Thursday, April 19, 2012

Too much...Time

I remember when I was a child, how time seemed to be so very slow. I use to wish the days and hours away just so I could be older. I would think, "I can't wait until I am old enough to do this/that." As I am sure I am not the only child who thought that way. I remember summers would crawl by so very slow. What happened to all that time spent daydreaming about the future? All the time I wasted in wishing away time?....

Think I have issues with time...?? hahaha, too.

So this year is going by way to fast. Over a month ago I agreed to be a judge for our county's poetry contest on April 20th, can you believe that's tomorrow? Also, some good friends of mine and myself are doing another play for 5 (Five) library branches in our county! Exciting, huh? We performed a play that was written by a fabulous writer for our library last year. The librarian loved it so much she asked for our "Writer" to come up with a play for this year. She presented the idea to all the county libraries and they bit! So we have a month to get ready before our first big performance in June.

Ok, that's that news. We have 2 (Two) new fillies (baby girl horses) at work now. Its so fun to have cute little babies around again. Unfortunately, my boss is not breeding them again for next year. She doesn't want to have to add more onto her barn. She JUST turned her 6 stall main barn into an 8 stall barn (she has more then one barn). She had to do that because of the colts (baby boy horse) from last year. So the first filly was born around St. Patrick's Day and the second filly was born near Easter. She named the first one Miss Betty White (Betty for short) and the second one Esther. What shocked me the most, was that they look scarily alike, the two fillies.

Alright, onto other news. My niece and nephew are growing up way too quick. Kadence is now 2 years old, while Noah is now 8 months old. I can't believe my brother is now 25yo, married and with kids. Its seems like a week ago I was fighting with my brother Sean about not kicking me out of his room (he is the one that is married). I use to sneak into my brothers room and sit quietly on their bunk bed and just listen. When Sean would finally notice me in their room, he would always tell me to "Get out", while Taylor would always tell Sean to "Just let her stay, she's not doing anything". Of course, Sean eventually got over the "little sisters are so uncool and pests" stage and as we became teenagers, the three of us would hang out and talk. Anyway, brief bunny trail.
So my niece and nephew are growing like weeds, ok...Noah is growing like a weed, Kadence will probably be shorter then Noah by the time he is 1yo. Noah is becoming a lot more interactive. It cracks me up though, how much he cringes and will cry when Kadee comes near him. As if he is anticipating the fact that any second, she is going to harm him. Which is not too far from what usually happens, worries, he is never really hurt. It just usually involves "Too much love" on Kadee's part. She is a very giving sister and you can tell she loves her little brother, its very sweet.

Well for now, that is my life at the moment. Hope I didn't bore ya'll too terribly.
Yah bless and take care everyone!