Monday, January 15, 2018

The Female Mind

To understand the female brain.
I've heard this said by many.
I find it rather humorous.
That one would want to dive beyond.

Beyond the intensity that is our mind.
Beyond the thoughts that make us, us.
Beyond what makes us who we are.
What's most hilarious, is this.

The thought that the female mind.
Is some complex math problem.
Needing a PhD to understand.
What any woman could translate.

Yes, I find this all a bit funny.
That one could assume this much.
That by knowing the female mind.
You have unlocked some great mystery.

I'm sorry to state the obvious.
Though I'm sure any woman could tell you.
The female mind is just this.
Nothing special or hard to understand.

Simply solving the problem that is our brain.
Will not help in understanding.
Every female is not the same.
We are not some cookie cutter form.

I cannot solve this great mystery for you.
Simply because, I am not every woman.
I am only me.
And she is only she.

Though we may seem emotional creatures.
We are stronger than some men.
In that we can endure extreme pain.
But love all the same.

Though we may break under pressure.
Like diamonds, we come back harder.
Through pain, hurt and despair we cry.
Our tears will eventually wash away.

Faced with fear, we tremble underneath.
What you see, is a stoic, brave mask.
Not letting those close know.
But forward we march instead.

We smile sometimes when we don't want to.
We laugh although we may hurt.
We move on, when we'd rather stay,
Curl up and cry for a long while.

I cannot speak for every lady.
Because I am only me.
Though similar we may all be.
A woman is more than her looks.

Scoffed by some for simply being.
What some would call "A Typical".
I will tell you this.
You should not judge, before you know.

We are the product of our experiences.
Much the same as you.
Just because I have a female mind.
Doesn't impair my general understanding.

I hope in this you've come away.
With something more than,
Understanding than before.
Even though I cannot speak for most.


Copyright 2018 Lauren Hall ©

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