Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Dance of Serenity

He saw her there.
Balancing lightly as a top.
Drawn to the edge.
As if about to tip over a ledge.

Lingering in thought.
He could not betray.
As he watched her move about.
Gracefully in and out.

She danced as if in trance.
Her face a mask of control.
Gliding across the stage.
As a bird released from its cage.

He never had witnessed such.
Beauty portrayed through grace.
Movements with such fluidity.
He had found in it serenity.

The tempo rises to occasion.
As she keeps up with the music.
Feeling it to her very fingers.
The after image still lingers.

 His heart begins to beat fast.
 Attuned to her every movement.
 Flitting about in the wind.
He never wanted the feeling to end.

 He senses the finality.
Knowing she would soon descend.
Back down to the world of men.
His breathing slowly starting again.

Her mask of control then slips.
A glimmer of a smile appears.
As she takes her bow.
It's his turn to smile now. 

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©