Friday, February 25, 2011

Caught in this Field

Gazing out into the open.
A field goes on it seems.
Endlessly a river of grass.
Stretches to the unknown.
Glaring light blinding.
Attempting to see through.
Haze of burning colors.
Caught is the field.
Lit and burning bright.
Yet there is no smoke.
Twisting and turning.
Here and there it moves.
Spreading to the end.
Far reaches of this field.
Unnoticed it goes seen.
None but I see.
Mesmerized by such color.
Staring at a sea of orange.
Red hues burst through.
Gold paints the ground.
As I stand in awe.
The beauty I see in this.
I tell to you now.
To gaze at a field.
Caught by a burning sunset.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunrise Dresses

I started taking the camera with me to work in the morning.

This is another morning that I really liked the sunrise.

This is the same morning as the one above.

Flour Sack Dresses for Kadence.

This is a shirt out of a Bandanna.

Dress I made yesterday.

Was pretty fun to make this one ^_^

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Darkness They Sin

In the night you come to us.
By the way of dark you step.
Quietly in the rising mist of night.
Silently you wait in time.

Tears of those surround.
Casket laid upon ground.
Dark figures hunched in agony.
Such a loss to bear.

Heavy, pounding is the heart.
Sadness spreads through in silence.
Burden becoming heavier with wait.
The figures begin to move.

Away they walk from this grove.
Leaving behind their sin.
In await of one who will take thereof.
Away from their midst in dark.

For what guilt is there in dark?
Left thereby for another.
Is it not the way?
Leaving sin for another to bear?

Gone is the evidence of the visible.
Deep within hearts there spreads.
Too great a loss to be filled.
What can fill with such sorrow?

Light is brimming the mountain.
Sin still fills the dark crevices.
Of the heart hidden behind.
The sin of the foolish.

Who bears the burden of many?
Man is not our Saviour.
Casting out this old foolishness.
Who but one can take our sins?

Spreading light reflects a truth.
Looking as much like forgiveness.
The sun rises in the east.
As we watch the rising sun.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flour Sack Pants for Kadence

As you can see it is not Paper...because it is 100% Cotton

Mom put on the Flowers (She also made the bow and put it on)

I sewed the rest ^_^

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Night, Not Long Forgot

Brilliant array of lights caught the evening dusk.
Shock waves spiral into outer limits.
Taking on a torrent of unexpected awareness.
An evening now caught by a visionary.

A night so bright it is as if the sun.
Stood alone in the sky now lit.
Preparing a day ready for the next attempt.
To live a life now full of truths.

Stars fade around the luminescence.
Speaking out like a million voices who whisper.
Secrets to one alone who will listen.
Hanging on to their every spoken word.

One night that cannot be forgotten.
Comparing to other nights unquestionably.
Waiting in eager arrival of the unknown.
For what comes next will start a lifetime.

Like the snow that does not fall.
Sparkles these tiny radiant lights of hope.
Seeing into the inner soul of this.
A universe untouched by mired hands.

No hate can come to mind while staring at such.
Beauty like none can ever retell.
What animosity can come from such.
This is creation like no man can make.

Find me here amongst lilies bloomed.
Lying upon lush grass, star gazing.
Truths abound upon this night.
While I lie here, eyes wide open.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©