Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Moment of Tension

Your tone lacks the confidence.
Your eyes mask the fear.
As you stand before me in wait.
As to the final verdict you will be met.

I sense an inner restraint.
Notice the intensity in which you pose.
You can't hide behind your wits.
The inner struggle slowly leaks through.

A fidgeting of the finger.
The flicker of a glance away.
Who are the eyes you seek?
To gather your waning strength.

You deeply inhale security.
Exhale, yet none comes.
Why can't the nerves be stayed?
You close your eyes in wait.

How long can a minute last?
The clicking of the clock.
You inhale yet again.
Leaving out a sigh.

I finally make a decision.
Looking you in the eye.
You glance back warily.
A smile is molded on my face.

The spark of relief is seen reflected.
You sigh as you release the tension.
I can't help chuckling.
At how tense a minute can be.

Copyright 2016 Lauren Hall ©

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