Monday, December 23, 2013

For the Love of a Child

(I drew this awhile back)
Waking up to the sound of giggles.
Makes your day start brighter.
Knowing the happy smiles.
Makes the world seem lighter.

Pattering feet across the floor.
The sound of just another day.
In the house of growing children.
Deserting their beds to play.

Getting dressed is always a task.
Chasing down children to change.
Screaming, happy laughter rings.
Any easier and it would seem strange.

Chaos in the kitchen erupts.
Cereal and milk cover the table.
Trying to gain control and order.
Just never quite able.

Playtime commences soon after.
Your time for cleaning long pass.
Toys and games sprawled all over.
Instead you leave it for last.

Nap times are always a bliss.
When finally all are asleep.
Quietness fills the house.
Letting the peace just seep.

Managing to get a little done.
Always awake too soon.
Although nothing quite compares.
Too hear your baby croon.

Before you know it.
The day has passed.
The children's yawns begin.
They're ready for bed at last.

You hug and kiss them gently.
Laying their head down for the night.
You read their beloved bedtime story.
Until you turn off their bedroom light.

You smile as you think about.
 The chaos the day ensued.
Even though it is a lot of work.
They always put you in the best mood.\

Copyright 2013 Lauren Hall ©

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