Friday, February 25, 2011

Caught in this Field

Gazing out into the open.
A field goes on it seems.
Endlessly a river of grass.
Stretches to the unknown.
Glaring light blinding.
Attempting to see through.
Haze of burning colors.
Caught is the field.
Lit and burning bright.
Yet there is no smoke.
Twisting and turning.
Here and there it moves.
Spreading to the end.
Far reaches of this field.
Unnoticed it goes seen.
None but I see.
Mesmerized by such color.
Staring at a sea of orange.
Red hues burst through.
Gold paints the ground.
As I stand in awe.
The beauty I see in this.
I tell to you now.
To gaze at a field.
Caught by a burning sunset.

Copyright 2011 Lauren Hall ©


  1. This poem has some great imagery. It comes at you almost like quantitized images, each on important and embalzoned on the memory. The colors make everything more vivid, and scarcity of words makes each image that much more immediate. And it is not only the imagery that makes this poem spectacular. The way in which the moment is captured is superb. It really is no more than a brief moment or two, end yet it feels like a story, like I have gone somewhere and come back. And what is this great field? It is clear in the image for sure, but it is also clear in its reflection of life. It expands, goes forth, brings together color and vivid memory, and then comes back around again and concludes with a sincere moral. And yet it is also rapturously personal. It cries out to be heard, and yet wants to be held in. The lines, "Unnoticed it goes seen/ None but I see" really tells this story. The poem is told from the apex of abundant joy, which cannot be held within, and yet, there is no one else who could understand what this moment truly means, what it truly represents in this specific moment in time. And yet the moral from that is obvious. Since that burst of beauty and joy can not be fully expressed in words and emotions, the suggestion is there for everyone to go and see it for themselves. And as a result, the poem strikes the reader at a deep place, right upon the deep places of the heart.

    It is a very excellent poem.

  2. What he said.

    Quad (using ruby's profile)

  3. What he said.


  4. I love it Aleh!!!!!

    -- Michelle