing a jacket??" I thought it wasn't fair I was wearing one in the ridiculous heat, but I went ahead and wore it anyway...just in case. We headed out on our usual path, Sean in front, then Taylor, then me and then dad behind me. They always keep me in the middle for safety reasons and so I'm more protected from anything that might happen. We're about 20 minutes into our ride when I am watching Taylor and Sean up in front of me. I guess I was going too slow and Sean dropped his speed, so Taylor went ahead and passed Sean and sped ahead till we couldn't see him anymore. Mind you this road we were on has a lot of turns and bends in the road. When we finally came to our stop at the next small town, we didn't see Taylor anywhere in sight. So we figured he probably took another way and was going to meet us at the halfway point on our way back home. We turned around and headed back towards the middle point, No Taylor. Sean was worried and decided to head back to see if he could find him and dad was going to take me home because it was getting dark. So we all headed our ways and dad and I headed home. By the time we got in the driveway I could see my mom come running out of the house and then stop when she saw us. We barely parked our bikes while mom was screaming that, "Taylor is down and the ambulance is on the way!". That sentence was enough to stop my heart and forget to breathe. We all got in the car and headed to Taylor as fast as we could.
I'm not sure why, but in moments that make your mind go blank with worry and hurt and pain, mine shuts down. Its like I go into auto pilot because I wouldn't be able to function otherwise. I'm sure if someone were to see me in this crisis they would think me callous. Its merely how I am able to operate in such a terrifying and stressful time.
Mom, Dad and I get to the scene and all my heart wants to do is stop beating. All I see is Taylor on the side of the road, unmoving, with people all around him. He was breathing and had a good color and a good heart rate. He wasn't moving and had road rash really bad on his arms. His helmet was off and no one had yet to clarify whether it came off in the accident or if he had taken it off (we later found out he had taken it off). The ambulance had yet to get there when we got there but it wasn't but 5 minutes until four State Troopers showed up and said the ambulance was only minutes behind them, but it felt like forever. All I can do is clench teeth and hands and wait on the side, I felt so useless, but I knew it was better then getting in the way. Before the State Troopers showed up, Mom was able to get Taylor to talk, which was a huge relief. The ambulance arrived and put Tay on the gurney and into the ambulance where we couldn't see him anymore. The next thing I know mom came to me bawling and saying they were life flighting him to Kansas City Research Hospital. We waited and waited for Life Flight to get there and finally they landed in the pasture right next to the road. They loaded Taylor up and took off to the hospital. Sean and Dad decided that Dad would ride his bike home since it was dark and Sean would drive the car. I had yet to cry a single tear before I got back in the car to come home. Finally it all come out in fervent prayer to Yahuwah to have mercy on my brother and spare his life. I pleaded and begged for him to let him live. I don't think I have ever prayed so hard in my life until that moment or cried so much.
In a blur we finally ended up at the hospital and found out after waiting only a little while. That Taylor only had severe road rash on his arms and back, a fractured nose and a possible concussion (which they later said he didn't have one). Praise Yahuwah for his abundant and miraculous power and mercy. He is amazing in every way and heard all our cries and prayers.
They released Taylor the next day and we came and brought him home. Mom has been taking care of his road rash to make sure it heals well, But praise Yahuwah he is home and safe and improving everyday.

There is way more to my two weeks, but I'm going to end it there. It was enough emotional reading for one time. Although as my mom mentioned..How odd is it that I would write about almost that very thing the day before? Perhaps coincidence? Or maybe just a way of Yahuwah's mercies in preparing me spiritually and emotionally..?

I pray you all have had much less traumatizing weeks, and I pray you are all well and safe, as with your families.
May Yahuwah bless you all.
HalleluYah for his mercy.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Storm

Like a hand from heavens.
Window reaches down below.

Strike of lightening.
Felt when there was no clouds.

Worlds collide in all reality.
Piercing the unrelenting silence.

A word and then another.
Attempt to break through.

A world darkens around.
There are no clouds in sight.

Hear the pounding from miles away.
In its sudden approach.

It dares to break the dam.
One drop can break it all.

In the distance there is noise.
Lights swirl and dance around.

In comes the haze.
In comes the terror.

Looking to the heavens.
Peace transcends.

One drop of rain.
Upon another fall.

Overflows the floodgate.
Washes over the sturdy dam.

The rain has come.
Flows past all strongholds.

In wait for the storm to pass.
The rains recede.

Clouds break and reveal.
The beauty beyond.

The Storm has passed.
Praise Yahuwah for his mercy.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food for Thought

I must say, its quite boring around here as of late. I even think I hear the crickets chirping...No really, they're outside my open window. I really do intend to post some new poems here soon, but life seems to have slowed and in a odd way sped up at the same time. Sometimes I think I could do with a little excitement in my life, although I'm not sure I'm up for it. Of course every day brings its newness and thats okay with me.

At work this morning, I was listening to my bosses mom talk about "God" and the mistreatment on animals. How she understands if he wants to punish man but he shouldn't punish the animals, that she thinks he's going about it wrong. All I could think was, "Who are we to question Yahuwah on what he does?" Who are we to question his actions at all? I understand that Moshe begged for Yahuwah not to kill the children of Israel and Yah listened to Moshe. Was he questioning his authority? Or was he merely begging Yahuwah to not do something? Who are we to ask the potter "Why did you make me so?" He is the one that should be asking, "Who are you to tamper with my creation? Who are you?" I am his, his child, his servant, his creation...I am HIS because he made me in his image. As he created you and all creatures and creation.

This also had me thinking about, "What if I lost a loved one?". I know the pain would be great and there would be a hole in me, but I could never fathom being angry at Yahuwah for such a thing. Yahuwah gives and he takes away what is his. He created everything for a purpose and there is a time for everyone. I know this is a dreary topic, but with every laugh and every smile, there comes a time when all think of dreary things. Just remember, he created the rainbow as a show of his promise to us. When we thought the world would end and just around the peek of a cloud there's a vibrant rainbow bursting with color just for you. This is how I imagine a smile to be to those who feel they are at their lowest in life.

Just some food for thought. Yahuwah bless you all ^_^

(Forgive the scattered thoughts of this post, unfortunately this is how my brain functions)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

(Part 4)

There is a new part to the Story. Check out the page "Quest of the Fair Unknown" to read the next short chapter. Any all all comments are welcome. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Path More Traveled by Some

Although I took this path.

That's only taken by a few.

I was given peace in return.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Thought Blank


As a sheer white piece of paper.
Sitting, waiting, wanting.
In anticipation of the coming.
What will, might, should happen.


As a blaring white screen.
Blinding eyes and blinking bar waits.
For the words sure to come.
The words were suppose to come.


A mind that refuses to function.
To conjure, imagine and expound.
To create a masterpiece of work.
A failed attempt of inspiration.


As these walls that stare back.
Unwilling to release, relent and give in.
To help out an old friend.
Instead they stare in silence.


As the sky through a window.
Still, cold and lonely.
Nothing moves in fear of change.
There is no noise of any kind.


As a canvas on an artists easel.
white, blank and empty.
Lonely without her clothing of paint.
It cries for lack of love.

My mind cries.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, July 22, 2011

Such a Thing as Work or Too Much?

Is there such a thing as working too much? Some would most likely immediately shout out "YES!" to this ridiculous question. In my present state of mind at the moment, I would probably follow suit and say "yes" as well. Although give me about 12 hours and some good sleep and I will most likely end up back at saying "No, there is never such a thing as 'too much work'."
Recently I have been keeping track of how much I am exercising and eating and have come to the realization that I'm not eating enough. I know you might be thinking sarcastically, "Yeah right". Every day a person is suppose to be consuming Two Thousand (2000) calories and the calories that you burn you are suppose to put back in. Daily activities that you might not think much of are burning off those calories your body needs to burn fat. If you aren't consuming the calories your body needs every day and then burning them off, it stores up the calories that you do eat. Your body is then going to think its in starvation mode and start packing on the pounds.
I realized that with how much I am eating each day isn't enough to keep up with what I do every day. Like most people I wasn't thinking much of the things I do all the time. Getting up and working 2 hours in the morning for instance. I learned that every morning at work I have been burning around eight hundred (800) calories. That is just the beginning of my day! Sure there are some days I don't do much, but there are other days that I go ninety to nothing and never thought anything of it. I am glad I finally came to this realization. I can now fix my short comings in my diet and have more energy.
Today my mom and I have been trying to De-weed our garden in 100 degree weather. All either of us feel like doing now is just sleeping. The garden really needs to to get the weeds out though, so mom is extremely determined to get it done and I am just along for the ride (chuckles). So if any of you feel like getting out in 100 degree weather and pulling weeds, feel free to call and see if you want to help at 1-800-Pul-Weed and I'm sure someone will answer unenthusiastically, our guarantee to you!
I hope you all are having a nice and cool week and I pray you have a wonderfully cool weekend!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Filtered Light Found Dreams

Find me here in filtered light.
Where life trickles slowly in.
I've lost all of the past.
Seeping away with the warming sun.

Find me in a deep sleep.
Where dreams take over this reality.
I've given in to it's pull.
Time to say goodbye for now.

Find me in this drawn out dream.
Where nothing is what it should be.
I've never felt so confused and lost.
Has this become my new reality?

Find me knocked on the ground.
Where it's come to blows.
I've lost once again.
"Wake me if your out there"

"Find me" I shout, but not.
Where is the words now gone?
I've found there is no voice there.
Words lost in a fuzzy reality.

Find me in filtered light.
Where trees sway with my light breathing
I've been sleeping for awhile.
Anaware of another's presence.

"Fine me" I say softly.
Where did my voice come from?
I've been gone so long in another reality.
You've awoken me.

"Find me" I say now.
Where have you been all my life?
I've been so lost until now.
Till you opened my eyes and said.
"I've always been by you."

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time for Change

I love how the title can mean so many different things. You could be going, "Is she changing something in her life?" or, "Is she going to do something crazy like cut her hair off??" or even, "Is she going to write about never using change when she buys things?" Well that last one is true, I almost never use change. Which actually is pretty cool because I have this jar where I throw all my loose change I've collected. Then when it gets full I take it to the bank and turn it into cash and...VOILA!....I have money. Although I always had the money just sitting there I'm just too stubborn, or lazy, to ever use it.

I am not writing a blog about my quirk of not using change, even if its extremely fascinating to you for some odd and unknown reason. No I am not writing about that kind of change. I actually am just talking about the change up of the look of my blog. Let me tell you, it was getting old looking at the same look for so long. Just another weird quirk of mine..I know...I'm odd like that.
So really I was just curious about the opinions and if I should add another more to my blog.

As you can see I added different pages. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out how to add different pages, but I finally have! I figured it would me easier for those of you who are following along with "Quest of the Fair Unknown" and also easier to get to the character list then having to go back and find the post. Also keeps my "Home" page free for just my Poems and random posts.

Anyway, I was just curious about some feedback. Let me know what you think and if I should do anything more.
Ta Ta For Now

Friday, June 17, 2011

Uncharted Heights

New heights have been charted from above.
Up, Up, Up we travel so.
Till you can almost grasp the sky.
Up, Up, Up we go.

A golden leaf I've found.
Lying there upon the ground.
What wealth is this.
This is uncharted bliss.

Round and round we go around.
Till up and up becomes no more.
I've climbed as far as can go.
Charted now are these heights.

Nay the adventure does not end.
For here I go again.
No longer shall I go up.
Now my journey leads down.

Not so far it seems and yet.
I know it is height upon height.
For I am on a mountain on a mountain.
Now begins my descent.

Who would take the road more traveled.
For up I came one way.
Down I shall go another.
Finding myself in even more adventure.

Down, Down, Halt.
I shall go no more.
I feel no need to continue.
Down these uncharted heights.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple Tasks of Love

Stamped is it and placed sill.
Kept until the last moment.
Mostly known for procrastination.
"It's done." I yell aloud.
Given the look of exasperation.
As if loudly said.
"Was it truly so hard a task?"
Written in scribbles are words.
In such a way as if rushed.
Rushed for time that seems.
There is barely enough to spend on such.
Tedious tasks as giving the thought.
To one that should be so precious.
"No" comes the reply of uncertainity.
Is that guilt seeping in so quick?
Dear me, no, I think.
Yet it keeps hold on my thoughts.
It is over and done I think.
Gathering what happiness is left.
There isn't much there.
Wondering why it is so hard to write.
Can it really mean so much?
Do words really make a difference?
A sigh and drop of the head.
Falling back to the original task.
Hand meeting pen once more.
Truth and love spill forth.
Pen tracing against paper, words speel out.
First it starts, "Dear Grandma and Grandpa"
The impact of a realization.
That words can express so much more.
They can express not only life, but love.

Leaned over my shoulder I hear said.
"Writing another?" quitly.
Answered by such silence.
A smile and a nod.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Request of a Brother

Recently I have been on a kick of painting. I have enjoyed drawing since I was young but I had never really gone beyond that for some reason. Before my great grandma passed away, she would give me stuff of hers when I would see her. Sewing stuff, books, painting books and painting supplies. It wasn't till earlier this year I had the grand idea to see if I could paint. As I'm sure those of you who follow my blog have seen a creation of my experimental painting.

Recently though I've gone a little further and decided to see if I could expound upon some artwork I have seen and really like. So far it seems to be going well. it was last week I bought some frames for the paintings I've done. That night my brother came in my room and saw the paintings and said he wanted one. Then he got the brilliant idea that I should create one just for him. Since he was a kid, he has loved penguins. So I went online and found a picture of a penguin that we both liked and he said he wanted it standing on an ice cube inside of a cup. I was to create everything from there.

So i finally finished the painting tonight and just called my brother over so he could see the finished project since he hadn't seen it since I did the rough sketch of it.
(He likes it! =D ^_^ )

Let me know what ya'll think.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hearts Enraptured

We chance to think.
Alone are we in this.
World that hastens by.
Invisible to those.
Who surround about us.

Ticking clocks click.
Time may pass on by.
Yet we are oblivious.
Enraptured in silence.
We sit while staring.

A sunset glistens the horizon.
Making set a day.
Finalization comes with.
The beauty that paints the sky.
We are only lost in peace.

Quiet it encloses to night.
A sky so clear and bright.
Gazing up at stars.
Glinting in the heavens.
Lessened is a whirl.

Of a life now passing by.
It seems as if we have.
Time in our palms.
Not needing such as these.
Words said in silence.

Two hearts beat silently.
Listen closely my dear.
You will hear whats said.
Yet only we truly know.
What is hung between.

Exploded across the dark.
Flitting like white dust.
It shoots from one point.
Till it reaches the next.
We've seen our shooting star.

Breaking the beauty.
Of our unspoken silence.
Daring to breach a wall.
I chance to say.
"It is ours."

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Joy Here To Stay

Past noon I awake to find myself.
Dragged outdoors to a place.
Where conversations await.
My enthusiastic, intrigued place.
Imaginations clunk together.
Till the one is drug along.
Composed and laughing too hard.
Fighting sleep with a hammer.

All too early I awake like molasses.
Eyes all but wishing for toothpicks.
Home I'm bound with one intent.
Inspiration brings back the hammer.
Excitement beats through like wings.
Beaten are these nagging thoughts.
"Victory is mine!" I shout aloud.
Although thankfully, I really did not.

Buzzer beat startles me to wake.
Wishing for a more sturdy clock.
For if so it would meet the wall not so nicely.
Bring on this day, I'm ready.
Like caffeine poured into my veins.
Lets jump start this day.
Victory still fresh in mind.
I go to sleep with happy thoughts.

Greeted with the daily ritual.
Grain bins and nickering giants.
The sun greeting me with the newness.
Another day to draw this breath in.
Another day for thankfulness.
Going about tasks with a smile.
Knowing I'll get to see again.
What makes me smile even more.

Make it home in a rush.
Off to yell at slow minded beasts.
Whooping and hollering and moving forward.
Such odd joy over doing such.
Motorcycles and renewing like things.
Yet I still smile at my own happiness.
Holding my breath as I wait.
This smile breaks through yet again.

Day breaks through my window pane.
List as long as Rapunzel's hair in my mind.
I sigh as I move sluggishly forward.
Stinky and smelly clean hands.
Dirty and grimy brown hands.
Cleaned before I nervously await.
The moment has come and I'm excited.
It ends in a happy smile.

Its here! What I've been waiting for.
Like a lifeline tossed out.
Grabbing on and not letting go.
Lazing through like rabbit on wine.
Fuzzy kittens and swinging ropes.
Friends and sketching the day away.
Now here I am.
Exactly where I want to be.

(Check out the better side of this scientific equation here)

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

It's Finished!

Can you imagine??
I suppose you can, but most likely not about what I was meaning.


Yes, by finished I mean that this never ending project (or so it seemed) has finally come to an end. My poetry book is completed and will be on the shelves very soon! I am so excited I don't know how to contain myself. I just pray that there are not any typo's or errors in there (which I'm sure there are) but even if all can live with it (^_^)

That is my Oh So Exciting News!

I wasn't intending on finishing it today, but I did (^_^)

I will inform you all where and when to find it.

Yah bless you all!!


You can either click the link to the right to get to my poetry book or use the link below.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lost to the World of Nights Song

I sigh in the frosty air of night.
White air spread through the dark.
Glancing back at the flickering lights.
Sounds making their way from the house.
Receding farther from their world.

The night calls me like a friend.
Beckoning me further.
Yet closer to its wild.
Untamed and untouched world.
Of fireflies and night owls.
Singing the song of the night.

The lights bounce off dew.
Covering over the grass.
Makes me think of crystals in the sun.
As I walk through its waves.
Drenching my hem and feet.

I am stripped in their sight.
No longer am I human.
I am apart of this night.
All vanities are taken away.
Being accepted of them as one might.

Weaving a soft whisper.
Afraid to break such beautiful silence.
I begin to sing the song of the night.
Here sitting upon this fallen tree.
I sing to the wild and untamed wood.

Minutes made into hours.
Lost in the life of the night.
I have lost track of time.
Light brims the horizon.
As I sigh in wistfulness.

My dew stained feet take me back.
Back to where I'm from.
Leaving me with sweet thoughts.
Of a night not long going to be forgot.
Singing the song of the night

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

These Unspoken Words

In the midst of a dream has come.
The lapse of a feeling now missing.
A breech of contract now done.
Floating pieces fail to fit.
A puzzle left unfinished.

Quiet in the middle of chaos.
Peace when there is none found.
These walls scream out.
Of the lost memories.
Now forgotten amongst these.

Thoughts vanish with calm.
Assuring words unspoken but,
They are there inside.
Waiting to be shared.
All in due time.

Waves of relief join the rest.
In a quiet manner of speaking.
The unspoken word between.
Such good friends not known.
These are the memories.

Keeping here to this very spot.
Lazed in thoughts of dreams.
Unable to hear the sounds.
Going on around.
None can breech this wall.

There is none to penetrate.
None to infiltrate.
None to break through these gates.
Of these solemn and beautiful thoughts.
No longer of this world.

Lost and happily so.
Away from worry or doubt.
Free of every care.
Gone is the ongoing chaotic stress.
That beats down.

Unspoken words are there.
Waiting to be found.
Inside there is a crack.
In an impenetrable wall.
Waiting to be broken through.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Most Recent Photography

My very expressive niece.

Elegant in the plum blossoms.

*I shall touch it....or not*

Have I ever mentioned how photogenic Kadence is?

Plum Blossoms and Sunset.

The beautiful Plum Blossoms.

Tomato plants at sunset.

Strawberry bed, a working progress.

I have the most adorable niece! ^_^

My mother says I have a shoe obsession... *Ahem*

Matty trying to get my attention.

Hawk in the back yard, couldn't pass up a good shot. (with the camera of course) =D