Thursday, January 27, 2011

Painting project (finished)

Trying to figure out whether its really done or not...*thoughtful*

I know that it doesn't look that great, It's been fun painting though ^_^

Yeah, long way to go before its done...I will post another pic when its finished.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ode to a World Now Bright

Evening comes like a burst of radiance.
Glowing on us as one who smiles.
Drinking in such brilliant light.
Spoken in it a million words.

Crystals dazzle the world now white.
Beauty beyond none can compare.
Sparkling like fallen stars from above.
No words are there left to speak.

Arrayed is the night sky now bright.
The ever giving luminescent light.
Calms us into peaceful dreams.
Compelled are we to speak in silence.

The world has become warm and lovely.
In this beauteous spring day.
Song is heard throughout the wood.
As we gaze at a world now stunning.

Captured is the moment stilled.
Taken in is the beauty that surrounds.
Happiness sings like flowing honey.
As we hum to the song of birds.

Luscious is the grass bathed in sunlight.
As trees sway to the caressing wind.
No word to describe but utter contentment.
No words found to speak of this.

Drifting to the ground now colored.
The smell of Autumn ever comforting.
Taking in the trees painted as the sun.
A wonder as to such joy.

Sorrow cannot touch this.
Life will never fade away.
Lost in a world of loveliness.
What can compare to this?

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pursuing Dreams

My plans for quite awhile have been to publish my poems. Of course miss procrastinator here, that has yet to happen. I can inform you as of now I am starting to officially work on the first draft. Yah willing this won't take too long.

As of last night I finally downloaded Open Office, which I should have gotten a long time ago. Its here and ready to be worked! I have to have at least 84 pages in order to publish it this way through, which works out pretty good.

I now have to work on order of poems (sections), how many I am planning on putting in the book, Title of book and then editing. Lets just hope I actually finish something for once. Hence the reason I write poetry, I can sit down and have a poem written within 10 minutes. Whereas with books it takes so much longer and boredom follows not long after, but who knows, maybe one of these days I'll actually write book.

I also would like to thank all of my family, friends and followers for your amazing support. I know I would have never stuck with writing if it wasn't for the support that pushed me keep going. I think more then anything I just want to say what I've learned from this support. If you have a dream, a hope of something you want to do, it will never be out of your reach. With Yah on your side and fantastic family and friends you can do anything. Don't let lives doubts and downsides get in your way of pursuing what you enjoy. Whether it be writing, singing, drawing, flying, or being a firefighter. I will be behind you 100% just as you have been there for me as I pursue my dreams.

With that I just want to say, may Yah show you an abundance of joy and happiness as you take each step towards what he desires for you. Blessings to all of you, I pray you have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Say Beautiful

You say how you want to change.
Your hair, the way it falls.
You say you’re not perfect.
Looking at you now, one could never tell.

I hear the million uncertainties.
You ask how others could find you beautiful.
I see the doubt cross those lovely features.
Wondering where these thoughts come from.

You say this is not what you want.
All I see is someone beautiful with self skepticism.
All you want to do is change.
Why can’t my words reach out to you?

You are beautiful the way you are.
No need to change a thing.
Believe in yourself, break free.
Flee all those inner doubts.

Taken are the words slowly.
Uncertainty starts to slip away.
Finding inner beauty more important.
Radiance reaches that lovely smile.

Found is the mirror right in front of you.
The one that’s been telling you all along.
Now you see.
What I’ve been telling for so long.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Friday, January 14, 2011

Matty and Me playing

You have to understand that I was in the process of cleaning and my cat started pouncing around me I kinda got side tracked. 

As you can see...that look *shakes head*

She would back up and hide behind the chair until I hid again..then she would crawl to the door and I would scare her again. Heehee

One of her favorite places to play and hide.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tourniquet Memories

You reach out to me like a painting thick.
Losing me in the infinite struggle against time.
Winners becoming what they fought against.
Till the shadows swallow us whole.

Dark blue like the sky behind this.
This ever growing awareness so gray.
Losing to the inner pain lost inside.
You cry out for what you do not know.

I sing time like a forgotten hymn.
Lovely being the times now gone.
Beating hearts like the rush of a thousand birds.
Hands outstretched in eager awaiting.

Lulls in memories like a broken record.
Taking down memories like old billboards.
I'll fight to my very last breathe.
I'll fight to win back these memories.

They are yours and only yours.
Tourniquet the inner workings of your mind.
Kept like a well protected safe.
Tears over such agonizing loss.

Failing in attempt to bring back.
Losing the battle to win back this most precious cargo.
What more can be done?
What can be done to regain.

Flooding down my sorrow filled face.
I will give what I already own.
Giving what is already mine.
To replace what has been stolen of you.

Time will move on its way towards brighter days.
Lilies will grow on every pane.
Light will flood into every house.
You will be full once more.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Become Numb

Unraveling mystery of hidden dreams.
Spinning tops and question marks.
The answer to an unknown riddle.
Figures speaking in utmost complexity.

Fight downright social enmity.
Catching glimpses of swirling images.
A dream so perfectly horrifying.
All thoughts of escape diminished.

Caught in the ever-winding musical.
Dancers and purity so black.
Out of focus being thought clear.
Time weaving an ongoing thriller.

Thought to be exciting.
Lining up in expectancy of an outcome.
Worlds being meshed into one.
Dimensions having lost their meaning.

Clowns and lollipop canes.
Cheers and crowd applaud the games.
The chained paraded beautifully throughout.
Hiding scars behind fixed smiles.

Becoming what was so feared.
All has been forgotten in time.
Keeping up with fantastic entertainment.
Previous thoughts made numb.

Trickery magically turned into doves.
So beautifully created into being.
Wide eyed and innocent was the beginning.
Knowledge came not long after.

Secrets and never sleeping.
Making a creation of insomniacs.
Living off the edge of life.
This ever growing life of burying worries.

Sounds wondrous to the mind.
One would easily choose.
You've already picked your choice,
But if you don't mind.
I'll find another sort of wondrous.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©