Monday, April 25, 2011

My Joy Here To Stay

Past noon I awake to find myself.
Dragged outdoors to a place.
Where conversations await.
My enthusiastic, intrigued place.
Imaginations clunk together.
Till the one is drug along.
Composed and laughing too hard.
Fighting sleep with a hammer.

All too early I awake like molasses.
Eyes all but wishing for toothpicks.
Home I'm bound with one intent.
Inspiration brings back the hammer.
Excitement beats through like wings.
Beaten are these nagging thoughts.
"Victory is mine!" I shout aloud.
Although thankfully, I really did not.

Buzzer beat startles me to wake.
Wishing for a more sturdy clock.
For if so it would meet the wall not so nicely.
Bring on this day, I'm ready.
Like caffeine poured into my veins.
Lets jump start this day.
Victory still fresh in mind.
I go to sleep with happy thoughts.

Greeted with the daily ritual.
Grain bins and nickering giants.
The sun greeting me with the newness.
Another day to draw this breath in.
Another day for thankfulness.
Going about tasks with a smile.
Knowing I'll get to see again.
What makes me smile even more.

Make it home in a rush.
Off to yell at slow minded beasts.
Whooping and hollering and moving forward.
Such odd joy over doing such.
Motorcycles and renewing like things.
Yet I still smile at my own happiness.
Holding my breath as I wait.
This smile breaks through yet again.

Day breaks through my window pane.
List as long as Rapunzel's hair in my mind.
I sigh as I move sluggishly forward.
Stinky and smelly clean hands.
Dirty and grimy brown hands.
Cleaned before I nervously await.
The moment has come and I'm excited.
It ends in a happy smile.

Its here! What I've been waiting for.
Like a lifeline tossed out.
Grabbing on and not letting go.
Lazing through like rabbit on wine.
Fuzzy kittens and swinging ropes.
Friends and sketching the day away.
Now here I am.
Exactly where I want to be.

(Check out the better side of this scientific equation here)

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

It's Finished!

Can you imagine??
I suppose you can, but most likely not about what I was meaning.


Yes, by finished I mean that this never ending project (or so it seemed) has finally come to an end. My poetry book is completed and will be on the shelves very soon! I am so excited I don't know how to contain myself. I just pray that there are not any typo's or errors in there (which I'm sure there are) but even if all can live with it (^_^)

That is my Oh So Exciting News!

I wasn't intending on finishing it today, but I did (^_^)

I will inform you all where and when to find it.

Yah bless you all!!


You can either click the link to the right to get to my poetry book or use the link below.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lost to the World of Nights Song

I sigh in the frosty air of night.
White air spread through the dark.
Glancing back at the flickering lights.
Sounds making their way from the house.
Receding farther from their world.

The night calls me like a friend.
Beckoning me further.
Yet closer to its wild.
Untamed and untouched world.
Of fireflies and night owls.
Singing the song of the night.

The lights bounce off dew.
Covering over the grass.
Makes me think of crystals in the sun.
As I walk through its waves.
Drenching my hem and feet.

I am stripped in their sight.
No longer am I human.
I am apart of this night.
All vanities are taken away.
Being accepted of them as one might.

Weaving a soft whisper.
Afraid to break such beautiful silence.
I begin to sing the song of the night.
Here sitting upon this fallen tree.
I sing to the wild and untamed wood.

Minutes made into hours.
Lost in the life of the night.
I have lost track of time.
Light brims the horizon.
As I sigh in wistfulness.

My dew stained feet take me back.
Back to where I'm from.
Leaving me with sweet thoughts.
Of a night not long going to be forgot.
Singing the song of the night

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

These Unspoken Words

In the midst of a dream has come.
The lapse of a feeling now missing.
A breech of contract now done.
Floating pieces fail to fit.
A puzzle left unfinished.

Quiet in the middle of chaos.
Peace when there is none found.
These walls scream out.
Of the lost memories.
Now forgotten amongst these.

Thoughts vanish with calm.
Assuring words unspoken but,
They are there inside.
Waiting to be shared.
All in due time.

Waves of relief join the rest.
In a quiet manner of speaking.
The unspoken word between.
Such good friends not known.
These are the memories.

Keeping here to this very spot.
Lazed in thoughts of dreams.
Unable to hear the sounds.
Going on around.
None can breech this wall.

There is none to penetrate.
None to infiltrate.
None to break through these gates.
Of these solemn and beautiful thoughts.
No longer of this world.

Lost and happily so.
Away from worry or doubt.
Free of every care.
Gone is the ongoing chaotic stress.
That beats down.

Unspoken words are there.
Waiting to be found.
Inside there is a crack.
In an impenetrable wall.
Waiting to be broken through.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Most Recent Photography

My very expressive niece.

Elegant in the plum blossoms.

*I shall touch it....or not*

Have I ever mentioned how photogenic Kadence is?

Plum Blossoms and Sunset.

The beautiful Plum Blossoms.

Tomato plants at sunset.

Strawberry bed, a working progress.

I have the most adorable niece! ^_^

My mother says I have a shoe obsession... *Ahem*

Matty trying to get my attention.

Hawk in the back yard, couldn't pass up a good shot. (with the camera of course) =D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coming Back Soon!

I know you all probably feel as if I've abandoned you, but have no fear...I shall return again with the abundance of writings soon.
At least I hope so =D

I know ya'll probably have your lives and are barely paying attention to this bare and desolate place (as of late), but it makes me feel bad anyway!

So off to be inspired to write!