Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time is against me

Time has lost her beauty.
That glittering, alluring, essence that pulls us forward.
The past brought life.
The present brought love.
What I see from the future is grief.

Time is against me in every way.
She wanted my life.
I refused to give it.
She wanted my love.
I would not hand it over.
She wanted my grief.
I finally gave in.

She said she would give me more.
More to live for.
More to love for.
In turn I was to give up myself.

She took it all.
The pain, hatred and grief.
She kept her promise.
I was given all I bargained for.

At first all I knew was relief.
It gradually turned into joy.
Joy of no longer feeling.
Feelings had all but gone.

Slowly I started to feel drained.
As time went on I felt even more emptied.
Time had kept her bargain.
I had emptied myself of everything.

Time is against me.
For I cannot move.
I gave myself away.
To a cruel and unusual punishment.

Time is against me.
She laughs at my horror stricken face.
Unable to respond to my surroundings.
All feelings have been taken away.

Cast aside to a corner.
As one would throw away an old toy.
Not one knows I still exist.
An empty shell in an equally empty house.

Time has forgotten her victim.
Moving on to play a new game.
Being careless in her actions.
Unknowing the final results.

A spark slowly wavers.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©
As a smile emerges from within.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The moment

To see the girl sitting at the booth.
One would think she was in deep thought.
This girl had a huge dilemma.
How was she ever to choose?

Perspiration beaded on her brow.
Unknowingly biting her lip.
She glanced over at her friend.
Contemplating her options.

How was one to choose?
There were too many of them.
She slowly lowered the object in her hands.
Grabbing her water she drank thoughtfully.

The moment had come.
She had to pick.
Looking up into expectant eyes.
She verbalized her choice.

Had she made the right decision?
Would she be happy with it?
Doubt quickly flooded her brain.
She knew she couldn’t take it back.

As each minute that passed.
She started to fidget more.
She braved a quick glance at her friend.
Who calmly smiled at her.

The moment had come.
It was right in front of her.
Looking at it with wary eyes.
She grabbed her weapon of choice.

In front of her sat.
A curved crystal glass.
With a creamy pink beverage inside.
Whipped topping and a cherry on top.

Taking her first bite.
All doubt fled her mind.
Savoring each bite she took.
She knew she would go through it all over again.

Copyright 2009 Lauren Hall ©