Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love Lost

As your memory wafts in.
A shot of pain pierces.
It stings and opens anew.
Shutting my eyes from you.

Instead you're there inside.
Vivid as if I could reach out.
Touch you and feel your warmth.
Yet it is merely a wisp.

My eyes sting with tears.
I can clearly see your face.
My heart hurts from the pain.
Cries out for you to be there.

Questions of why.
Yet they cannot be answered.
I know, yet they're there.
Why are you gone?

Your picture is all I have.
Memories of our love.
Pure and simple and bliss.
I miss you my friend.

My only prayer.
To see you again someday.
How fierce I would hug you.
Saying, "I love you Bud".

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©

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