Monday, June 30, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait

They keep saying.
Just wait.
One day it'll happen.

One day seems forever.
Forever can happen in a day.
Though I know one day.
Is forever away.

Forever is far away.
Books make it seem so long.
Yet I know in reality.
It's but a breath.

Taking that breath.
In and out.
I know one day it'll stop.
What happens before then?

Before life slips away.
What happens between.
The beginning and end.
Life happens.

Life, so full of meaning.
Countless possibilities.
Yet one thing is sure.
You live.

Living is more then breathing.
More then forever.
So much more then "One day".
It's the little moments.
That make up life.

Forget about "Waiting".
No need to pause life.
Waiting for "The moment".
The moment is right now.
Just live

Copyright 2014 Lauren Hall ©

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