Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Abundant Mercies

I'm sure by now most of you who read my blog already know about my brothers accident. I guess it's more for me to be able to write about it then for you to read. In a way I guess I really haven't taken the time to just stop and think about everything thats transpired in the past two weeks. Perhaps it was too much to think about or perhaps it was my minds way of coping. Either way, this is how my last two weeks have gone...

I never thought when my day began on Wednesday, that it would be one of the scariest moments of my life. The first thing I (Did not) do when I woke up that morning was think that my heart would come to a stop and that my world would quit spinning. My day started out as it always does, it carried on through the day like every other day till mom and I got home that evening. My brothers were waiting in the garage for me to get home, so that I could go on a ride (motorcyle) with them and my dad. I wasn't really wanting to go, but I gave in because I knew I hadn't ridden in awhile and my bike needed to be rode. So I ran inside and got ready and got back to the garage and noticed I was the only one wearing my jacket. I thought begrudgingly to myself, "Why am I the only one wearing a jacket??" I thought it wasn't fair I was wearing one in the ridiculous heat, but I went ahead and wore it anyway...just in case. We headed out on our usual path, Sean in front, then Taylor, then me and then dad behind me. They always keep me in the middle for safety reasons and so I'm more protected from anything that might happen. We're about 20 minutes into our ride when I am watching Taylor and Sean up in front of me. I guess I was going too slow and Sean dropped his speed, so Taylor went ahead and passed Sean and sped ahead till we couldn't see him anymore. Mind you this road we were on has a lot of turns and bends in the road. When we finally came to our stop at the next small town, we didn't see Taylor anywhere in sight. So we figured he probably took another way and was going to meet us at the halfway point on our way back home. We turned around and headed back towards the middle point, No Taylor. Sean was worried and decided to head back to see if he could find him and dad was going to take me home because it was getting dark. So we all headed our ways and dad and I headed home. By the time we got in the driveway I could see my mom come running out of the house and then stop when she saw us. We barely parked our bikes while mom was screaming that, "Taylor is down and the ambulance is on the way!". That sentence was enough to stop my heart and forget to breathe. We all got in the car and headed to Taylor as fast as we could.
I'm not sure why, but in moments that make your mind go blank with worry and hurt and pain, mine shuts down. Its like I go into auto pilot because I wouldn't be able to function otherwise. I'm sure if someone were to see me in this crisis they would think me callous. Its merely how I am able to operate in such a terrifying and stressful time.
Mom, Dad and I get to the scene and all my heart wants to do is stop beating. All I see is Taylor on the side of the road, unmoving, with people all around him. He was breathing and had a good color and a good heart rate. He wasn't moving and had road rash really bad on his arms. His helmet was off and no one had yet to clarify whether it came off in the accident or if he had taken it off (we later found out he had taken it off). The ambulance had yet to get there when we got there but it wasn't but 5 minutes until four State Troopers showed up and said the ambulance was only minutes behind them, but it felt like forever. All I can do is clench teeth and hands and wait on the side, I felt so useless, but I knew it was better then getting in the way. Before the State Troopers showed up, Mom was able to get Taylor to talk, which was a huge relief. The ambulance arrived and put Tay on the gurney and into the ambulance where we couldn't see him anymore. The next thing I know mom came to me bawling and saying they were life flighting him to Kansas City Research Hospital. We waited and waited for Life Flight to get there and finally they landed in the pasture right next to the road. They loaded Taylor up and took off to the hospital. Sean and Dad decided that Dad would ride his bike home since it was dark and Sean would drive the car. I had yet to cry a single tear before I got back in the car to come home. Finally it all come out in fervent prayer to Yahuwah to have mercy on my brother and spare his life. I pleaded and begged for him to let him live. I don't think I have ever prayed so hard in my life until that moment or cried so much.
In a blur we finally ended up at the hospital and found out after waiting only a little while. That Taylor only had severe road rash on his arms and back, a fractured nose and a possible concussion (which they later said he didn't have one). Praise Yahuwah for his abundant and miraculous power and mercy. He is amazing in every way and heard all our cries and prayers.
They released Taylor the next day and we came and brought him home. Mom has been taking care of his road rash to make sure it heals well, But praise Yahuwah he is home and safe and improving everyday.

There is way more to my two weeks, but I'm going to end it there. It was enough emotional reading for one time. Although as my mom mentioned..How odd is it that I would write about almost that very thing the day before? Perhaps coincidence? Or maybe just a way of Yahuwah's mercies in preparing me spiritually and emotionally..?

I pray you all have had much less traumatizing weeks, and I pray you are all well and safe, as with your families.
May Yahuwah bless you all.
HalleluYah for his mercy.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Storm

Like a hand from heavens.
Window reaches down below.

Strike of lightening.
Felt when there was no clouds.

Worlds collide in all reality.
Piercing the unrelenting silence.

A word and then another.
Attempt to break through.

A world darkens around.
There are no clouds in sight.

Hear the pounding from miles away.
In its sudden approach.

It dares to break the dam.
One drop can break it all.

In the distance there is noise.
Lights swirl and dance around.

In comes the haze.
In comes the terror.

Looking to the heavens.
Peace transcends.

One drop of rain.
Upon another fall.

Overflows the floodgate.
Washes over the sturdy dam.

The rain has come.
Flows past all strongholds.

In wait for the storm to pass.
The rains recede.

Clouds break and reveal.
The beauty beyond.

The Storm has passed.
Praise Yahuwah for his mercy.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food for Thought

I must say, its quite boring around here as of late. I even think I hear the crickets chirping...No really, they're outside my open window. I really do intend to post some new poems here soon, but life seems to have slowed and in a odd way sped up at the same time. Sometimes I think I could do with a little excitement in my life, although I'm not sure I'm up for it. Of course every day brings its newness and thats okay with me.

At work this morning, I was listening to my bosses mom talk about "God" and the mistreatment on animals. How she understands if he wants to punish man but he shouldn't punish the animals, that she thinks he's going about it wrong. All I could think was, "Who are we to question Yahuwah on what he does?" Who are we to question his actions at all? I understand that Moshe begged for Yahuwah not to kill the children of Israel and Yah listened to Moshe. Was he questioning his authority? Or was he merely begging Yahuwah to not do something? Who are we to ask the potter "Why did you make me so?" He is the one that should be asking, "Who are you to tamper with my creation? Who are you?" I am his, his child, his servant, his creation...I am HIS because he made me in his image. As he created you and all creatures and creation.

This also had me thinking about, "What if I lost a loved one?". I know the pain would be great and there would be a hole in me, but I could never fathom being angry at Yahuwah for such a thing. Yahuwah gives and he takes away what is his. He created everything for a purpose and there is a time for everyone. I know this is a dreary topic, but with every laugh and every smile, there comes a time when all think of dreary things. Just remember, he created the rainbow as a show of his promise to us. When we thought the world would end and just around the peek of a cloud there's a vibrant rainbow bursting with color just for you. This is how I imagine a smile to be to those who feel they are at their lowest in life.

Just some food for thought. Yahuwah bless you all ^_^

(Forgive the scattered thoughts of this post, unfortunately this is how my brain functions)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

(Part 4)

There is a new part to the Story. Check out the page "Quest of the Fair Unknown" to read the next short chapter. Any all all comments are welcome. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Path More Traveled by Some

Although I took this path.

That's only taken by a few.

I was given peace in return.