Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Overwhelemed by Words

It's a little overwhelming.
Sitting this far away.
You wouldn't know the impact.
Words have on the mass.

Thankful for the distance.
My, oh so readable face.
Forgot to mask my thoughts.
Every word there to read for all.

Thankful for the dimmed lights.
Saved from the fact.
That all eyes were trained on you.
Hidden behind the rows.

Set so far in the back.
I'm sure you didn't even notice.
That I was here at all.
I blend in so well.

The crowd reaches their feet.
Standing in ovation.
To the obvious talent.
Profound in every word.

Yet again I'm lost.
Sitting here in the crowd.
Clapping vigorously in approvement.
You bow and leave the stage.

You will never know.
How much your words meant.
To the likes of I.
A fan of Monty Python.

Copyright 2014 Lauren Hall ©