Friday, December 26, 2014

The Weight of Dreams

I dream of the unknown.
Fight all the unseen things.
Mask my wants and hopes.
Yet I wonder why I'm never satisfied.

How can I fill this.
Ever growing insatiable appetite.
It weighs me down.
Burying me deep inside.

Like a rock I sink.
Not quit floating downwards.
Yet nor am I close to the surface.
I'm suspended in the air.

Opening my eyes I see.
My dreams are hanging above.
Slowly I reach out.
Knowing it's too far out of grasp.

Below I hear a groan.
Unable to see below me.
The water around grows cloudy.
Hazing the brightness above.

I begin to sink further.
Letting fear creep slowly in.
Everything is instantly forgotten.
In that moment...

There's just me.
Ever slowly.
Down; Down

My body finds the floor.
Gracefully lying down.
There is no thought.
Down here, there is nothing.

Hope is safely above.
Dreams float carefree there.
Looking down on the unfortunate.
Waiting for the word.

Like a strangled noise.
It comes from below.
A gargled sound of a word.
Softly reaches above the surface.

Reaching out a hand.
Down it descends to the depths.
Finding the body beneath.
Gently wrapping in it's arms.

Hope is renewed as spring.
Dreams burn bright as summer.
Fear fades as the autumn.
Tears are frozen as winter.

Copyright 2014 Lauren Hall ©

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  1. Love it!!!!! I think you've pretty much expressed how I tend to feel these days. =)